Realty transactions: July 12-15


The following realty transactions were filed from July 12-15, 2021 in the office of Harnett County Register of Deeds Matthew S. Willis. in Lillington.

David M. Hendrickson to Thomas J. Deacon, lot 7, section 1, phase 2, 63 Spring Flowers Drive, Carolina Seasons, Cameron, $295,000.

Kevin M. Slattery to James W. Greenfield, lot 36, Asheford subdivision, Johnsonville Township, $285,000.

Sandra G. Jackson to Jo H. Johnson, lot 10, Magnolia of Gleneagles subdivision, Averasboro, $203,000.

Curr-Well Developments to Geronimo Meza Nicasio, 0.62 acre and 10-foot easement, lot 18, Tee Top subdivision, phase 2, $38,000.

Curr-Well Developments to Larios Gonzalez, 0.51 acre and 10-foot easement, lot 15, Tee Top subdivision, phase 2, $38,000.

N.R. Jones & Sons to Mae Pearl Blue, 909 E. Harnett St., Dunn, $52,000.
Matthew R. Cyr to Vince Parker, lot 67, subdivision plat for Lexington

Plantation, The Gates at Lexington, Anderson Creek, 0.

Richard William Gregory to Kenneth Wayne Jones, lot 1, 1.657 acres, Matthews Mill Pond Road, Neil’s Creek Township, $40,000.

Kenneth Church to Kenneth Church, 212 Crescent Drive, Dunn, 0.

Cornell Reddick to Marvin J. Baker, lot 954, phase 5C, Anderson Creek Club, $267,000.

Drucilla Todd Hopkins to Sparkle W. Bass, 5.5 acres, Stewart’s Creek Township, $34,000.

Lockamy’s Holdings Inc. to BLW Holdings LLC, tracts 1-5, Stewart’s Creek Township.

Frank E. Weaver III to BLW Holdings, lots 1-5, Stewart’s Creek Township.

Blackstone Solutions Inc. to BLW Holdings, lots 1-5, Stewart’s Creek Township.

James G. Lawson to Romans 1:16 LLC, lot 17, South Creek subdivision, $362,000.

Jose Miguel Turcios to Dustin R. Ferguson, lot 127, Highgrove at Anderson Creek subdivision, phase 4, $300,000.

Sue Coats Pope to Christy Sullivan, 2 tracts and 30 foot ease, Averasboro Township, W. C. Pope, $2,000.

David R. Chapoton to Brandon Wade Talley, 0.26 of an acre, $175,000.

Angela Suzette McCauley to Sharda of Mabry Road LLC, 1 acre tract, Black River Township, lot 2, R. L. Currin Property, $220,000.

KMB Building LLC to Charles Penley, Lillington Township, lot 2, $220,000.

Brad Charles Stepien to Jeremy Fu, phase 3, Anderson Creek Township, lot 147, Olde Farm Village, $222,500.

Jeremy S. Harn to Miguel Santos, portion 1, phase B, lot 139, The Colony at Lexington, Lexington Plantation, $305,000.

Clifford D. Harrinton to Andrew Reinheimer, phase 1, Lillington Township, lot 6, Woodshire, $22,000.

Kristy M. Dews to Amichia Shonae Gainey Jones, section 4, portion 4, Anderson Creek Township, lot 24, Overhills Creek, $229,000.

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc., Satisfaction of Security Instrument block 3346/28.

A&G Residential LLC to Jose Trejos Ramirez, phase 1, Neill’s Creek Township, lot 22, Mitchell Manor, $273,000.

Ronald M. Blank III to Santiago G. Rodriguez Jr., Barbecue Township, lot 120, Highland Forest, $215,000.

Doreen Simmons to Eric Thompson, Lillington Township, lots 1 and 2, $350,000.

True Homes LLC to Santosh Chirra, phase 2, lot 1, Glen Meadow, $241,500.

A&G Residential LLC to Christopher J. Irvine, phase 1, section 1, lot 52, Sierra Village at Overhills, $277,000,

Michael D. Higginbotham to David Kerstan, phases 3B-1, lot 485, Anderson Creek Club, $303,000.

Curr-Well Developments LLC to Juan Manuel Angeles Bolanos, 0.58 acres, phase 2 and 10 foot ease, Grove Township, lot 19, Tee Top, $38,000.

