Realty Transactions: Oct. 19-26


The following realty transactions were filed from Oct. 19-26 in the office of Harnett County Register of Deeds Matthew S. Willis in Lillington.

Solomon Home Builders LLC to Andrew Marchi Molina, lot 3, Dunhaven, $235,000.

Jimmy Nicholson to Gerald Stephen Paoli, phase 1, lot 2, block C, Carolina Lakes, Anderson Creek Township, $420,000.

Stacy C. Autry to Jason C. Howlett, phase 7, section 1, lot 1092, Anderson Creek Club, $460,000.

Montgomery L. Ballard Sr. to My Homes LLC, section 2, lot 7, Crownview Meadows, Averasboro Township, $31,000.

Terry Byrd Eason to Harnett County Board of Education, 100.7 acres, Richard Byrd Farm, Lillington, $1,200,000.

William Conner to Carlos Nava Villanueva, lot 7, C. A. Johnson property, $207,000.

PN Development LLC to Cumberland Homes Inc., lot 39, Oakhaven, Buck Township, $62,000.

Wiley J. Pope to TTP East Pointe LLC, six tracts, East Pointe, $0.

Fabian R. Zuluaga to Benjamin Hoemann, phase B, part 1, lot 212, Colony at Lexington Plantation, $275,000.

Christopher C. Cantwell to Lisa Ann Studer, phase 4, lot 172, Crestview Estates, $285,000.

Kimberly A. Hanson to EBW Investments Corporation, phase 1, lot 83, Heather Brook, Barbecue Township, $20,000.

Bryan Nelson to Jarred Spencer Schaffer, phase 3D, lot 146, Avery Pond, $320,000.

Warren Realty LLC to Strickley and Company LLC, section 4, lot 8, Ponderosa, Averasboro Township, $90,000.

Joyce R. Hall to Robert Stanfield, 0.547 acre, Duke Township, $170,000.

Warren Realty LLC to Strickley and Company LLC, 0.68 acre and 0.46 acre, lots 1 and 2, Averasboro Township, $250,000.

Roy E. Hobbs to Sherri Lynn Pierce, 8-acre tract, Duke Township, $0.

Christopher J. Bonfiglio to NCD Contracting LLC, 1.057 acres including 0.22 acre right-of-way, Black River Township, $0.

Avin Sumesar to Nneka I. Ude, phase 2, lot 232, Vandercroft Farms, Upper Little River Township, $245,000.

Michelle West Harrelson to Phil West, lots 32 and 33, lands of Marvin Jernigan, Duke Township, $0.

Danny Phil West to Loman Cephus Coats, lot 12, Duke Township, $0.

NVR Inc. to Dejanae Michelle Bridges, phase 5, lot 104, Quail Glen, Black River Township, $273,000.

Eduardo Rojas Garcia to L.A. Real Estate Properties LLC, lot 11, Highland Hills II, Barbecue Township, $0.

Kay Choosakul to Eduardo Rojas Garcia, lot 11, Highland Hills II, Barbecue Township, $29,000.

Juan E. Robles to Timothy A. Evans, section 3, part 3, lot 29, Country Squire Estates, Anderson Creek Township, $185,000.

Fredericka Campbell to Roshicka Wilson, section 4, part 2, lot 58, Overhills Creek, Anderson Creek Township, $222,000.

Grindstone Acquisitions LLC to Tirso Dela Cruz, lot 44, Cambridge, $240,000.

Jason Cound to Peter M. Licciardi, phase 5A-2, lot 853, Anderson Creek Club, $345,000.

Anthony T. Butera to Pasquale Campana, phase 1, lot 31, Anderson Creek Club, $320,000.

Danny P. Watkins Jr. (trustee of the Danny P. Watkins Revocable Trust) to Homero Bautista-

Chavez, 6.45 acres, tract 4, Grove Township, $125,000.

Frank Willard Montague to Frank Willard Montague, three parcels, Buck Township, $0.

