Realty Transactions: Sept. 20-23


The following realty transactions were filed from Sept. 20-23 in the office of Harnett County Register of Deeds Matthew S. Willis in Lillington.

Julius M. Draughn II to Nathan Reynolds, 0.74 acres, lot 108, Tingen Pointe, $200,000.

Donmichael Properties II LLC to Carolina Performance Realty LLC, 596-B E. Jackson Blvd., Erwin, $577,500.

Walter F. Isengard to DKL Investment Solutions LLC, phase 2, lot 203, Carolina Hills, $50,000.

Xcessive Risk Development Inc. to Carroll Construction Homes Inc., lots 1 and 17, Haven, Barbecue Township, $230,000.

Solomon Home Builders LLC to Christopher M. Casey, lot 4, Dunhaven, $240,000.

John Thomas Ainsworth Jr. to Kristin S. Ainsworth, 2.25-acre tract, lot 1, $0.

Cumberland Homes Inc. to Logan Robert Lagesse, phases 2 and 3, lot 75, South Creek, Neill’s Creek Township, $365,000.

Christopher Thurlow to Michael Akira Driscoll, part 1, lot 830, The Manors of Lexington Plantation, $255,000.

Bronlio Lopez to Bronlio Lopez III, phase 6, lot 450, Woodshire, $0.

Donald Ashley Moss to Donald Moss, section 3, lot 54, Landmark Development, $500.

Jordan N. Harris to Paul Edward Krupski II, lot 4, PLJS Properties, $346,000.

Mark Decoteau to Michael Allen Derosier, section 7, phase 2, lot 96, Tradewinds, $170,000.

Stephanie Rollins to Brandon Williams, 2.6 acres, tract D, portions of lots 17-24, Grove Township, $0.

Penny Road Developers LLC to NVR Inc., phase 4A, lot 37, Quail Glenn, Black River Township, $290,000.

Duane Foote to Andrew Rimback, phase 5, lot 204, Woodshire, Anderson Creek Township, 17 Orangewood Court, Lillington, $289,000.

Hubert Eugene Schuyler to Hubert Eugene Schuyler, 1.099 acres, tract 2, Buckhorn Township, $0.

Esther Chalmers Lucas to Esther Chalmers Lucas, 4.39 acres of tract 1, 0.93 acre of tract 2; lots 33, 34 and 34B, Pineview, $0.

Douglas Barrett Cline to Shilo Smith, 4.696-acre lot, Hector’s Creek Township, $630,000.

Scott Anthony Lee to Beverly M. Hayden, 0.505 acre, Averasboro Township, $0.

Denise Porter to David Dulko, section I, phase 3, lot 61, Westerfield Farms, Anderson Creek Township, $285,000.

Watermark Homes Inc. to Teddy Creech, lot 6, Oakhaven, Buckhorn Township, $430,000.

Roger T. May to Carlos Roberto Herrera, two tracts, lots 21-25, Averasboro Township, $120,000.

Karen Lane Parker to Dylan Fehr, lot 31, Mire Branch Estates, $220,000.

Brian P. Canny to SFR XII Raleigh Owner 1, phase 2, lot 42, Ballard Wood, $350,500.

James R. Ciciora to Jared Allee, phase 1, lot 7, Highgrove at Anderson Creek, $330,000.

Florentina Hidalgo to Dimitri John Facaros, phase 3C-1, lot 596, Anderson Creek Club, $265,000.

Dupree M. Jennings to Roland Evans Lachance, phase 6B, lot 220, Highgrove at Anderson Creek, $235,000.

My The Vo to Cesar E. Garcia, lot 14, Village Square, Averasboro Township, $200,000.

Brooke Elizabeth Wallig to Southern Wake Property Group LLC, phase 1, lots 22 and 23, Highlands at Sherwood Forest, $145,000.

John Wangelin to Cameron Urquhart, phase 2, lot 54, Avery Pond, Hector’s Creek Township, $410,000.

Craig Matthews Realty Inc. to Rafael Amado Paulino, 0.15 acre, lot 1, Grove Township, $50,000.

Leigh Beadle to Concrete Foundations Inc., 3 acres, 820 N. 14th St., Erwin, $300,000.

