Realty Transactions: Oct. 6-12


The following realty transactions were filed from Oct. 6-12 in the office of Harnett County Register of Deeds Matthew S. Willis in Lillington.

Terrance A. Thomas II to Imani T. Thomas, phase 1, lot 17, Spring Hill, $0.

Linda C. Staton to Linda C. Staton, 0.347 acre, phase 2, lot 35, Planters Glen, Black River Township, $0.

NL Builders LLC to Timothy Marshall Flack, 50-foot easement and right of way, lot 5, Rosser Pittman Road, $315,000.

Dunkin Deals LLC to Patricia Del Carmen Santibanez Caceres, King Street, parcel ID No. 02151607490011, $93,000.

Landry Builders Inc. to NL Builders LLC, 50-foot easement and right of way, lot 5, Barbecue Township, $40,000.

Cindy K. Blaylock to Blaylock Grading Company LLP, 0.11 acre of area A and portion of 30-foot easement, Neills Creek Township, $0.

William Frank Lee Sr. to Brian Hines, lot 1, C. P. Parker, Grove Township, $106,000.

Robert H. Long III to Robert Gravelle, phase 2, section 7, lot 118, Neills Creek Farms, $410,000.

Norman Frank Lewis III to Lillington Board of Alcoholic Control, 0.231 acre tract, Lillington Township, $50,000.

Trisha M. Severance to Tyler Pulli, phase 3B, lot 97, Coopers Creek, Anderson Creek Township, $273,000.

Robert E. Loving Sr. to Robert Loving Jr., 2.64 acres and 30-foot easement, lot 4, Coopers Place, Barbecue Township, $0.

Nelson Durane Currin to Brendan Wayne Barefoot, 0.21 acre, parcel C, Grove Township, $0.

John Anthony Moore to John Anthony Moore, 3 parcels, Grove Township, $0.

Kelly Reeves Wimberly to Larry Craig Taylor, 1 acre, Neills Creek Township, $15,000.

Erica L. Moscone to Roshel Lashea Taylor Pena, parts 2 and 2C, phase B, lot 312, The Colony, Anderson Creek Township, $267,000.

Martha R. Gale to Kenneth B. Gale, lot 16, Lester G. Williams, Black River Township, $0.

Lamco Custom Builders LLC to David Parker, phase 2A, lot 32, Blackberry Manor, $220,000.

Brandson S. Culver to Payton Rose Paxton, section 3, lot 24, Hectors Creek, $50,000.

Southern Touch Homes LLC to Eric Keen, phase 1, lot 26, Mitchell Manor, Neills Creek Township, $296,500.

SDH Raleigh LLC to Courtney Shawaun Jones, lot 21, Cane Mill Estates, Grove Township, $305,500.

Robert M. Musil to Victoria Smith, lot 3, Cameron Pines, $250,000.

Caron Lee Edmunds Hobson to Donald Glenn Hobson, 0.6734 acre, tract 1, Averasboro Township, $0.

Marc S. Majlaton to Brandon S. Culver, section 3, lot 24, Hectors Creek, $40,000.

KB Home Raleigh-Durham Inc. to Ryan Schlick, phase 1, lot 16, Highland Grove, $353,500.

A & G Residential LLC to Paxton Jordan Sanders, section 6, part 3A, lot 32, Forest Ridge, Anderson Creek Township, $290,000.

Jordan Henry Mastroianni (co-executor of the Henry Joseph Drozd Estate) to Wade Royal Petty, section 5, lot 61, Sierra Villa, $175,000.

Harriet T. Sampieri to Jayme Fenton, phase 2, lot 38, Highland at Sherwood Forest, Johnsonville Township, $192,000.

Vernon M. Knight to Luis Enrique Cervantes Vargas, lots 13 and 14, Edward S. Turlington, $160,000.

Offerpad to Andrew Atkinson Howells, section 1, phase 3, lot 62, Westfield Farms, $295,000.

Matthew R. Gifford to Ashley L. Palmatier, section 2, lot 297, Erwin Mills Inc., Duke Township, $175,000.