Lennar Carolinas LLC to Michele Valle, phase 1, lot 118, Bellewood, $349,000.

Brenda O. Clayton to John Zeppieri, phase 7, lot 67, Victoria Hills, $265,000.

Kenneth Ray Fitz Jr. to Harvest Moon Property Solutions LLC, section 2, lot 84, Laurel Hills, $52,500.

Eric Cohen to OP SPE TPA1 LLC, phase 1, lot 2, Rosemont, $226,500.

Warren Realty LLC to Whittenton Builders Enterprises Inc., 9.01 acres, Averasboro Township, $125,000.

Hunter S. Mitchell to Kenneth S. Young II, section 2, lot 2, Tradewinds, Anderson Creek Township, $160,000.

Levi Tucker Ballew to Joahanna Wempe, lot 70, Pattons Point, Barbecue Township, $258,000.

Louis M. Herring to SDH Raleigh LLC, lots 19 and 31, Cane Mill Estates, Grove Township, $86,000.

Signature Home Builders Inc. to Christopher David Sherrod, 1.58 acres, Neill’s Creek Township, $307,000.

Prestige Home Solutions LLC to Aaron Barrios Rojas, 0.935 acre, lot 12, Black River Township, $70,000.

Edwin Ron Lasater to John A. Zamarripa, 3.720 acres, tract 16, Cedar Chase, Hectors Creek Township, $205,000.

Rodney A. Gregory to Pop Homes-RDU LLC, lot 4, Ben Woods, Stewarts Creek Township, $29,000.

KB Home Raleigh-Durhahm Inc. to Richard J. Tessier, phase 1, lot 24, Highland Grove, $306,500.

Harnett County to the city of Dunn, 0.872 acre of tract 1, 0.1291 acre of tract 2, Averasboro Township, $0.

Steve White to Zillow Homes Property Trust, lot 37, Stetson, $406,500.

Carlo N. Brown to Kayli Fenoglio, phase 2, lot 69, Peachtree Crossing, $205,000.

Robert S. Dilley to Justin Caleb Yarnell, lot 72, Asheford, Johnsonville Township, $242,000.

Oakmont Development Partners LLC to McKee Homes LLC, phase 2, section 2, lots 85 and 122, Oakmont, $96,000.

William Fred Williford (executor) to William Fred Williford, four parcels, Averasboro Township, $0.

OP SPE TPA1 LLC to Tremayne L. Townsend, phase 2, lot 96, Olde Farm Village, $285,000.

David Lee Waddell to Travis Mitchell Womack, lot 7, Neill’s Creek Township, $0.

David Lee Waddell to Robert Lee Carroll, lot 6, Neill’s Creek Township, $0.

David Lee Waddell to Jerry Todd Waddell, lot 5, Neill’s Creek Township, $0.

Edgar Augusto Cordon Gil to Tyler W. Carpenter, section 5, lot 122, Ponderosa, $185,000.

Merlin L. Linkous to Mark Anthony Zekan, lot 32, Eastern Homes, Black River Township, $230,000.

Michael Phillip Johnson to Jonathan Hernandez, section 5, part 2, lot 131, Overhills Creek, Anderson Creek Township, $250,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Harnett County Inc. to Constance A. Lewis, lot 36, Forest Hills, Duke Township, $126,000.

Grant Steven Dupree to Hortencia Morelos Rendon, 0.96 acre and 50-foot easement, lot 1, $26,000.

JM Suarez Corporation to Joey Wilkins, two tracts, Averasboro Township, $300,000.

Found Property Group LLC to Kristopher Daniel, section 2, lot 79, Laurel Hills, Anderson Creek Township, $145,000.

KMB Building LLC to Jose L. Gonzalez, lot 2, English Woods, Lillington Township, $240,000.

James Gordon Yonally to Connor Stephenson, section 1, lot 276, Duke Township, $150,000.

