Realty Transactions: Jan. 3-5


The following realty transactions were filed from Jan. 3-5 in the office of Harnett County Register of Deeds Matthew S. Willis in Lillington.

Tommie L. Vinston to Tommie L. Vinston, 0.7 acre, phase 2, lot 53, Peach Farm Estates, Upper Little River Township, $0.

Aaron Crossley to Zubair Akbar, phase 4, lot 99, block K, Carolina Lakes, $270,000.

SDH Raleigh LLC to Catherine Kavata Mutea Williams, lot 2, Cane Mill Estates, 95 Planters Lane, Coats, $301,000.

Pine State Construction Group LLC to Henry Clayton Jr., lot 20, Scotts Creek, $252,000.

U.S. Bank Trust National Association (trustee) to Kevin Gregory Chisek, section 2, lot 30, Oakgrove Estates, Averasboro Township, 241 Wordsworth Drive, Dunn, $170,000.

True Homes LLC to Colton Robert Newell, lot 3, Arlie Meadows, $400,000.

Steven Michael Tyler to Rochell R. Cooke, lot 1, Upper Little River Township, $385,000.

Jeffrey A. Chodrow to J&D Holdings LLC, phase 3D, lot 150, Avery Pond, $0.

Jeffrey A. Chodrow to J&D Holdings LLC, phase 3D, lot 118, Avery Pond, $0.

William R. Johnson to Gary D. Sheffield, section 5, lot 195, block N, Carolina Lakes, Barbecue Township, $248,000.

McKee Homes LLC to Maurice Lambert Peele Jr., phase 5E, part 2, lot 1009, Anderson Creek Club, $368,500.

Clifford M. Adams to Matthew Gifford, section 4, lot 36, Tradewinds, $154,500.

Shelia Harris Maness (executrix) to ONH Properties LLC, parcel No. 02151608020017, Dunn, $0.

Elshabazz Huger to Juan Y. Chavez, section 3, phase 1, lot 39, Kenlan Farms, Stewarts Creek Township, $305,000.

Thomas Ronald McDonald to Marcia Drucilla McDonald, three tracts, Grove Township, $43,000.

Linda G. Knowles to Marcia Drucilla McDonald, three tracts, Grove Township, $43,000.

Rudy Balton Pittman to Robert E. Pittman, 5.32 acre tract and 30-foot right of way and easement, Anderson Creek Township, $0.

Stacy Jacobs to Richard Cody Hinkle, section 3, phase 1, lot 132, Oakmont, $400,000.

Kevin Womack to LAMCO Custom Builders LLC, lot 5, Campbell Creek, Upper Little River Township, $37,500.

Kevin Womack to LAMCO Custom Builders LLC, lots 3A and 3B, Cool Springs Farm, Upper Little River Township, $75,000.

Gary Grant Bolton to Roger Weaver, 5.3 acres, lot 5, $205,000.

Janice Forbes Godwin to James Anthony Godwin, 2.3 acres, tract 1, $0.

Next Step Land Corp. to Marta Roblero Morales, 2.77-acre tract, lot 6, $37,500.

KDP Development LLC to True Homes LLC, lots 6-13, Walker Grove, Neills Creek Township, $520,000.

Timothy F. Cowan Jr. to Steven A. Wood, 0.61 acre, Duke Township, $0.

Millard Jackson Gainey to Mass Commercial Properties LLC, 2.82 acres of tract 3, 2.94 acres of tract 4, $150,000.

LAMCO Custom Builders LLC to Joseph J. Froehling, phase 2A, lot 31, Blackberry Manor, $226,000.

KDP Development LLC to True Homes LLC, lots 15-26 and 41, Arlie Meadows, Neills Creek Township, $930,000.

Marshall David Kornegay to Marshall David Kornegay, 50-foot easement, lot 25, The Homestead, Black River Township, $0.

Margaret B. Raynor to Anthony Brent Raynor, 2.13 acre parcel and a 25-foot easement, Grove Township, $0.

Kay Guin Hawley to Anthony Lee Johnson, 2 acre tract, $200,000.

Robert Starke to Judy Sandoval, 2.8 acres, Barbecue Township, $140,000.

