Realty Transactions: Oct. 22-28, 2021


The following realty transactions were filed from Oct. 22-28 in the office of Harnett County Register of Deeds Matthew S. Willis in Lillington.

Donald Earl Bullock Jr. to Wyatt D. Donesky, phase 2A, lot 45, Starwood at Overhills, $180,000.

Donnie M. Ochiltree Jr. to Jesse Colt Harris, phase 1, lot 60, block C, Carolina Lakes, Barbecue Township, $285,000.

David Hamblen to Gary W. Nolder, phase 3D, lot 148, Avery Pond, $305,000.

Dolores Thomas Turlington to Anderson Creek Rentals & Properties LLC, lots 2 and 4, Alfreda Estates, Barbecue and Johnsonville townships, $118,000.

Caviness Land Development Inc. to Trimarcus McCaleb, phase 5, section 2, lot 309, Forest Oaks, $306,000.

Belvin L. Strickland Jr. to KMB Building LLC, 403 N. King Ave., Dunn, $25,000.

Mary Darden McLeod to Jeremy Scott Thomas, 120.10-acre tract, $203,000.

Anita Lucet Barksdale to Lasundra O. McKenzie, lot 339, The Gate at Lexington, $291,000.

Patricia R. Moss to Patricia Ruth Moss (trustee of the Patricia Ruth Moss Living Trust), 0.55 acre, lot 1, $0.

Solomon Home Builders LLC to Erica Lee Baker, lot 22, Dunhaven, $235,000.

The Estate of Catherine Smith Edwards to Samuel Colin Pond, 30-foot easement, lots 4 and 5, John Bailey Wells property, $619,000.

Linderman Properties LLC to Carol R. Kinder, lot 6, part 5, $125,000.

Debora Thomas to Matthew Daniel, lot 5, $203,000.

Brandon Steger to Michael S. Pridgen, lot 11, block E, Carolina Lakes, $285,000.

Grandma’s Couch LLC to Bonnie S. Glover, portion of tract 14, David H. Young Estate, Black River Township, $114,500.

Khaled Elbassiouni to Christopher Todd Emco, phase 2, lot 27, Yorkshire Plantation, $247,500.

Hughie R. Godwin II to Woods Investment Enterprise LLC, parcel B and easement, Duke Township, $57,000.

Ricky Lynn Ennis to Matthew Heath Ennis, 1 acre, parcel A, 30-foot easement, John Bruce Ennis property, Grove Township, $178,000.

Joyce A. Beckwith to Tonya Beckwith, phase 1, lot 5, Fox Field, $150,000.

Deborah Lynn Elburn to Adriana Jacobo Bello, lot 16, Pine Ridge Estates, Anderson Creek Township, $16,000.

A & G Residential LLC to Taylor C. Moore, section 6, part 3A, lot 15, Forest Ridge, Anderson Creek Township, $333,000.

RES Properties of Harnett County LLC to Shirley Ann Dancy, 0.49 acre, phase 1, Barbecue Township, lot 6, Longleaf Acres, $15,000.

Joann U. Denton to Jose Luis Mejia, 0.38 acre, Grove Township, $0.

Anna Adams to Donnetta W. Darrogh, lot 7, Captains Landing, $35,000.

Amanda E. Crawford to Luther R. Lloyd II, 6.2-acre tract, 50-foot easement, Barbecue Township, $195,000.

Jason Brent Ledbetter to Zillow Homes Property Trust, lot 16, Magnolia Crest, $486,000.

Bettie Carolyn Elmore to Russell K. Rorrer, lot, Averasboro Township, $225,000.

Gregory Christopher Kinney to Mary Sarah Johnston, lot 2, Lee’s Place, $0.

Judy L. Lee to Wayne Jackson Lee Jr., tract 2, Averasboro Township, $0.

Bryan Glenn Godwin to Steven P. Godwin, 30.5 acres, tract 2, Duke Township, $66,000.

Tyler Fleming Godwin to Gary Glenn Godwin, 30.5 acres, tract 2, Duke Township, $0.

Gary Glenn Godwin (trustee of the Rilla B. Godwin Trust) to Gary Glenn Godwin, 30.5 acres, tract 2, Duke Township, $0.

The Harnett Development Group LLC to Weaver Homes Inc., lot 9, West Park, Barbecue Township, $55,000.