Patricia L. Norris to John L. Dukes, lot 7, Whetstone West, $236,500.

Edward Claude Woodall III to Jacob Thomas Peek, 0.231 acre, Black River Township, $215,000.

Yolanda Renee Williams to Demba Diop, section 6, part 2, lot 342, Overhills Creek, $231,000.

CSJD LTD LLC to Ashton Rebecca Denton, section 1, lot 48, Erwin Mills property, Duke Township, $170,000.

CKS Hayes LLC to Margaret Denise Arnold, section 1, lot 20, Sweetbriar Estates, Johnsonville Township, $19,000.

Michael Ray McKinney to Rodney Harold Finchum, 3.31 acres, tract 1, Johnsonville Township, $12,500.

Randall Gene Kelly to Jessica-Michelle Grainger, 34.029 acres, tract 2, 50-foot easement, $140,000.

Randall Gene Kelly to Melissa Key, 45.016 acres, tract 3, 50-foot easement, $140,000.

Thomas M. Gum to Kenneth E. Cannon, lot 24, Westhaven Homes No. 2, Averasboro Township, $205,000.

Tracy Ann Dillon to Jeremy M. Miller, 0.622 acre, lot 4, $218,000.

Randall Gene Kelly to Mark L. Meech, 34.026 acres, tract 1, 50-foot easement, Fangorn Forest, $140,000.

Jarvis Lynn Jones to Dallas V. Austin, 11.470 acres, tract 1, Neill’s Creek Township, $140,000.

Shawn M. Berresford to Elizabeth O’Briant, phase 4, lot 139, Yorkshire Plantation, $215,000.

Landry Builders Inc. to Landry Homes LLC, 50-foot easement, lot 1, Barbecue Township, $40,000.

H&H Constructors of Fayetteville LLC to Michael E. Massey, phase 4, lot 47, Olde Farm Village, Anderson Creek Township, $230,000.

Jenny Neuman to Khadim Ndiaye, section 4, part 1, lot 62, Overhills Creek, $235,000.

Kelly Ann Blewer to OP SPE TPA1 LLC, phase 2, lot 93, Olde Farm Village, $241,500.

Beverly H. Pollock (co-trustee of the Hilda B. Hardee Irrevocable Trust) to Dyveke McCubbin, 2.71 acres and 18.93 acres, lots 3 and B, $175,000.

Tiffany M. Dye to Tyler James Dunn, phase 2, lot 51, Summerlin, $322,000.

Solomon Home Builders LLC to Candace Hicks, lot 18, Dunhaven, $240,000.

Carlos Garcia to Marquita S. Barr, phase 5C, lot 949, Anderson Creek Club, $280,000.

Landry Builders Inc. to Samantha Chavis, 30-foot easement, lot 2, Barbecue Township, $385,000.

Jeanette C. Strickland to N.C. Department of Transportation, 0.707 acre, Black River Township, $23,500.

Peter A. Mulder to Liam Thomas Walters, 0.69 acre, lot 1, Upper Little River Township, $275,000.

John Joseph Mizell IV to Joseph Jonah Baldizzi, phase 2, lot 26, Highlands at Sherwood Forest, $233,000.

Donald Earl Bullock Jr. to Wyatt D. Donesky, phase 2A, lot 45, Starwood at Overhills, $180,000.

Donnie M. Ochiltree Jr. to Jesse Colt Harris, phase 1, lot 60, block C, Carolina Lakes, Barbecue Township, $285,000.

David Hamblen to Gary W. Nolder, phase 3D, lot 148, Avery Pond, $305,000.

Dolores Thomas Turlington to Anderson Creek Rentals & Properties LLC, lots 2 and 4, Alfreda Estates, Barbecue and Johnsonville townships, $118,000.

Caviness Land Development Inc. to Trimarcus McCaleb, phase 5, section 2, lot 309, Forest Oaks, $306,000.

Belvin L. Strickland Jr. to KMB Building LLC, 403 N. King Ave., Dunn, $25,000.

