Realty Transactions: Oct. 13-18


The following realty transactions were filed from Oct. 13-18 in the office of Harnett County Register of Deeds Matthew S. Willis in Lillington.

PF Development Group Inc. to H&H Constructors of Fayetteville LLC, part 2D, lots 682, 686 and 688; The Manors at Lexington Plantation, $600,000.

Robert Melton McLamb to James Linwood Thomas, 0.69 acre portion of a tract, parcel ID No. 13-0631-0055, Upper Little River Township, $20,000.

Pete L. Taylor to Marlene Jones, phase 1, lot 121, Vandercroft Farms, Stewarts Creek Township, $240,000.

A & G Residential LLC to Keith M. Tollers, phase 1, section 1, lot 50, Sierra Village at Overhills, $301,000.

Timothy Lee Prince to Lisa Jones Prince, 1.36 acres, Fuquay-Varina, $0.

Billy W. Buie to Carolyn A. Buie, 1.09 acres, Johnsonville Township, 205 Murchisontown Road, Sanford, $67,000.

SDH Raleigh LLC to Marjorie Gena Parish, lot 6, Cane Mill Estates, Grove Township, $270,000.

Michael E. Chapman to Vickie Chapman, lots 146-150, 102 Armstrong Road, Dunn, $0.

Jennifer Parker Page to BAF 3 LLC, section 2, lot 13, Sandy Grove, Black River Township, $212,000.

Peter S. Rodgers to Meggan Alexandra Pollard, phase 4, lot 188, Crestview Estates, $236,000.

Capitol City Homes LLC to Deangelo Bennett, phase 8, section 3, lot 165, Anderson Creek Club, $335,500.

Albert C. Adcock to ACA/PJA LLC, Upper Little River Township, lot 13, Mason Hill, $20,000.

Nicholas P. Villanueva to Sean E. Medina, stage 2, phase 1, lot 229, Anderson Creek Club, $253,000.

Lisa Marie Johnson to Eric Lerone Mays, lot 53, Laurel Valley, Barbecue Township, $243,000.

H&H Constructors of Fayetteville LLC to Kevin Ray Thompson, phase 1, lot 119, Anderson Creek Club, $428,000.

Kimberly C. Harrelson to Gregory Compton, tract 3, Lesley D. J. Beasley property, $102,000.

Kiara L. Shishido to Christopher Baker, phases 1 and 2, lot 22, Forest Oaks, Anderson Creek Township, $235,000.

Pauline A. Signor to Pauline A. Signor, phase 1, lot 6, The Highlands at Sherwood Forest, Johnsonville Township, $0.

Troy Clifton Armstrong to Linda D. Boyette, phase 3, lot 90, The Meadows at Buies Creek, $178,000.

Sergio Varinca to Triangle Home Pros LLC, 1.15 acres, lot 2A, $80,000.

Shawn C. Davis to Nakhoon Baek, lot 56, Lexington Plantation, The Gate at Lexington, $283,000.

Durwood Wayne Adams to Haimai Holdings LLC, lot 1, Jackson Heights, Averasboro Township, $126,000.

Michele Johnson-Lucas to Sean Taylor, phase 3B-1, lot 490, Anderson Creek Club, $265,000.

Eugene B. Williams III to Jessica Dawn Feddersen, section 7, lot 549, Overhills Creek, $242,000.

Joseph McIntyre to Clint Draughon, phase 7, lot 43, block S, Carolina Lakes, $335,000.

Dinh Tran to Jared Gunter, section 2, lot 66, Happy Acres, $200,000.

Ronald Clifton West to Charles Heth West, 4.25 acres, tract 4, Ross Road, Lillington Township, $0.

Ronald Clifton West to Ronald Clifton West, 4.25 acres, tract 4, Ross Road, Lillington Township, $0.

Robert John Mayo to Quang Vinh Ho, phase B, part 2B, lot 370, The Colony at Lexington, Anderson Creek Township, $300,000.

Milton Ray Williford to Bobby C. Adams, two acres, part of Althea S. McCall property, Grove Township, $40,000.