Vastee Gilmore to Raymundo Alvarez, section 4, part 5, lot 104, Overhills Creek, Anderson Creek Township, $160,000.

Jenyfer Lee Sherman to Jenyfer L. Sherman, 11.22 acres, Johnsonville Township, $0.

NVR Inc. to Daniel D. Simon Sr., phase 5, lot 105, Quail Glen, Black River Township, $315,000.

James M. Neely to Christian Kyle Pendergraft, 0.847 acre of tract 1, and 0.13 acre right-of-way, Buck Township, $0.

Nicholas Joseph Rose to Richard Eric Ernie Mendez, section 1, lot 13, part 12, Hickory Hills, $133,000.

Landry Homes LLC to Michael Wheeler, 50-foot easement, lot 1, $312,000.

Dorothy M. Byrd to David Alejandro Sanchez-Lopez, 0.664 acre, Grove Township, $125,000.

T.A. Womble Corporation to Dustin Clay Holder, 2 acres of parcel 1, 0.17 acre of parcel 2, Upper Little River Township, $110,000.

Glenwood Builders LLC to Marcia Lawless Maines, 1.084 acres, lot 3, Buck Township, $650,000.

KB Home Raleigh-Durham Inc. to Steven Michael Weatherspoon, phase 1, lot 25, Highland Grove, $346,000.

Jeremy M. Christie to William Charles Watkins, lot 50, Trotters Bluff at Fox Run, $260,000.

LAMCO Custom Builders LLC to Carlos Lanza, phase 2A, lot 21, Blackberry Manor, $248,000.

Charles Melvin Johnson Sr. to Lisa Johnson, tracts 1 and 2, $0.

PN Development LLC to Cumberland Homes Inc., lot 36, Oakhaven, Buck Township, $62,000.

Hilda Parker to Raptor Investments LLC, 404 W. Vance St., Dunn, Averasboro Township, $85,000.

Signature Home Builders Inc. to Corwin Allen Sebring, phase 1, lot 62, Kathryns Retreat, Black River Township, $335,000.

Bonnie Adcock to Karen Lisa Atkins, 0.918 acre tract and 0.103 acre right-of-way, $209,000.

David J. Hinkle to Alternative Investment Holdings Inc., phases 1, 2A and 3A; lot 73, Tingen Pointe, Barbecue Township, $190,000.

Wellons Realty Inc. to Wade H. Newhouse, 0.32 acre, phase 2, lot 42, Planters Glen, Black River Township, $294,000.

Lemuel Duncan Black III to Lemuel Duncan Black III (trustee of the Lemuel Duncan Black III Revocable Trust), tracts 1-12, Anderson Creek Township, $0.

Fen Guang Lin to Fen Guang Lin, phase 3, section 2, lot 210, Richmond Park at Northridge Plantation, Johnsonville Township, $0.

Capitol City Homes LLC to Samantha N. Moody, phase 2, lot 75, Kathryns Retreat, $295,000.

Mickey Allen McCoy to CSJD LTD LLC, section 1, lot 298, Erwin Mills Inc. property, Duke Township, $115,000.

Sheila B. Farmer to Sheila B. Farmer, 0.575 acre, phase 1, lot 5, Lilly Haven, $0.

Robert Scott Flowers to Robert Austin Hardison, 0.78 acre, parcel A and easement, Neill’s Creek Township, $195,000.

Manfred Hardee to Brooks Hardee Moore, lot 72, Village Square, $0.

NVR Inc. to Shelby Travis Brewer, phase 5, lot 106, Quail Glen, Black River Township, $314,000.

Edna Matthews Hobson to Miles Lyons, section 1, phase 1, lot 30, Benton Place, Black River Township, $100,000.

Linwood M. Council to Douglas J. Hampton, 10.03 acres, 10.03 acres and 10.03 acres, lots 3-5, Grove Township, $563,000.

Ribbon Home SPV II LLC to Renee Sterrett, section 1, phase 1, lot 29, Oakmont, $339,500.

Benjamin Stout Real Estate Services Inc. to Sandy Asa, section 1, phase 1, lot 2, Sierra Village at Overhills, $268,000.

Harold T. Butts Jr. to Har-Law Realty Corporation of North Carolina Inc., 19.8 acres of tract 1, 5.45 acres of tract 2, Neill’s Creek Township, $1,500,000.

