Realty Transactions: Sept. 24-29


The following realty transactions were filed from Sept. 24-29 in the office of Harnett County Register of Deeds Matthew S. Willis in Lillington.

Ethan Taylor Nichols to Latasha Walker, phase 1, lot 98, Vandercroft Farms, Stewarts Creek Township, $254,000.

Solomon Home Builders LLC to Deidre Smith, lot 13, Dunhaven, $235,000.

D.R. Horton Inc. to Martin Hotaling, lot 46, Morgan North, $363,000.

KB Home Raleigh-Durham Inc. to Bruce A. Rich, phase 1, lot 34, Highland Grove, $326,000.

Dunkin Deals LLC to Sebastian Roman Pena, lot 6, block 1, Averasboro Township, $123,000.

Jared N. Niehl to Lakeisha Williams, lot 287, Lexington Plantation, The Gate at Lexington, $252,000.

Daniel Bauscher to Tiffany High, part 3A, lot 270, Village, Lexington Plantation, Anderson Creek Township, $247,000.

Capitol City Homes LLC to Richard Vance Fisher Jr., phase 2, lot 38, Kathryns Retreat, $337,000.

Paula M. McGehee to Susan Michelle Parker, 0.87 acre tract, Barbecue Township, $43,000.

Sunset Place LLC to BBQ DG LLC, 1.29 acres, tract A, Barbecue Township, $1,650,000.

Debora Facenda to Douglas Wayne Mangum, lots 38 and 39, Cameron Hill Acres, Johnsonville Township, $0.

D.R. Horton Inc. to Kyle Francis Mizell, lot 60, Morgan North, $338,000.

Francisco A. Abreu Nunez to Sergio Aldai Hernandez Lozano, phase B, part 1, lot 144, The Colony at Lexington Plantation, Anderson Creek Township, $265,000.

Theola Veasley White to Johnny Joyce, phase 3, lot 260, Carolina Hills, Barbecue Township, $1,000.

Jason N. Loy to Robert Gardner, phases 4 and 5, lot 157, Yorkshire Plantation, $244,000.

Azul Collar Investments LLC to Bradd R. Baldwin, lot 3, Gwen Oaks, Anderson Creek Township, $305,000.

Ellen Quinn to Michele C. Hicks, section 1, phase 2, lot 194, Oakmont, Barbecue Township, $255,000.

Weaver Homes Inc. to Barbara Louise Peterman, lot 19, Dunhaven, $198,000.

Sheila Gale Wilburn to Vasilina Turintseva, 0.735 acre, Brick Mill Road, $186,000.

John Christopher Shifflett to Jennifer Nichole Auman, phase 1, lot 213, Vandercroft Farms, $251,500.

Harry L. Braxton to Jerry Dominic Lakos, section 6, part 2, lot 471, Overhills Creek, Anderson Creek Township, $240,000.

Benjamin Y. Barlow to Ryan Filek, 0.69 acre, lot 23, Walnut Grove, $283,000.

Offerpad to Abu Sesay, section 3, phase 1, lot 11, Stone Cross, $281,000.

Joshua S. Dale to Brian Flick, phase 4, lot 126, Woodshire, $225,000.

D.R. Horton Inc. to Jesus Serratos Serratos, lot 63, Morgan North, $356,000.

Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company to Zachary Paul Yoklic, phase 8, section 3, lot 169, Anderson Creek Club, $323,500.

John B. Tannehill to Nicholas Alexander Vafiades, phase 5B-2, lot 815B, Anderson Creek Club, $483,000.

CKS Hayes LLC to Rebekah Ann Brown, section 1, lot 18, Sweetbriar Estates, Johnsonville Township, $18,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Ashley Mejia-Diaz, phase 2, lot 9, Heather Brook, $85,000.

Carol Dudley Grant to Terry Wesley Bryan Sr., lot 18, near Union Methodist Church, Lillington, $116,000.

Kevin Louis Nelson to Kelly G. Parker, lot 11, Cornelia Campbell Heights, Neill’s Creek Township, $168,500.