Eddie J. Murphy to Terry Teresa Spears, lot 9, Weatherstone, Stewarts Creek Township, $89,000.

NC Home Team LLC to Elda Uri Flores Villalobos, tracts 1 and 2, lots 23 and 24, H.L. Godwin property, $1,000.

Clifford Anthony Bradley to NVT Homes LLC, lot B, Averasboro Township, $60,000.

Wayne Coats to BHR Properties LLC, 330 Bailey Way Road, Lillington, $0.

D.R. Horton Inc. to Jonathan J. Shelton, lot 45, Morgan North, $355,000.

Eduardo A. Hidalgo to Florentina Hidalgo, phase 3C-1, lot 596, Anderson Creek Club, $0.

A&G Residential LLC to Kristie Latoya Holden, section 6, part 3A, lot 16, Forest Ridge, Anderson Creek Township, $350,000.

Carolina Johnson Properties LLC to JRT Managing Properties LLC, 0.69 acre, lot C, Averasboro Township, $20,000.

Capitol City Homes LLC to Joshua Jesus Deleon, phase 6, lot 1167, Anderson Creek Club, $325,000.

Bobby S. McQueen to Donnie Seagroves, lot 8, block F, Lakeside Village, $192,000.

John David McKinney to David Willard McKinney, 3.82 acres, lot 1, Johnsonville Township, $0.

Carolina Johnson Properties LLC to Samira Williams Collins, 0.66 acre, lot E, Averasboro Township, $30,000.

A & B Land & Timber Inc. to Glenn J. Carroll, 5 acres and 0.3 acre, 50-foot easement, lot 1, Buckhorn Township, $650,000.

NVR Inc. to Dustin Cox, phase 5, lot 100, Quail Glen, Black River Township, $271,000.

James E. Jones to Murtaza Tahir Ali, lots 1-2 and 11-12, blocks D and E, Pineview Valley Estates, $0.

David Brian McCarson to Isaiah Martin Jr., phase 1, lot 36, Crestview Estates, $250,000.

William Michael Harris Martin to Austin David Lee, phases 1, 2A and 3A; lot 13, Tingen Pointe, $165,000.

NVR Inc. to Bryan Guzman, phase 5, lot 101, Quail Glen, Black River Township, $315,500.

Robert Ragan to Harvest Moon Property Solutions LLC, tracts 1 and 2, section 3, lot 24, Harnett Lakes, $38,000.

Alex Lee to Jazmin Aracena, section 6, part 2, lot 380, Overhills Creek, $235,000.

Heather Kristin Childers to Carolina Rural Homes LLC, phase 2, lot 167, Carolina Hills, $5,000.

Joseph Eugene Baltimore to Opendoor Property Trust, phases 1A and 1B, lot 22, Southern Acres, $368,500.

Timmy W. Young to McGee Investments, lot 35, R. A. McLamb lots, Duke Township, $0.

William David Stephens to Joshua Quinn, 11.3 acres, tract 4, W. D. Hawley Estate, Lillington Township, $38,000.

DRFL LLC to Taylor-Jones Properties LLC, 0.3 acre, Lillington Township, $20,000.

William A. Brewington to Timmy W. Young, lot 35, R. A. McLamb lots, Duke Township, $29,500.

Barbara B. Lee LLC to ITAC 478 LLC, lots 1-14, Averasboro Township, $1,855,000.

Fred McNeill to Four Palms Properties LLC, 2.36 acres, lot 5, $18,000.

Janice Kay Nix to Lindsey Divebliss, phase 2, lot 80, Crestview Estate, $230,000.

Eric D. Templeton to Carol Ann Gage, 0.365 acre, phase 4, lot 176, Tingen Pointe, $270,500.

Walter Dewayne Holmes to Wincor Properties LLC, 0.06-acre tract, Averasboro Township, $0.

Wincor Properties LLC to Walter Dewayne Holmes, 0.08-acre tract, Averasboro Township, $0.

Kay C. Autry to William Ernest Weiss, 11.189 acres, lot 5, Autry Farms, Upper Little River Township, $80,000.