Clifford P. Crow to William E. Kelly, phase 1, Anderson Creek Township, lot 34, Walnut Grove, $271,000.

Christopher Martin to SFR JV-HD Property LLC, 6.28 acres, Averasboro Township, lot 1, Thelma Brown Estate Property.

Jan Seawell Warner to Joseph M. Thompson, tracts 1 and 2, $100,500.

John Carol Garrett to Mencia Investments LLC, 6.28 acres, Averasboro Township, lot 1, Thelma Brown Estate Property, $110,000.

Bernard F. McLeod III to Dennis Pritt, 1.013 acres, Buckhorn Township, $70,000.

Robert H. Lawrence to Vickie Dowdy, phase 3, Anderson Creek Township, lot 125, Forest Oaks, $193,000.

Wellons Realty Inc. to Lisa Rogers, phase 2, Averasboro Township, lot 34, The Cottages at Gleneagles, $298,000.

Jaime Investments Inc. to Irma Paredes, phase 3, Barbecue Township, lot 381, Carolina Hills, $150,000.

Eddie Victor Bishop to Felipe Mejia Diaz, 3 tracts, Duke Township, $60,000.

William J. Engle Co. Trust to Hartrick Living Trust, 125.5 acres, Johnsonville Township, $280,000.

William Joseph Miller Jr. to Dennis Kyle Parker, 1 acre, section 1, Barbecue Township.

Joseph Kenneth Jackson to Courtney R. Guest, Grove Township, lot 6, Langdon Pine Park, $155,000.

Quality Capital LLC to Jesse Mistretta, tract A, $230,000.

Carl James Yeoman to Joshua Lee Yeoman, 5.05 acres, Barbecue Township, lot 40.

Ross A. Buchanan to Anne B. Hockett, tract 1, Upper Little River Township.

William Alonzo Glover Jr. to Michael R. Groeland, 2.461 acres, Averasboro Township, Mildred T. Glover Heirs, $247,000.

Ruthann P. Barcziik to Richard Fritz, 7.59 acres, Johnsonville Township.

Aaron Heath to John M. Oliver III, phase 6, lot 444, block R, Carolina Lakes, $300,000.

Edgar Augusto Cordon Gil to Edgar Augusto Cordon Gil, section 5, lot 122, Ponderosa.

Alan A. Lopez to Jebb G. Graff, phase 4, Grove Township, lot 30, Birchfield, $220,000.

Robert Albritton to David Dinerman, lot 40, block E, Carolina Lakes, $305,000.

Kena Raines Signal to Kena Raines Signal, phase 2, lot 63, Forest Trails.

Joseph Keith to Jason William Ross, portion 1, phase B, Anderson Creek Township, lot 104, The Colony at Lexington Plantation, Plantation at Lexington Plantation, $290,000.

Odell A. Smith Properties LLC to Benjamin Stout Real Estate Services Inc., section 3, Anderson Creek Township, lot 13, Forest Ridge, $48,000.

Sally Honeycutt Wilson to Esteban Prieto, 2 parcels, Grove Township, $170,000.

Alex Heald to Eliazar Robles, Barbecue Township, lot 108, Highland Forest, $235,000.

Joseph Tyler Britton to Thomas S. Wright, phase 1, lot 326, The Meadows at Buies Creek, $120,000.

Joseph Tyler Britton to Thomas S. Wright, phase 1, lot 325, The Meadows at Buies Creek, $125,000.

Brandy Leight Lawrence to Christopher Joseph Iniguez, 1.15 acres, phase 2, Johnsonville Township, lot 22, Woodbridge.

Patsy Y. Edwards to Christopher J. Bonfiglio, 1.057 acres, Black River Township, $275,000.

Daniel R. Hayes Jr. to Troy Bates, phases 5A-1B, Anderson Creek Township, lot 819, Anderson Creek Club, $379,000.

Robert Anderson III to Lynette Aubrecht, phase 1, lot 79, Vandercroft Farms, $215,000.

Charles A. Henry III to SFR JV-2 Acquisition LLC, Balck River Township, lot 38, Oxford Woods, $286,000.