REB Properties of Florida LLC to Exchangement Net-Leased Portfolio 52, tracts 1 and 2, lot B2, 19807 N.C. Highway 27 W., Cameron, $1,248,000.

Justin P. Bowdish to Derek Simms, sections of parts 2 and 2A, phase B, lot 256, The Colony, Anderson Creek Township, $285,000.

Robert K. Green to Carla Renee Ruth, section 1, lot 46, Westfield Estates, $185,000.

Bobby L. Sharpe to John I. Sauls III, 1 acre, lot 3, Barbecue Township, $40,000.

Carol E. Cameron to Bryan D. Williams, lots 26-28, Little River Estates, $25,000.

The Harnett Development Group LLC to Weaver Homes Inc., lot 8, West Park, Barbecue Township, $55,000.

New Village LLC to Felipe Brigido Juarez, lot 7, part 8, Hanna Heights, $55,000.

Timothy Craig Wicker (trustee of the Charles Randy Wicker Revocable Declaration Trust) to Timothy Craig Wicker, section 1, lot 203, Erwin Mills property, $0.

Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company to Jose V. Lugo III, phase 8, section 3, lot 170, Anderson Creek Club, $303,000.

James L Patterson (trustee of the James L. Patterson and Maxine T. Patterson Revocable Living Trust) to David Jonthan Adams, 40 acres, tract 2, Hicks Road, Broadway, $260,000.

Frances Vicchiullo to Frances Vicchiullo, building 124, Fairway Pointe LLC at Anderson Creek Club, unit 201, $0.

Donald W. Bleyl to Tonya Lea Hoover, phase 3, lot 117, Peachtree Crossing, $225,000.

Estate of Bobbie Seagroves Thomas to Thomas Sandra, four tracts, $0.

Nicole A. Brooks to Trenton Don Waitley, phase 4, lot 176, Crestview Estates, $249,500.

Gail D. Davis to Walter G. Davis, section 4, part 2, lot 22, Overhills Creek, Anderson Creek Township, $0.

American Battlefield Trust to Averasboro Battlefield Commission Inc., 48.78 acres, tract 2, $0.

Hanson Aggregates Southeast LLC to Sivma LLC, 99.1 acres of parcel A, 3.44 acres of parcel B and 79.7 acres of parcel C, $0.

Ramon L. Barreto Pabon to Brittney Brunson, phase 4, lot 143, Crestview Estates, $255,000.

TMD Residential Properties LLC to Kenneth Manuel Butron, lot 4, Oakhaven, Buck Township, $466,500.

Anderson Creek Partners LP to Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company, phase 8, section 3, lots 199-202, Anderson Creek Club, $198,000.

Benjamin James Olier to Carrie Olier, phase 4, lot 184, Crestview Estates, $0.

John D. Miller to John D. Miller (trustee of the John D. Miller and Teresa M. Miller Revocable Trust), phase 6, lot 357, Barbecue Township, block O, Carolina Lakes, $0.

Dan Ryan Builders-North Carolina LLC to Saadia El Abbouyi, lot 43, Olde Mill Village, Hector’s Creek Township, $348,000.

Ayde Jocelinne Aleman to Nadia Ingram, section 1, phase 6, lot F22, block F, Heritage Village, $95,500.

Jeremy C. Eyler to Domanique L. Glinton, section 3, lot 168, Sunset Ridge, $213,000.

Warren N. Adams to Stuart Alexander Williams, lot 4, block A, Hickory Homes, $320,000.

Kimberly Gilbert Hernandez to Crystal Ann Saldana, lot 11, Stewart, Neill’s Creek Township, $178,000.

Wesley C. Fowler Jr. to Richard John Lovett Sr., 3.84 acres, Maynard Lake Road, Erwin, $30,000.

Larry C. Richardson Jr. to Darvi D. Whitacre, parcel ID No. 02151719150003, $243,000.

D.R. Horton Inc. to Andrew W. Draughon Sr., lot 62, Morgan North, $368,500.

KB Home Raleigh-Durham Inc. to Ethan Michael Hohensee, phase 1, lot 18, Highland Grove, $361,500.