Patrick W. Kinney to Baron D. Smith, section 2, phase 1, lot 39, Oakmont, Barbecue Township, $336,500.

H & H Constructors of Fayetteville LLC to Mathias Kimering Kibon, phase 4, lot 41, Olde Farm Village, Anderson Creek Township, $235,000.

Wanda J. Benson to Paganello-Nunziato and Family LLC, lot 3, Averasboro Township, $107,500.

Celia Ann Pollard to Daniel A. Norman, 2.378 acres, lot 1, Averasboro Township, $55,000.

Travis C. Pollard to Celia Ann Pollard, 2.378 acres, lot 1, Suzanne Norris-Celey property, Averasboro Township, $0.

James E. Pollard to Celia Ann Pollard, 2.378 acres, lot 1, Suzanne Norris-Celey property, Averasboro Township, $0.

Antonio Fernandez to Scott Balliett, lot 26, Carolina Oaks, $235,000.

Eduardo Rojas Garcia to Thomas James Smith, 1.34-acre tract, Anderson Creek Township, $164,000.

Taurean Gray to Joshua Berenbach, part 2, lot 89, Lexington Plantation, Village of Lexington, Anderson Creek Township, $240,000.

Douglas E. Lockamy to Samarah Amelia Shakir, lot 1, number 2, Oakdale, $225,000.

Robert Swindell Parker to Susan Parker Pennington, lot 14, Averasboro Township, $0.

Jarrod W. Martin to Orbin I. Gonzalez, phase 1, lot 45, Coopers Creek, Anderson Creek Township, $300,000.

Carrie Lee Stowers Wood to Paul Antreux, 5 acres, lot 12, $281,500.

Dakota Lindboe to Peter Piazza, 3.93 acres, tract A, Carl Wayne McNeill property, Upper Little River Township, $245,000.

Maxine Fern Styers to Krista Marlin, 30-foot easement, lot T1, Cameron Hills, $0.

Solomon Home Builders LLC to Ebony McDaniel, lot 12, Dunhaven, $240,000.

Alex E. Guertin to Eric Adam Martin, phase 1, lot 46, Richmond at Northridge Plantation, $240,000.

Doris Rivera to Richard Rivera, phase 1, lot 42, Crestview Estates, $0.

SDH Raleigh LLC to Jahsiale Dominique Williams, lot 14, Cane Mill Estates, Grove Township, $290,000.

Nicholas Alexander Vafiades to Andres Navarrete, section 3, lot 91, The Summit, Barbecue Township, $290,000.

NVR Inc. to Jeanette Santiago, phase 5, lot 99, Quail Glen, Black River Township, $267,500.

James Lee Pasternak to Glenn Steven Ganzenmuller, lot 60, Whetstone West, $345,000.

Capitol City Homes LLC to Charles Faust Melella, phase 2, lot 37, Kathryns Retreat, $342,500.

Offerpad to Carlos Ortiz, section 5, lot 139, Tradewinds, $157,500.

Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company to Earl PB Lendore, phase 8, section 3, lot 167, Anderson Creek Club, $339,000.

Jamie Scott Mason to Department of Transportation, parcel No. 04-0673-0035, $1,500.

Nathaniel T. Carter to Shannon Allen, part 1, lot 66, Lexington Plantation, Village of Lexington, $205,000.

Jeffrey B. Gamez to Denise McRae Kafele, phase 2, lot 54, block I, Carolina Lakes, $292,500.

Mitchell D. Moore to Paul Lindsey Overstreet, lot 13, Thomas Moore, $260,000.

Dakota J. Miller to Dexter D. Huff, phase 7, section 1, lot 1088, Anderson Creek Club, $412,000.

Jonathan Louis McNeill to Lauren Carly Gabrielle Merrick, lot 20, Whetstone West, $275,000.

Franklin John Erb Jr. to Justin A. Falkner, phase 1, lot 2, Woodshire, $265,000.

Brewer Development and Construction Inc. to My Homes LLC, lot 9, Avondale Estates, Hecktor’s Creek Township, $35,000.

Michael Koles to Jeffrey Hoover, lot 11, Cross Link Place, $382,000.


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