The following realty transactions were filed from Nov. 5 to Nov. 11 in the office of Harnett County Register of Deeds Matthew S. Willis in Lillington.

Luke Freshwater to Sarah Kamei, Lot 39, Cooper Farms, Section 1, Johnsonville Township, $199,500.

Victoria B. Young to Lisa Ann Acevedo, Lot 2, Dunrovin Estates 1, Barbecue Township, $0.

PN Development LLC to Cumberland Homes Inc., Lot 27 and 31-32, Oakhaven, Buckhorn Township, $186,000.

Weaver Homes Inc. to Ruthie Chesney Sturdivant, Lot 2, Clarke Point, $223,000.

Stephanie Chartier to Derik Smith, Lot 1, $370,000.

Davida R. Smith to Willie James McCrimmon Thomas Jr., Lot 469, Overhills Creek, Sec. 6, $225,000.

Doris C. Esslinger to John Manfred Hardee, Lot 30, The Crest at Glen Eagles, Averasboro Township, $210,000.

Luis Rafael Zarama to Sacred Heart Catholic Parish of Dunn, four tracts, $0.

Janie Lee Collett to Anthony T. Martinez, 0.50 acres of a 2.55 acre tract, Grove Township, $140,000.

Watermark Homes Inc. to Danny Ray Raulerson, Lot 60 South Creek, Phase 2 and 3, Neill’s Creek Township, $332,000.

P.N. Development LLC to Cumberland Homes Inc., Lot 26 Oakhaven Township, Buckhorn Township, $62,000.

ACA/PJA LLC to Linsey Dickens, Lot 37 Mason Hill, Upper Little River Township, $157,000.

KMB Building LLC to Freddie Lee Royster, 4 acre tract and 20 foot easement, Black River Township, $0.

Todd Ashley Miller to OpenDoor Property Trust, .93 acres, $295,000.

D.R. Horton Inc. to Charlene Wilson, Lot 50, Morgan North, $350,000.

Erny Guerra to Edgar C. Terrones, Lot 127 Tingen Point, Phase 5, $245,000.

P.N. Development LLC to Landava Holdings LLC, Lot 28 Oakhaven, Buckhorn Township, $62,000.

Robert A. Aherns to Charles Andre David Jr., 2.78 acres, Grove Township, Lot 3, $30,000.

Scott L. Weaver to William C. Moore, Lot 47 block A, Carolina Lakes, Barbecue Township, $32,500.

Felton Johnson to Joseph Singleton, Building 350 Anderson Creek Club, unit 201, $190,000.

Elizabeth J. Jackson to Robert Scott Tompkins, Lot 28 and 29, $114,000.

David Charles Durfee to Johnatham M. Durfee, 30 acre tract, Johnsonville Township, $250,000.

Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust to David E. Lee, Sr., $115,000.

SFR Jv-1 Property LLC to SFR JV-1 2021 Borrower LLC, 15 parcels, $0.

William Denis to Chen Qing, phase 6, Lot 465 Block R, Carolina Lakes, $$293,000.

Elwood E. Perry to Grindston Acquisitions LLC, Tracts 1, 2, 3 and 4, $115,000.

Kamil S. Edwards to Cheryl Federspiel, Lot 3, phase 1 and 2, Forest Oaks, $240,000.

Madlyd Holdings LLC to Kaden T. Lee, phase 2, lot 84, Block B, Heritage Village, $150,000.

Mustapha M. Silla to Zachary Gilland, Lot 142, phase 4, Highgrove at Anderson Creek, $310,000.

Penny Road Developers LLC to Quail Glen Homeowners Association Inc., phase 4A and 4B Quail Glenn, $0.

Cindy R. Wright to Kevin Laureano, property, book 1437/202 Upper Little River Township, $62,000.

Jackie K. Ferguson to Tamika L. Sheats, Lots 7 and 8, Block B, Aversboro Township, $0.

Jackie L. Ferguson to Stephanie D. Ferguson, Lots 1 and 2 Aversboro Township, $0.

Weaver Homes Inc. to Dixon Sahwyvashae, Lot 26, Dunhaven, $201,000.

Octavious Smiley-Humphries to Aida E. Ortiz, Lot 51 Cambridge, $291,000.

Richard Samuel Ashworth to Lauren Huddleston, Lot 4-7 Block 1, McLaughlin Property, $199,000.

James Anglin to TLE Homes, LLC 3.76 acres, Grove Township, lot 3 B, $0.

Kevin Andrew Johnson to SFR JV-Property LLC, Lot 45 Cambridge, $240,500.

Cates Building, Inc. to Raydon Lamar Brown, Part 2C Lot 717, The Manors at Lillington Plantation, $295,000.

Richard Roger Ottinger, Jr. to Jaslon L Duke, Lot 7 Huntington, $427,000.

Patrick M. Rhone to Bobby Tyrone Pruitt, Lot 119 Ashford, Anderson Creek Township, $270,000.

Michael Raleigh Johnson to Sergio Alvarez Mejia, Lot 33 Sherwood Forest, $15,000.

Robert Michael Lee to Robert Michael Lee, 35 acres, Averasboro Township, $0.

Maria Gallardo Alvarez to Rene Fierros Perez, .68 acres phase 4 and 50 foot easement Lot 22 K Bar Hills, $35,000.

Aubie Lee Cox to Kimberly M. Austin, Lot 131 Crestview Estates, phase 3, $272,500.