Tyler Dillon to Cameron Grant, phase 1, lot 17, block A, Carolina Lakes, $215,000.

Carlos Castillo to Marlene Hardin, section 2, lot 240, Erwin Mills Inc., Duke Township, $160,000.

Douglas Milton Nagel to Donald B. Collins Jr., phase 4, lot 3, Tirzah Village, Lillington Township, $190,000.

Eugene W. Smith III (trustee) to Eugene M. Smith III, 114.02 acres of tract 1, $0.

Eugene W. Smith III (trustee) to Louise S. Nelson, 114.02 acres of tract 2, $0.

Sarah B. Thompson to Jonathan Murray Johnson, tracts in Hectors Creek Township, $117,500.

Sarah B. Thompson to Jonathan Murray Johnson, 1 acre tract, Hectors Creek Township, $65,000.

Sarah B. Thompson to Jonathan Murray Johnson, 61.83 acre tract, Hectors Creek Township, $102,500.

Kris Concepcion to Mark Sanchez, section 5, lot 167, Overhills Creek, $230,000.

Carroll Construction Homes Inc. to Xcessive Risk Development Inc., 4.180 acre, lot 67, Haven, $0.

Edward B. Patterson to Walter Ciucevich, 10.47 acres tract 5A and 1.53 acres of tract 5B, Upper Little River Township, $100,000.

James Christopher Robinson to FKH SFR Propco I, phases 2A and 2B, lot 42, Southern Acres, $442,000.

Christopher Beitia to Cole B. Crouse, phase 3, lot 135, Forest Oaks, $245,500.

Southern Living Investments Properties LLC to Stephenson Builders Inc., lots 27 and 28, Morgan Farm, Hectors Creek Township, $0.

Robert Gray to Verliene J. Wade, phase 4, lot 114, Yorkshire Plantation, $247,000.

State Council Junior Order United American Mechanics Inc. to University Village at Campbell LLC, 4.81 acres and right of way, lot 2, Grove Township, $75,000.

Ribbon Home SPV II LLC to Mark Rescino, lot 20, Sherman Lakes, $316,000.

Wanda R. Pipkin to Lentoya A. Pipkin, lot 48, R.A. McLamb property, Stewarts Creek Township, $0.

KMB Building LLC to Amanda N. Labbe-Little, 0.59 acre, lot 5, $250,000.

Christopher R. Slessman to Jonathan Crosby, phase 3, lot 14, Whisper Creek, $213,500.

Charles C. Smith to Gregory Inc., lots 2B, 3A and 3B; block A, Tanglewood Acres, Black River Township, $100,000.

Sonya Lynne Mooney Johnson to Ashley Nicole Pilkington, two tracts, section 1, lot 27, Ponderosa, Averasboro Township, $170,000.

Stephen C. Eddings to Amanda Foti, 0.46 acre, phase 1, lot 2, Longleaf Acres, $145,000.

Teresa J. Shrieves to Andrew Reinhardt, 3.67 acres, lot 4, Grove Township, $250,000.

Zillow Homes Property Trust to PS 2021-2 Borrower, phase 1B, lot 64, Mason Pointe, $462,500.

Giang K. Loi to Dong Hong Yang, phase 5, lot 182, block N, Carolina Lakes, $280,000.

Revive Home Collaborative LLC to Jonathan Rafiel Arias Guichardo, part 1, lot 11, Westhaven Homes No. 3, $280,000.

Patricia A. Collins to Denise O’Brien, lot 79, Asheford, Johnsonville, $265,000.

SDH Raleigh LLC to Timothy Roy Williams, lot 16, Cane Mill Estates, Grove Township, $306,000.

Paul E. Lanpher to Carolina Seaside LLC, lot 12, part 13, block H, Averasboro Township, $0.

Christopher Jon Bucci to William Martin Burkhart, 0.918 acre, lots 2C and 2D, Black River Township, $0.

Todd E. Fetzer to David Griffin, building 2, phase 1, Fairway Pointe, Anderson Creek Club, Unit 203, $180,000.

Kayla Constant to Derrick Constant, lot 27, Pattons Point, $0.

Christopher Gunter to Clarence J. Jones, section 6, lot 288, RIchmond Park, Barbecue Township, $310,500.


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