The Harnett Development Group LLC to Weaver Homes Inc., lots 5, 11 and 12; West Park, Barbecue Township, $165,000.

Joseph C. Riddle Jr. to Kylie A. Cargill, section 4, part 7, lot 82, Overhills Creek, Anderson Creek Township, $245,000.

Julio E. Rosa to Alexis Rodriguez, phase 6, lot 333, block Q, Carolina Lakes, Barbecue Township, $326,500.

Exzabia L. Dukes to Dillon Casey Buckler, phase 5, lot 211, Woodshire, Anderson Creek Township, $275,000.

Florence Elaine Harris Smith Irrv (trustee) to Recie Campbell Farmer, lot 8, Grove Township, $190,000.

Nicholas Keith Wood to Marcus Spriggs, lot 8, Grove Township, $320,000.

James Herron to Fabian Hoyos-Uscanga, lot 17, Anderson Creek Homes, $68,000.

Benjamin Stout Real Estate Services Inc. to Stout Land Development LLC, 21.45 acres, lots 5 and 6, Smith and Tripp heirs lands, $0.

Capitol City Homes LLC to Donald Edwin Sujack Jr., phase 8, section 3, lot 185, Anderson Creek Club, $320,500.

Courtney L. Fletcher to Robert McLamb, 5.03 acres of tract 5B and 0.06-acre right-of-way, Upper Little River Township, $315,000.

Juan Carlos De Los Santos to Hope Sweet, phase 6B, lot 248, Highgrove at Anderson Creek, $200,000.

Aubrey D. Garson to Jesse Marban, phase 3B, lot 191, Avery Pond, $306,000.

Carmelita T. Harrison to Jason Lamm, section 2, lot 70, Country Squire Estates, Anderson Creek Township, $45,000.

Warren Realty LLC to Lloyd T. Hamilton Jr., lot half 3, block FFF, 711 W. Cumberland St., Dunn, Averasboro Township, $169,000.

Sean L. Summers to Marvin Alexiz Benitez Nunez, section 1, phase 1, lot 26, Kenlan Farms, Stewarts Creek Township, $220,000.

Miles Rick Perry (trustee of the Josie Lilley Smith Trust) to Thomas Gavin, phase 1, lot 46, Hidden Valley, $40,000.

William A. Oliver Jr. to Christopher Carrillo, phase 4, lot 150, Highgrove at Anderson Creek, $302,000.

Justin R. Singler to KDJ Investments LLC, section 1, lot 122, Erwin Mills Inc., Duke Township, $55,000.

William E. Easterling Jr. to William E. Easterling Jr., lot 43, Sweetwater, Stewarts Creek Township, $0.

Guadalupe Vega to Pablo Vega, lots 1 and 3, Middle Creek Township of Wake and Harnett counties, $0.

Cedric Maxwell Boatwright to Kimberly A. Matthews, section 2, lot 40, Rollingwood Townehomes, $82,500.

David C. Lemon to Jeremy Hebner, phase 2, lot 25, Colonial Hills, Barbecue Township, $190,000.

Ted D. Brown to Ellis A. Davis, phases 2 and 3, lot 80, South Creek, 18 Thunder Valley Court, Lillington, $347,500.

John E. Smalls to Alexandria Bolding, part 1, phase B, lot 160, The Colony at Lexington Plantation, Anderson Creek Township, $379,000.

Bryon Christopher Coro to Jonathan A. Pineda, lot 103, Highland Forest, $245,000.

Gabrielle N. Boone to Jill M. Talty, phase 5, lot 15, block L, Carolina Lakes, $245,000.

Brandon Lee Anderson to Feissoribe Kombate-Bomboma, phase A, part 3, lot 417, The Gate at Lexington Plantation, $305,000.

Joyce Leseur to Ronald Ollan Coyle, lots 2 and 3, Upper Little River Township, $57,000.

Ground Estate Investments Inc. to Red Square Productions LLC, 2-acre parcel, $10,000.

Michael R. Fenzel to Lashawn Demetria Marshall-Lipscomb, phase 8, lot 30, block T, Carolina Lakes, Barbecue Township, $515,000.

Paula K. Jeffries to Ali M. Ali, section 2, lot B24, Carolina Seasons, Johnsonville Township, $235,000.