Robert J. Brown to Noah Thomas Stochl, section 3, phase 2B, lot 400, Anderson Creek Club, $350,000.

Jonathan Taylor to Roosevelt V. Davis, 2.36 acres of parcel A and 30-foot easement, 107 Neill Thomas Road, Lillington, $770,000.

Miguel Briceno to Roberto Rubio Martinez, section 2, phase 6, lot F57, block F, Heritage Village, Johnsonville Township, $95,000.

Diana Aaron to Marcus Dale Aaron II, tract 3, Fleming Estates, Grove Township, $0.

Danielle M. Thrift to Robinson Alfredo Alfonso, phase 1, lot 93, Market Place, $235,000.

Sarah Beckwith McDonald to S. Todd Adams, tracts 1 and 2 and 60-foot easement, lots 4 and 8, Black River Township and Lillington Township, $0.

Helen McArten McDonald to S. Todd Adams, tracts 1 and 2 and 60-foot easement, lots 4 and 8, Black River Township and Lillington Township, $0.

Grace Patterson McDonald Patton to S. Todd Adams, tracts 1 and 2 and 60-foot easement, lots 4 and 8, Black River Township and Lillington Township, $0.

Franklin Ray McDonald to S. Todd Adams, 9.468-acre tract and 60-foot easement, lot 8, Lillington Township, $56,000.

Nora Catherine McDonald Blanchard to S. Todd Adams, 5 acres and 60-foot easement, lot 4, Lillington Township, $34,000.

Patricia T. McDonald (trustee of the George S. McDonald Living Trust) to S. Todd Adams, 18-acre tract, Lillington Township, $90,000.

Josh A. Fultz to Donal Waterbury, phase 3, lot 164, Forest Oaks, Anderson Creek Township, $245,000.

Chason Anthony Severini to Manfred Hardee, lot 72, Village Square, $180,000.

John D. Foster to Isaac Davis, phase 3B-2, lot 532, Anderson Creek Club, $335,000.

Brenden M. Croke to Gregory Billings, section 1, phase 2, lot 50, Carolina Seasons, $285,000.

John A. Bescoe to William K. Fitzgerald, phase 7, lot 86, block S, Carolina Lakes, Barbecue Township, $160,500.

Rhonda Carmela Flood to Alvaro J. Pavesio, 1.9 acres, lot 13, Louisville Hills, Barbecue Township, $315,000.

Scot T. Hasskew to Jackie J. Rutledge (trustee of the Rutledge Trust), lot 42, block E, Carolina Lakes, Barbecue Township, $219,000.

Buddy Edward Eaton to SFR JV-2 Property LLC, phase 1, lot 7, Planters Glen, $320,500.

Thomas L. Hundley to Cheryl Robinson, phase B, part 1, lot 158, Colony at Lexington Plantation, $314,000.

Victoria Nichole Spara to Melissa Kinsey, section 2, lot 2, Rollingwood Villas, Averasboro Township, $145,000.

Angie Patterson Thomas to Angie Patterson Thomas, 0.92 acre and portion of 44-acre tract, Upper Little River Township, $0.

The William E. Byrd Family Limited Partnership to Randall Scott Byrd, lot 10, Upper Little River Township, $13,000.

Odie Lee Washington to Charles Thomas Roundy, 3.55 acres, tract A, Hectors Creek Township, $28,500.

Robert S. Giamalakis to Carlos Ruben Garciaquintero, lot 100, Highland Forest, Barbecue Township, $203,000.

Carmen Hernandez to Federico Sergio Brum, 0.61 acre, parcel ID No. 0028931, $270,000.

Weaver Homes Inc. to Andre Sean Branch, 1 acre and 30-foot easement, $230,000.

John R. Hall to Brendan Diniz, part 1, lot 73, Lexington Plantation, Anderson Creek Township, $225,000.

Offerpad to Christopher Ryan Throckmartin, lot 3, Victoria Hills, $275,000.

Timothy N. Trapp to Willie Alvarez, lot 91, Laurel Valley, Barbecue Township, $259,000.