Louis M. Herring to SDH Raleigh LLC, lots 5, 20 and 23; Cane Mill Estates, Grove Township, $129,000.

Boris Anthony Scalier to Brian James Stump, section 2, lot 63, The Summit, $321,000.

Mario Nava Miranda to Morelos Rendon Hortencia, 0.69 acre part of 1045 Antioch Church Road, Dunn, $0.

Solomon Home Builders LLC to Derrick Hightower, lot 21, Dunhaven, $238,000.

Lamco Custom Builders LLC to James C. Morris, phase 2A, lot 35, Blackberry Manor, Stewarts Creek Township, $238,000.

Donnell Henry Lee (executor of the Wayne Jackson Lee Estate) to Wayne Lee’s Towing Service LLC, property along North Ellis Avenue, $0.

Donnell Henry Lee (executor of the Wayne Jackson Lee Estate) to Wayne Lee’s Towing Service LLC, 507 N. Ellis Ave., Dunn, $0.

Donnell Henry Lee (executor of the Wayne Jackson Lee Estate) to Judy L. Lee, 509 N. Ellis Ave., Dunn, $0.

Terry A. Jefferson to Earl E. Jefferson, section 3, part 2, lot 41, Overhills Creek, $0.

Christopher Travis Sills to Christopher Travis Sills, lot 19, Clover Terrace, Averasboro Township, $0.

Nataly Johnson to Carlos Aragon III, phase 1, lot 35, Anderson Creek Club, $285,000.

David M. Walker to Joshua Nathaniel Ruger, lot 1, parcel ID No. 0626-81-6469, $280,000.

Jeremiah Colin Hurley to Ariane W. Nemec, phase 5C, lot 957, Anderson Creek Club, $279,000.

Wiliberto Hernandez Cabanas to Javier Ortiz Hernandez, 1 acre, tract B, Buck Township, $38,000.

Adrian F. Galis to Anamaria Simona Corch, section 3, lot 26, Mire Branch Estates, Johnsonville Township, $0.

Michael L. Booker Jr. to Jessica L. Booke, phase 1, lot 20, Crestview Estates, Barbecue Township, $0.

Timothy L. Baer to Timothy Joel Baer, phase 4, lot 169, Yorkshire Plantation, $220,000.

Francis Edwin Davis Jr. to Happy Property Solutions LLC, section 2, lot 42, Rollingwood Town Homes, Averasboro Township, $50,000.

Beverly M. Hayden to Carlos Alba Espino, 0.505 acre, Averasboro Township, $40,000.

Rassie S. Ervin III to Arvin Manuel Borda Abrigio, part 1, phase B, lot 115, The Colony at Lexington Plantation, Anderson Creek Township, $262,000.

Rutilio Maximino Villanueva to Kevin Gallahan, 1.15 acres, lot 2, 425 Bumpy Lane, Sanford, $32,500.

Jennifer L. Eggerling to Jennifer Eggerling Properties LLC, section 1, lot F-20, block F, Heritage Village, $0.

Robert A. McQueen to Andrew T. Ciccarino, section 1A, phase 3C-2, lot 539, Anderson Creek Club, $254,000.

Judith Ann Thomas to Judith Ann Thomas, 1.91 acres, lot 1, Weeks Farms Inc., $0.

Bonnie W. Young to Evershine Real Estate LLC, 16.53 acres, parcel ID No. 040684 0039 02, $352,000.

Andrew Blount to Alex Pierre, section 2B, phase 4B, lot 743, Anderson Creek Club, $310,000.

Seth Mailman to Nathan Mattson, phase B, part 2B, lot 332, The Colony, $258,000.

Zachariah Alan Kirby to Tymothie Lamar McKinstry, section 7, lots 42 and 42A, Mire Branch Estates, $207,000.

Diane F. Kozlowski (trustee) to Brian E. Amador Arellano, phase 1, lot 12, Avery Pond, $382,000.

Timothy Joseph Weis to Timothy Smith, 0.41 acre, parcel A, $290,000.