Gary Robinson Homes LLC to William Scott Reynolds II, phases 2 and 3, lot 73, South Creek, $20,000.

KB Home Raleigh-Durham Inc. to William Christopher Payne, phase 1, lot 14, Highland Grove, $357,000.

Anderson Creek Partners LP to H&H Constructors of Fayetteville LLC, section 3, phase 8, lots 191-197, Anderson Creek Club, $455,500.

Brandon J. Schmitt to Joshua Wesley Howerton, section 3, lot 22, Stoney Creek Manor, $220,000.

Donald I. Kinford to Erik Jazz Spence, section 5, lot 141, Ponderosa, $196,500.

Nicholas M. Noll to Constance D. Ramsey, phase 4, lot 330, Forest Oaks, Anderson Creek Township, $215,000.

Vincent Arthur Prince to Terrence Barnes, section 1, phase 3A, lot 107, Coopers Creek, Anderson Creek Township, $290,000.

Weaver Homes Inc. to Timothy A. Herriven, lot 2, Fultz Farm, $410,000.

Kevin Johnson Jr. to Sherry Lucinda Bruinton, phase 5, lot 98, block M, Carolina Lakes, $250,000.

Patrick J. Unzicker to Dan Whittington, section 2, lot 51, The Summit, Barbecue Township, $308,000.

Carlos Gonzalez De Betancourt to Timothy Cody Bailey, part 2, lot 86, Village of Lexington, Anderson Creek Township, $277,000.

Wesley D. Walker to Walter Zeno, 0.574 acre, lot 12, Pioneer Farms, Upper Little River Township, $199,000.

Norman McDonald Jr. to Tiger Green LLC, lots 19-21, Lillington Western Extension, $0.

Jeannette L. Gallaher to Johnny Wayne Johnson, 0.45 acre tract, Anderson Creek Township, $1,000.

Carlos Aragon III to Marlen Sugey Flores Romero, part 2B, phase B, lot 298, The Colony at Lexington Plantation, Anderson Creek Township, $235,000.

Opendoor Property LLC to Jefrey James Barrick, lot 37, Victoria Hills, $285,000.

Jesse Payne to Rudy R. Fleischmann, part 2A, lot 785, The Manors at Lexington Plantation, Anderson Creek Township, $300,000.

Denise M. Williams to Emerald Smith, stage 2, phase 2, lot 247, Anderson Creek Club, $277,000.

Craig Matthews Realty Inc. to TNT of Coats LLC, 0.33 acre of parcel A, 0.33 acre of parcel B, 30-foot easement, lots 39 and 40, $29,500.

Robin E. Johnson to Ceferino Antonio-Perez, 0.55 acres off of Chalybeate Springs Road, Black River Township, $135,000.

Cutberto Rios to Andres Soriano-Santana, 1 acre, lots 3 and 4, B & K Properties, Barbecue Township, $0.

Cutberto Rios to Andres Soriano-Santana, 1 acre, lots 3 and 4, B & K Properties, Barbecue Township, $0.

Allen Lyle to Rebecca Bieterman, phase 2, lot 28, block G, Carolina Lakes, Barbecue Township, $179,500.

Joseph Michael Tyndall to Christopher Shane Robinson, lot 27, Clover Terrace, Averasboro Township, $260,000.

Tony Cole to A&S Construction Services LLC, 8.91-acre tract, lot 2, $185,000.

Signature Home Builders Inc. to Madison M. Waggoner, phase 1, lot 64, Kathryns Retreat, Black River Township, $339,000.

Javier E. Rivera to Kelly Spann, phase 3C-1, lot 562, Anderson Creek Club, $285,000.

Tobias Waylon Beamon to Tracy Miller, two parcels, Stewarts Creek Township, $160,000.

Lee Von Talton to Sharon Cle Talton, 17.5 acres of tract 2 in Black River Township of Harnett County and three tracts of land in Pleasant Grove Township of Johnston County, total price unknown.

Joseph B. Wheetley to Valeria Moore, lot 125, Asheford, Johnsonville Township, $258,000.