Michael Richard Kirkpatrick to SFR JV2 Property LLC, lot 57, Whetstone, $305,500.

Lester Ray Phillips (trustee of the Robert Lynn Phillips II Irrevocable Trust) to Phillips Investment Properties of Harnett LLC, 13 tracts, Ammons Road, Clinton Avenue and Best Street, South Magnolia Avenue and Best Street, Thompson house, $0.

MRH Land Holdings III LLC to Adams Homes AEC LLC, phase 2, section 1, lot 10, Carolina Seasons, $468,000.

Millard Jackson Gainey to Emory C. Massengill (trustee of the Emory C. Massengill Living Trust), 8.13 acres of tract B, parcel ID 0011342, $330,000.

Brandon Frank Chorman to POP Homes-RDU LLC, lot, parcel ID 120566 0079, Stewart’s Creek Township, $20,000.

David Ronald Bennett to Jonathan David Avrette, 2.5-acre tract and 30-foot easement, Neill’s Creek Township, $22,500.

Watermark Homes Inc. to Juan Daryl Lassiter, phases 2 and 3, lot 46, South Creek, Neill’s Creek Township, $401,000.

James Floyd Reavis Jr. to Palace Investment Properties LLC, lot 7, Quail Acres, Upper Little River Township, $107,000.

Lynne K. Maedel-Conte to Equity Trust Company, section 1, lot 39, Bridlewood, Forestdale Drive, Johnsonville Township, $140,000.

Charles W. Meade to Sharon Booker, lot 38, Jackson Heights, Averasboro Township, $160,000.

Warren Scott Anderson Jr. to Braxton Jerrod Cofield, phases 1, 2A and 3A; lot 17, Tingen Pointe, $215,000.

Julian Osiel Rodriguez Olivares to George Earl Hudson Jr., 4.403 acres and 50-foot easement, $75,000.

Anne Marie Flanigan to Clyde Knoll, part 1, lot 7, Lexington Plantation, Village of Lexington, Barbecue Township, $213,000.

Dennis M. Dawn to Pushing Real Estate LLC, section 3, phase 6, lot F75, Heritage Village, $34,000.

Joshua Michael Rains to Erik Kenneth Lang, section 6, lot 276, Richmond Park, Barbecue Township, $320,000.

Progress Homes LLC to Taurean F. Tyre, section 2, lot 54, Landsdowne, Averasboro Township, $330,000.

Matthew Hoyle Allen to James Scott Wester, 2.55 acres and 2.11 acres, lots 1 and 2, Upper Little River Township, $284,000.

Andrea Morgan to Jacob A. Kirkpatrick, phase 1, lot 19, block E, Carolina Lakes, Barbecue Township, $190,000.

Terry Wayne Chalk to Harvest Moon Property Solutions LLC, 1.38 acres, lot 3, Lillington Township, $58,500.

Mickey Robert Bennett to J. David Avrette, 7.01 acres of tract 3, 30-foot easement and 100-foot right of way, Neill’s Creek Township, $63,500.

Paulette H. Strickland to Kimberly B. Williams, 0.51 acre, 30-foot easement, Averasboro Township, $0.

Kevin D. Graves to Stanley Nicholas Mason, section 2, lot 35, Post Gardens, Duke Township, $195,000.

Justin Carter to Aaron Elias Acosta, parts 2 and 2A, phase B, lot 388, The Colony, Anderson Creek Township, $290,000.

James A. Hitt to Patricia P. Williams, phase 1, lot 19, Highland at Sherwood Forest, $201,000.

Leslie G. Williford to Jennifer C. Harmon, lots 1-3, Grove Township, $160,000.

Pablo Vega to Sherri Downs Developers LLC, lots 1 and 3, Black River Township, $340,000.

Pablo Vega to Sherri Downs Developers LLC, 5.85 acres, parcel A, Black River Township, $0.

SDH Raleigh LLC to Scott Zachary Carns, lot 17, Cane Mill Estates, Grove Township, $346,500.

Ashley Vania Vega to Sherri Downs Developers LLC, lot 2, Black River Township, $115,000.

Ashley Vania Vega to Sherri Downs Developers LLC, 5.85 acres, parcel A, Black River Township, $0.

Joseph M. Fisk to Joseph K. Bastanzi, phase 1, lot 171, Vandercroft Farms, $270,000.

Jason Daniel Damon to Shane Worthington, phase 1, lot 111, Olde Farm Village, $230,000.