Betty Jean Moore Strickland to ACED Investments LLC, tracts 1 and 2, lot 5, 599 and 629 Antioch, $45,000.

KB Home Raleigh-Durham Inc. to Ryan D. Russell, phase 1, lot 30, Highland Grove, $351,500.

KB Home Raleigh-Durham Inc. to Benjamin Madugu, phase 1, lot 15, Highland Grove, $374,000.

BLW Holdings LLC to Robert V. Bennett, 56 acres, tract 4, J. I. Pittman, Barbecue Township, $300,000.

Mitchell Forest LP to Gavin Ventures LLC, 228.43 acres, tract 1B, Anderson Creek Township, $800,000.

Shane Pope to Dinh Tran, section 1, lot 55, Country Squire Estates, $3,500.

Jerry Lynn Farmer to Kent Properties I LLC, 11.75-acre tract, Barbecue Township, $144,000.

Tina M. Jensen to Tina Marie Parker, 0.459 acre, Duke Township, $0.

Cindy Gaynell Irvin to Amaryllis Dixon, phase 4, lot 120, Woodshire, $257,000.

McKee Homes LLC to Christian E. Leon, phase 5E, part 2, lot 1018, Anderson Creek Club, $325,500.

Christopher C. Shaffer to Joyful Properties LLC, section 1A, phase 3C-2, lot 543, Anderson Creek Club, Anderson Creek Township, $267,000.

Linda R. Westbrook to Sherry Michelle Westbrook, two tracts, lots 15-19, block D, $0.

H&H Constructors of Fayetteville LLC to Seth Botts, phase 8, section 3, lot 174, Anderson Creek Club, Anderson Creek Crossing, $299,000.

Robert G. Giovannetti to Wilfredo Zepeda, phase 2, lot 9, block I, Carolina Lakes, $290,000.

Jaime Chua to Marlene C. Kroupa, phase 6, lot 159, Tingen Pointe, $250,000.

S.J. Honeycutt Investment Properties LLC to Harrell Land Group LLC, 2.18 acres of tract A, 3.27 acres of tract B, Honeycutt & Johnson Properties LLC, $3,330,000.

Paul A. Lyon to 2020 Holdings LLC, 1.05 acres, Anderson Creek Township, $39,500.

NVR Inc. to Monique Cook, phase 5, lot 103, Quail Glen, Black River Township, $254,500.

Brandy Randolph Harrold to Brandy Randolph Harrold, section 2, lot 28, Post Gardens, Duke Township, $0.

Capitol City Homes LLC to Genesis Garcia-Quinones, phase 2, lot 39, Kathryns Retreat, $335,000.

William A. Phelps to Luis Ortega, phase 2, lot 58, block I, Carolina Lakes, Barbecue Township, $308,000.

Anderson Creek Partners LP to Capitol City Homes LLC, phase 8, section 3, lot 160, Anderson Creek Club, Anderson Creek Crossing, $0.

TMD Residential Properties LLC to Aaron Cusick, phases 2 and 3, lot 48, South Creek, $348,000.

Freddy J. Nieto to Zachary Sutton, lot 18, Pioneer Farms, $175,000.

Mark A. Martin to SJF Holdings LLC, 23.73 acres, $417,500.

Bobbie McNeill Wicker to Bobbie McNeill Wicker, 23.37 acres of tract 1, 4.91 acres of tract 2, $0.

Andrew V. Demaio to Jasmine D. Parker, phase 2, lot 19, Vandercroft Farms, $217,500.

Stacy E. Baldwin to Domenico Conte, lot 18, Cameron Woods, $262,500.

Warren Realty LLC to Jerry J. Lambert LLC, section 3, lot 18, Ponderosa, Averasboro Township, $150,500.

Christian Kyle Pendergraft to SFR JV-HD Property LLC, 1.53 acre, phase 4, lot 8, White Pines, $266,500.

Dupree M. Jennings to Roland Evans Lachance, Highgrove at Anderson Creek, phase 6B, $0.

James M. Donovan to Steven Cherubino, phase 5B-1, lot 830, Anderson Creek Club, $308,000.


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