Mary Darden McLeod to Jeremy Scott Thomas, 120.10-acre tract, $203,000.

Anita Lucet Barksdale to Lasundra O. McKenzie, lot 339, The Gate at Lexington, $291,000.

Patricia R. Moss to Patricia Ruth Moss (trustee of the Patricia Ruth Moss Living Trust), 0.55 acre, lot 1, $0.

Solomon Home Builders LLC to Erica Lee Baker, lot 22, Dunhaven, $235,000.

The Estate of Catherine Smith Edwards to Samuel Colin Pond, 30-foot easement, lots 4 and 5, John Bailey Wells property, $619,000.

Linderman Properties LLC to Carol R. Kinder, lot 6, part 5, $125,000.

Debora Thomas to Matthew Daniel, lot 5, $203,000.

Brandon Steger to Michael S. Pridgen, lot 11, block E, Carolina Lakes, $285,000.

Grandma’s Couch LLC to Bonnie S. Glover, portion of tract 14, David H. Young Estate, Black River Township, $114,500.

Khaled Elbassiouni to Christopher Todd Emco, phase 2, lot 27, Yorkshire Plantation, $247,500.

Hughie R. Godwin II to Woods Investment Enterprise LLC, parcel B and easement, Duke Township, $57,000.

Ricky Lynn Ennis to Matthew Heath Ennis, 1 acre, parcel A, 30-foot easement, John Bruce Ennis property, Grove Township, $178,000.

Joyce A. Beckwith to Tonya Beckwith, phase 1, lot 5, Fox Field, $150,000.

Deborah Lynn Elburn to Adriana Jacobo Bello, lot 16, Pine Ridge Estates, Anderson Creek Township, $16,000.

A & G Residential LLC to Taylor C. Moore, section 6, part 3A, lot 15, Forest Ridge, Anderson Creek Township, $333,000.

RES Properties of Harnett County LLC to Shirley Ann Dancy, 0.49 acre, phase 1, Barbecue Township, lot 6, Longleaf Acres, $15,000.

Joann U. Denton to Jose Luis Mejia, 0.38 acre, Grove Township, $0.

Anna Adams to Donnetta W. Darrogh, lot 7, Captains Landing, $35,000.

Amanda E. Crawford to Luther R. Lloyd II, 6.2-acre tract, 50-foot easement, Barbecue Township, $195,000.

Jason Brent Ledbetter to Zillow Homes Property Trust, lot 16, Magnolia Crest, $486,000.

Bettie Carolyn Elmore to Russell K. Rorrer, lot, Averasboro Township, $225,000.

Gregory Christopher Kinney to Mary Sarah Johnston, lot 2, Lee’s Place, $0.

Judy L. Lee to Wayne Jackson Lee Jr., tract 2, Averasboro Township, $0.

Bryan Glenn Godwin to Steven P. Godwin, 30.5 acres, tract 2, Duke Township, $66,000.

Tyler Fleming Godwin to Gary Glenn Godwin, 30.5 acres, tract 2, Duke Township, $0.

Gary Glenn Godwin (trustee of the Rilla B. Godwin Trust) to Gary Glenn Godwin, 30.5 acres, tract 2, Duke Township, $0.

The Harnett Development Group LLC to Weaver Homes Inc., lot 9, West Park, Barbecue Township, $55,000.

Vastee Gilmore to Raymundo Alvarez, section 4, part 5, lot 104, Overhills Creek, Anderson Creek Township, $160,000.

Jenyfer Lee Sherman to Jenyfer L. Sherman, 11.22 acres, Johnsonville Township, $0.

NVR Inc. to Daniel D. Simon Sr., phase 5, lot 105, Quail Glen, Black River Township, $315,000.

James M. Neely to Christian Kyle Pendergraft, 0.847 acre of tract 1, and 0.13 acre right-of-way, Buck Township, $0.