BHR Properties LLC to Mafren Leonel Rodriguez, 330 Bailey Way Road, Lillington, $50,000.

Capitol City Homes LLC to Tristan Stephan-James McGee, phase 2, lot 74, Kathryns Retreat, $290,000.

Robert Oliver to Kevin Lane Byrd, section 1, phase 2, lot 49, Carolina Seasons, Johnsonville Township, $360,000.

Kathy A. Everhart to Delilah Rose Linares, 404 S. 17th St., Erwin, $175,000.

Hugh Surles Builders LLC to William E. Mitchell (trustee), phase 1, lot 60, Kathryns Retreat, $339,000.

Donald W. Thomas to Donald W. Thomas, 1.44 acres, lot 46, Pine Hills, $0.

Joshua A. Harlow to Nathan Paul Whorton, lot T1, Anderson Creek Township, $253,000.

Allied Investors Group LLC to Alexis Williams, 1.8 acres, lot 7, Hollow Tree Farms, Johnsonville Township, $160,000.

D & W Real Estate Ventures LLC to Grayson Rodgers Grindstaff, 0.6 acre, lot 1, 202 N. 6th St., Erwin, Duke Township, $260,000.

Precision Custom Homes & Renovations LLC to Patrick Speer, phase 2, lot 35, Summerlin, Johnsonville Township, $292,000.

John C. Hubbard to Bryant P. Locke, phase 4, lot 66, block K, Carolina Lakes, $480,000.

Capitol City Homes LLC to Olivia Mora Perry, phase 2, lot 45, Kathryns Retreat, $284,000.

Timothy Byrne to Christopher Lee Hadley, phase 4B, lot 771, Anderson Creek Club, $375,000.

Tammy B. Temple to Erica A. Anderson, lots 46 and 47, Erwin Mills Inc. property, $205,000.

Nancy J. Tart to Thelma Payne, lot 60, Dexterfield, Hector’s Creek Township, $315,000.

Ronald Leith Williams to Lacari M. Lazare, building 5, phase 1, Villas of Anderson Creek, multi-family housing unit 24, $230,000.

KB Home Raleigh-Durham Inc. to Stephen Edward Cross, phase 1, lot 20, Highland Grove, $379,000.

Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company to Isaac E. Adimora Jr., phase 8, section 3, lot 182, Anderson Creek Club, $294,500.

Ted N. White to Robert Scott Flowers, 5.7 acres, lot 2, Grove Township, $415,000.

Weaver Homes Inc. to Amanda Aurora Martinez, lot 3, Atkins Farm, $333,000.

Weaver Homes Inc. to Melissa Barnes, lot 20, Dunhaven, $240,000.

Peggy J. Johnson to Allison Johnson Jay, section 2, lot 376, Erwin Mills Inc. property, Duke Township, $0.

Taylor-Jones Properties LLC to Nancy J. Tart, one lot, 10th and McNeill Street, Lillington, $224,000.

D & S East LLC to Zena Bass Howell, 0.691 acre, tract B, Black River Township, $43,000.

Vinh D. Cao to Joao Bonkena, lot 5, Cameron Woods, $345,000.

Prince Place LLC to Wilson Reid Robertson, phase 1, lot 20, Prince Place, Hector’s Creek Township, $65,000.

Prince Place LLC to Halcyon Homes LLC, phase 1, lots 4-6, 19 and 35; Prince Place, Hector’s Creek Township, $455,000.

Marc Davis to Purple Rose Investments LLC, phase 3B-1, lot 483, Anderson Creek Club, $200,000.

Thomas W. Nelson to Mattamy Homes LLC, parcel ID numbers 0549-79-7522 and 0549-79-0500, $395,000.

Thomas W. Nelson to Mattamy Homes LLC, three tracts, Summerville Mamers Road, West Martha Drive, Holly Lane, Lillington Township, $0.

Eastman Development Companies LLC to Mattamy Homes LLC, 50-foot street, English Woods, $0.

Norman F. Lewis III to Lesley Amanda Jones, tracts 1 and 2, lots 1 and 2, Lillington Township, $200,000.

Courtney M. Partridge to Courtney M. Partridge, lots 8 and 9, Buffalo Estates Revision, $0.

Ira D. Langley to Elizabeth Gail Langley, 0.8086-acre tract, Averasboro Township, $0.


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