Kimberly A. McDonald to Kimberly A. Morgan, 1 acre and 50-foot easement, lot 2, $0.

Patrice Renee Parker to Emily Lilly, portion of lot 7, Lakeside Village, $337,500.

OP SPE TPA1 LLC to Megan Baker, section 1, lots 7-10, Westhaven Homes, $212,000.

Benjamin Caleb Smith to Corey Boudreaux, phase 8, section 1, lot 133, Anderson Creek Club, $300,000.

Robyn Haake to Michael Ross Barber, section 2, phase 2, lot 82, Carolina Seasons, $237,000.

Spencer Trent Newton to Ved Prakash Naithani, 2.37 acres and 30-foot easement, lot 1, Neills Creek Township, $95,000.

Zachary Van Cleef to Kendal P. Peter, phase 5, lot 99, block M, Carolina Lakes, Barbecue Township, $293,000.

Melissa Ann Hair to Johnny Wayne Johnson, 0.78 acre and 0.99 acre, lot 9, Stewarts Creek Township, $5,000.

Melissa Ann Hair to Jamie Lee Johnson, 0.9 acre and 1.28 acres, lot 10, Stewarts Creek Township, $5,000.

Christopher Straughan to Lisa Marie Jording, phase 3B, lot 192, Avery Pond, $380,000.

Charles E. Coker to Roger Kum, sections 4-5, phase 3, lot 83, Richmond Park at Northwood Plantation, Barbecue Township, $260,000.

Big and Small Properties LLC to L. A. Real Estate Properties LLC, section 3, part 1, lot 48, Country Squire Estate, Anderson Creek Township, $54,000.

Ethan W. Orr to Nancy Morales, phase 6, lot 474, block R, Carolina Lakes, $402,500.

Cumberland Homes Inc. to Jake Caviness Moore, lot 10, Oakhaven, Buck Township, $500,000.

Sue F. Mayhew to Charles Walter Carpenter (co-trustee of the Carpenter Living Trust), section 1, lot 9, Glenalmond Villas, Gleneagles, $190,000.

Jeanette F. Herring to Jeanette F. Herring, lots 1-4, block D, Averasboro Township, $182,500.

Eric Paul Benoit to Henry A. Richards, section 1, lot 11, The Summit, Barbecue Township, $305,000.

Dawn Marie Armstrong to Zachery Scott Barkley, 2.17 acres, lot 2, Dawn Armstrong, $295,000.

GHD-Woodgrove LLC to Woodgrove Community Association Inc., open space 8 and 9, phase 1, Woodgrove, $0.

GHD-Woodgrove LLC to D.R. Horton Inc., phase 1, lots 195-202, Woodgrove, $2,548,500.

Alexander Thomas Hennings to Zachary C. Shearin, phase 3, lot 127, Forest Oaks, $216,000.

Hazel W. Clark to Arlene Taylor, 2.97 acres, lot 2, Anderson Creek Township, $85,000.

K & H Developers to Mohler Investments LLC, phase 2, lots 27-57, Whetstone, Black River Township, $1,174,000.

Christopher Allen Blakely to George Picard III, parts 2 and 2A, phase B, lot 257, The Colony, Anderson Creek Township, $305,000.

Bryant Douglas Hickman Jr. to Edwin Brent Warrick, 1 acre, lot 24A, Barbecue Township, $5,000.

A K & K Corporation to Jose Luis Martinez Ruis, 2 acres, 12060 U.S. Highway 421 North, Broadway, $110,000.

Darrell J. Crim to Francisco Javier Ramirez, 1.06 acres of 9A area and 3.94 acres of 9B area, lot 9A, Buffalo Estates, $255,000.

Midtown Properties of Dunn LLC to Joseph A. Tart, lot 14 and part 15, Averasboro Township, $255,500.

Johnny Glenn Strickland to Daniel Watt, lot 7, Deer Path Farms II, Grove Township, $57,000.

Asa Eells to Alan J. Geiger, phase 1, lot 11, Starwood at Overhills, $182,000.