Billie Paul Briggins to William R. Williams, parts 2 and 2C, phase B, lot 350, The Colony, $290,000.

Blaike Michael Lorino to Zachary Charles Davies, section 6, part 2, lot 390, Overhills Creek, $240,000.

Gabriel Jaramillo Piedra to Joshua Blake Honea, phases 2 and 3, lot 30, Yorkshire Plantation, $256,000.

Riverside ENC LLC to Wyvette Gacona Spears, lot 18, Weatherstone, Stewarts Creek Township, $15,000.

Anderson Creek Partners LP to Capitol City Homes LLC, phase 7, sections 2B and 2C, lots 1108 and 1111, Anderson Creek Club, $113,000.

CAMJAC Properties to Eugene Raymond Payne, section 1, lot 311, Erwin Mills Inc. property, Duke Township, $154,000.

Milton Built Homes LLC to Mackinnon G. Young, 1 acre and 0.08 acre right of way, lot 4, Hector’s Creek Township, $625,000.

BLW Holdings LLC to Weaver Homes Inc., lots 1-4, Barbecue Township, $190,000.

Paul R. Capshaw to Juan Santos Oviedo, section 3, phase 2, lot 48, Benton Place, $230,000.

Marissa Rose Bender to Marissa Rose Bender, lot 2, Sherman Lakes, $0.

Tanya Heir Yost to J. Guadalupe Gonzalez, lot 12, Black River Township, $65,000.

Michael J. Soderling to Grant Gibson, phase 2, lot 46, The Plantation of Vineyard Green, Lillington Township, $399,000.

Gary Tad Dudley (executor of the Mary Ann Dudley Estate) to Bradley G. Phelps, tracts 1 and 2, lot 3, block E, 211 and 300 W. Harnett St., $75,000.

Ernesto D. Bojorquez to Jason Gentile, part 1, lot 820, The Manors of Lexington Plantation, $275,000.

Kendall Bubar to Colby Thomas Flowers, 0.79 acre, lot 20, Leigh Laurel, $1,150,000.

Maxine H. Campbell to Thomas Ward Benton, lot portion 3, $122,000.

Craig Campa to Susie Ann Partin, 1.37745 acres and 60-foot easement, lot 1, Duke Township, $47,000.

Robert Clay Hamaker to Joshua Clay Derossett, phase 6, lot 471, block R, Carolina Lakes, Barbecue Township, $339,000.

Roberto Rubio to Claudia Rubio, phase 3, lot 21, Peach Farm Estates, $0.

SDH Raleigh LLC to Daniel Beckman, lot 1, Cane Mill Estates, Grove Township, $367,500.

Vincent T. Epps to Darrell Jermome Lawrence, section 2, phase 3, lot 195, Richmond Park at Northridge Plantation, Anderson Creek Township, $260,000.

Judith G. Hart to Alonna Denise Griffin, phase 3, lot 122, Crestview Estates, Barbecue Township, $250,000.

2020 Holdings LLC to John A. Fejerang, 21.90 acres, Barbecue Township, $160,000.

Amanda West Faircloth to Jeremy Ted West, lot 11, Neill’s Creek Township, $170,000.

Dustin H. Hansen to Darrell Schuster, phase 1, building 9, unit 301, Anderson Creek Club, $187,000.

Hugh Surles Builders LLC to Mark P. Crannell, phase 1, lot 59, Kathryns Retreat, $331,000.

Ruth N. Jackson to The Rawls and Associates LLC, lot 24, Poplar Mills Run, $125,000.

Fred Kermit Smith to Efrain Salvador Morales, 3 acres, lot 5, The Morley Farm, Johnsonville Township, $50,000.

Charles Macon Parker to Charles Macon Parker, a lot in Grove Township, $0.

Lyon Builders Inc. to Gary J. Kilmer, phase 5, lot 148, block O, Carolina Lakes, Barbecue Township, $360,000.

Meghan M. Holub to Meghan M. Holub, phase 4, lot 220, Forest Oaks, $0.

Javier Ortiz to SFR JV-2 Property LLC, phase 3, lot 65, Colonial Hills, Barbecue Township, $236,500.


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