Nicholas Joseph Rose to Richard Eric Ernie Mendez, section 1, lot 13, part 12, Hickory Hills, $133,000.

Landry Homes LLC to Michael Wheeler, 50-foot easement, lot 1, $312,000.

Dorothy M. Byrd to David Alejandro Sanchez-Lopez, 0.664 acre, Grove Township, $125,000.

T.A. Womble Corporation to Dustin Clay Holder, 2 acres of parcel 1, 0.17 acre of parcel 2, Upper Little River Township, $110,000.

Glenwood Builders LLC to Marcia Lawless Maines, 1.084 acres, lot 3, Buck Township, $650,000.

KB Home Raleigh-Durham Inc. to Steven Michael Weatherspoon, phase 1, lot 25, Highland Grove, $346,000.

Jeremy M. Christie to William Charles Watkins, lot 50, Trotters Bluff at Fox Run, $260,000.

LAMCO Custom Builders LLC to Carlos Lanza, phase 2A, lot 21, Blackberry Manor, $248,000.
Charles Melvin Johnson Sr. to Lisa Johnson, tracts 1 and 2, $0.

PN Development LLC to Cumberland Homes Inc., lot 36, Oakhaven, Buck Township, $62,000.

Hilda Parker to Raptor Investments LLC, 404 W. Vance St., Dunn, Averasboro Township, $85,000.

Signature Home Builders Inc. to Corwin Allen Sebring, phase 1, lot 62, Kathryns Retreat, Black River Township, $335,000.

Bonnie Adcock to Karen Lisa Atkins, 0.918 acre tract and 0.103 acre right-of-way, $209,000.

David J. Hinkle to Alternative Investment Holdings Inc., phases 1, 2A and 3A; lot 73, Tingen Pointe, Barbecue Township, $190,000.

Wellons Realty Inc. to Wade H. Newhouse, 0.32 acre, phase 2, lot 42, Planters Glen, Black River Township, $294,000.

Lemuel Duncan Black III to Lemuel Duncan Black III (trustee of the Lemuel Duncan Black III Revocable Trust), tracts 1-12, Anderson Creek Township, $0.

Fen Guang Lin to Fen Guang Lin, phase 3, section 2, lot 210, Richmond Park at Northridge Plantation, Johnsonville Township, $0.

Capitol City Homes LLC to Samantha N. Moody, phase 2, lot 75, Kathryns Retreat, $295,000.

Mickey Allen McCoy to CSJD LTD LLC, section 1, lot 298, Erwin Mills Inc. property, Duke Township, $115,000.

Sheila B. Farmer to Sheila B. Farmer, 0.575 acre, phase 1, lot 5, Lilly Haven, $0.

Robert Scott Flowers to Robert Austin Hardison, 0.78 acre, parcel A and easement, Neill’s Creek Township, $195,000.

Manfred Hardee to Brooks Hardee Moore, lot 72, Village Square, $0.

NVR Inc. to Shelby Travis Brewer, phase 5, lot 106, Quail Glen, Black River Township, $314,000.

Edna Matthews Hobson to Miles Lyons, section 1, phase 1, lot 30, Benton Place, Black River Township, $100,000.

Linwood M. Council to Douglas J. Hampton, 10.03 acres, 10.03 acres and 10.03 acres, lots 3-5, Grove Township, $563,000.

Ribbon Home SPV II LLC to Renee Sterrett, section 1, phase 1, lot 29, Oakmont, $339,500.

Benjamin Stout Real Estate Services Inc. to Sandy Asa, section 1, phase 1, lot 2, Sierra Village at Overhills, $268,000.

Harold T. Butts Jr. to Har-Law Realty Corporation of North Carolina Inc., 19.8 acres of tract 1, 5.45 acres of tract 2, Neill’s Creek Township, $1,500,000.

Michael Richard Kirkpatrick to SFR JV2 Property LLC, lot 57, Whetstone, $305,500.


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