Clyde L. Patterson to Cruz Ortiz Jr., 30-foot easement, lot 3, Lillington Township, $28,000.

Kenneth L. Cummings to Janet Marie Haswell, 1.05 acres and 0.14 acre right of way, lot 4, Upper Little River Township, $40,000.

Ramon Lopez to Rosalina Martinez Pineda, part 3A, lot 211, Village of Lexington Plantation, Anderson Creek Township, $221,500.

Willie E. Cooley to Victor C. Encarnacion, section 1, phase 8, lot 40, Anderson Creek Club, $395,000.

McKee Homes LLC to Hubert Francis Sutton Sr., phase 5E, part 1, lot 993, Anderson Creek Club, $345,000.

Arley D. Lopez to Osiris Lopez, 4.88 acres and easement, lot 1, Grove Township, $0.

JJJB Investments LLC to Jermaine Mangum, phases 2 and 3, lot 66, South Creek, $360,000.

RCG3 LLC to National Retail Properties LP, 2.18 acres and easement, lot 1, Anderson Creek Township, parcel No. 9584-78-6705/019594-0027, $5,700,000.

Robert Lane Burkholder Jr. to Teresa Avalos, phase 2, lot 159, Pattons Point, Barbecue Township, $210,000.

Michael E. Johnson to Renee C. Zais, 104 Spring Branch Road, Dunn, $130,000.

Jeffrey C. Leigh to Charles Dakota See, phase B, part 2B, lot 287, The Colony at Lexington, Anderson Creek Township, $296,500.

Anderson Creek Partners LP to Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company, phase 8, section 3, lots 198 and 203-204, Anderson Creek Club, $247,500.

Edward F. Kelly to ARVM 5 LLC, lot 2, Oak Ridge, Grove Township, $170,000.

John E. Busa to Charles D. Horn, phase 3B-2, lot 525, Anderson Creek Club, $286,000.

Jonathan Duford to Elizabeth Aretha Tomlinson, phase 2, part 2, lot 471, Richmond Park at Northridge Plantation, Johnsonville Township, $252,000.

Marelene C. Kroupa to Marelene C. Kroupa, phase 6, lot 159, Tingen Pointe, $0.

Kristen Faulconer to Kristen Faulconer, lot 29, Pleasant Enterprises no. 2, Black River Township, $0.

Dylan Hunt to Zachory Thomas, 0.344, phases 1, 2A and 3A; lot 61, Tingen Pointe, Barbecue Township, $205,000.

Rosie L. Tyler to Dinh Tran, section 1, lot 50, Anderson Creek Homes, $20,000.

Christopher W. Manning to Betsy Varela, phase 2, section 2, lot 426, Richmond Park, $250,000.

John F. Metzger III to Corey Andrew Chandler, section 1, phase 2, lot 179, Oakmont, Barbecue Township, $242,000.

Michael A. Tamayo to Lester Williams, section 3, lot 24, Fox Run, Barbecue Township, $120,000.

Warren Oil Holding Company LLC to Wendy Warren Spell, 39.2 acres, tract 1, Averasboro Township, $310,000.

Shannelle K. Santiago to Laquentin Glenn, parts 2 and 2C, phase B, lot 372, The Colony, Anderson Creek Township, $280,000.

Kendall Y. Tart to Kimberly Long, lot 9, Arbor Crest, Grove Township, $185,000.

Terance L. Hobson to Homes by Carlton Realty LLC, lot 121, 104, Prince St., $65,000.

Warren Realty LLC to Wendy Warren Spell, 20.203 acres, 21.19 acres and 4.576 acres, lot 2, Averasboro Township, $610,000.

Joseph Riddle to Joyce Efird, phase 1, lot 1, Lilly Haven, Neills Creek Township, $280,000.

Isaac A. Kutting to Dominique Berryman, phase 1, lot 32, Crestview Estates, $210,000.

Mohamed Azzan to Azzan Inc., tracts 1-3, lots 3 and 4-5, Averasboro Township, $0.

Lynn Poe to William P.G. Tucker, 4.019 acres, parcel C, Upper Little River Township, $0.


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