Harvey Lee Howard to Lonnie Lee Johnson Sr., 0.63 acres, Upper Little River Township, lot 8, Hollies Pines, $8,000.

Andrew M. Carney to Russell Antonio Ugone, phase 4, Barbecue Township, lot 25, block K, Carolina Lakes, $430,000.

Kumba LLC to Stephannie Boger, 0.442 acre, tract 1, Lillington Township, $195,000.

Deborah C. Phillips to Keith Gregory, Buckhorn Township, lot 6M, block 15, Captains Landing, $3,500.

Daniel Mayer to Daniel J. Mayer, tracts 1-3, lots 1-12.

Daniel Mayer to Kenneth Donald Terrell, tracts 1-3, lot 12, $3,000.

Daniel J. Mayer to Daniel J. Mayer, tracts 1 and 2, lots 1-12.

Benjamin Glenn Parker to Parker to Mikah K. Carthen, 1/4 acre, Grove Township, $35,000.

Shawndel Parris to Bernie J. Justilien, phase 6, Anderson Creek Township, lot 417, Woodshire, $251,000.

Estate of Randall Wright Smith deceased Harnett County Clerk of Court Estate File No. 20 E 781 to Yuling Negley, 66.484 acres, tract 4 and 50 foot ease, Hector’s Creek Township, $380,000.

Dan Ryan Builders-North Carolina LLC to Dion Jones, Hector’s Creek Township, lot 53, Olde Mill Village, $362,000.

Paul Junior Ellis to Richard Anthony Scott III, portion 2, Anderson Creek Township, lot 175, Lexinton Plantation, Village of Lexington, $290,000.

Abion C. Dorhosit to David A. Boyer, phase 5, lot 18, block L, Carolina Lakes, $250,000.

Yong S. Bergstedt Trust to Michael Bryan Whitman, phase 6, lot 343, block Q, Carolina Lakes, $355,000.

Ian MacGregor to Cody Mark Sears, phase 3, lot 35, Trotters Ridge, $277,000.

KMB Building LLC to DAna Dionne Parrish, Lillington Township, lot 1, English Woods, $202,000.

Louis M. Herring to SDH Raleigh LLC, Grove Township, lots 2 and 28, Cane Mill Estates, $86,000.

Douglas E. Knott to Daniel L. Craig Jr., 47.712 acres and 60 foot ease, Hector’s Creek Township, $930,500.

Luke M. Robinson to blake Pirkl, lot 318, Lexington Platation, The Gate at Lexington, $271,000.

Andrew Graumann to Brendan Gascon, Barbecue Township, lot 23, Highland Forest, $230,500.

Russell & Associates PC trust to Jonathon Barrow, phase 1, lot 40, Coopers Creek, $293,000.

Mary Lou White to Angella Woolcock, lot 14, College Acres, $200,000.

KMB Building LLC to Christina Lynn Miller, Lillington Township, lot 1, $283,000.

Wesley T. Neel to Zoranna Mrsic, phase 1, Anderson Creek Township, lot 36, Anderson Creek Club, $325,000.

Jerry Ray Bayles Sr. to Benjamin Stout Real Estate Services Inc., 21.45 acres, lots 5 and 6, Smith and Tripp Heirs,

Marla L. Tart to Shelby N. Tart, 1.00 acres and 0.23 acres, ease, Grove Township, lot 1.

Dayna Bayles Murphy to Jerry Ray Bayles Sr., 21.45 acres, tract 7, lots 5 and 6, Smith and Tripp Heirs.

Jorge Mendoza to Ignacia Mendoza, 1 acre, Black River Township.

Clayton J. Brachtenbach to Harold Figuero Gutierrez, phase 2, portion 2, Anderson Creek Township, lot 481, Richmond Park at Northridge Plantation, $150,000.

Wade Evan Jennings to Terry Paul Hixson, lot 38, Whetstone West, $330,000.

Robert Long to Rinalda Johnson, Averasboro Township, lot 45, Village Square, $200,000.

Christine Belcher to Jeffrey Wayne Reaves, section 2, Anderson Creek Township, lot 124, Anderson Creek Homes, $150,000.

Daniel Ellis to Daniel Ellis, phases 3C-1, lot 595, Anderson Creek Club.


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