Myles Gerald Walker to Donald Darryl Lesley, Lot 10, Gatewest, $340,000.

Charles Walter Carpenter Trust to Steven Charles Miller, Lot 1 Canterbury 2, Averaboro Township, $475,000.

Jason O. Walker to Alfred Lee Marshall, Lot 105 Richmond Park at Northridge Plantation, $240,000.

Billy Ray Messer to Billy Ray Messer, three parcels, $4,050.

Ronald Cecil Kidd to Charlene Hurley Kidd, 43.531 acres Buckhorn Township, J.E. Smith Estate, $0.

David Ray Horn to John J. Ramierez, Lot 254 Anderson Creek Club, $450,000.

Weaver Homes Inc. to Jerry Yulin Chen, Lot 69, $230,000.

H&H Constructors of Fayetteville LLC to Gabriel Christian Lopez, Lot 45, Old Farm Village $240,000.

H&H Constructors of Fayettevills LLC to Jalen D. Ayers, Corrective deed, book 4069/256 phase 4 Anderson Creek Township, Lot 42 old Farm Village, $0.

Walter C. McLean to Walter C. McLean, Tract 1 and 2,Roger Elliot Estate, $0.

Nathaniel E. Shook to Ray A. Arends, Lot 111 Sunset Ridge, Section 2, Barbecue Township, $203,000.

Delane McDonald Johnson to James N. Johnston Trust, property book 2913/87 Lillington Township, $0.

Mark Anthony Judd to Even Jones, Lot 24 Briarwood, Phase 3, $301,500.

Tim Fisher to Juan Holland, Lot 214 Woodshire, $263,000.

Fernando Villanueva to Donnie Simpson, Jr., Lot 143 Overview Estates, $135,000.

Watson Place LLC to Ellis D. Stewart, 2.0 acres, tract B, $235,000.

Michael Abate to Michael Abate, Lot 2 T.J. Hillard Estates plus 30 foot eastement, $0.

Robin McQueen to Austin Gene Griffin, Part 1 phase B, one acre tract, lot 107 The Colony at Lexington Plantation, $254,500.

Hassan Davis to Courtney Decker, Lot 118, phase 4 Highgrove at Anderson Creek, $325,000.

Braxton Darby to Trevor Lane Malace, Lot 234, Phase B, parts 2 and 2B, The Colony at Lexington, $245,000.

Penny W. Drouillard to Brian Scott Owens, Lot 11, Wild Winds, $370,000.

Andrew Thomas Settles to David Guillen Lila, Lot 30 Ashford, $255,000.

Andrew Rimbach to Vincent L. Hall, Lot 43 Trotters Bluff of Fox Run, Barbecue Township, $255,000.

National Assett Acquisition LLC to Daniel Roberts Lot 3 Forest Ridge, $260,000.

Marcus C. Morris to Kwaku Amoah Boakye, Lot 866, part 1, Manors at Lexington Plantation, $290,000.

April D. Wilson to OP Spe TPA1 LLC, Lot 4, Anderson Creek Club, $335,000.

Ricky D. Graham Jr. to David Cannon, 3.203 acres Barbecue Township, $115,000.

Love Grove Development, LLC to Weaver Homes, Inc., 3.81 acre tract and .59 acres of roadway, Barbecue Township, $70,000.

Nena Holt Hudson to Lori Jean Seaverson, Lot 24 Cokesbury Park, $270,000.

Blaylock Grading Company, LLP to Harold G. Blaylock, 10.080 acre tract, Neills Creek Township, $0.

Cindy K. Blaylock to Harold G. Blaylock, 10.080 acre tract, Neill’s Creek Township, $0.

B@B Farms PTNSP to Cindy K. Blaylock, 5.76 acre tract, Neill’s Creek Township, $0.

Stephen N. Owen to Brianna Celeste Horton, Lot 2 Fox Hollow, Neill’s Creek Township, $0.

Andre Alan Altman to William B. Wester, 3.81 acres, Barbecue Township, Lot B, $0.

Jeremy Caleb Jones to Joshua Kiawe Harley Gabriel, Lot 21 Olive Branch, $302,000.

Thurman S. Dickerson III, to Tyler Austin Deangelis, Lot 210 Crestview Estates, Phase 6, Lot 210, $275,000.

Teresa H. Shrieves, Executrix to John Robert Fitzgerald, Grove Township, lot 3 & 5-7, $270,000.

Patricia Matthews Burnette to Matthews Development, LLC, Lot 101 A Block R-T, $0.

Capital City Homes LLC to NwieBong Yunga, Phase 8 Section 3, Lot 186, Anderson Creek Club, $323,500.

Hubert Wayne Senter Trust to Matthews Landing Development, LLC, 2.59 acres Black River Township, $0.

Sarah Brown Johnson to Matthews Landing Development LLC, 53.87 tract, Black River Township, $0.

Sean C. Samerigo to Justin A. Tamayo, phase 5A- Lot 940, Anderson Creek Club, $371,000.

David B. Summers to Andrew Daniels Gay, Lot 30, The Vistas, $320,000.

Michael Lee Barnes to Mark Masut, Lot 45 Dexterfield, $420,000.

Chad M. Yeagley to Matthew Martinez, Lot 136 Highland Forest, $232,000.

Todd Showalter to Palace Investment Properties, Lot 46 Sunset Ridge, $185,000.

Amanda Barnett to William Lee Barnett, Lot 8 Ross McRae Brae, $0.


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