Realty Transactions filed Jan. 6-10


The following realty transactions were filed from Jan. 6-10 in the office of Harnett County Register of Deeds Matthew S. Willis in Lillington.

Andrew Ljunggren to Anthony Coppola, lot 132, Asheford, Johnsonville Township, $291,000.

SJF Holdings LLC to Kathy Renee Thomas, 3.99 acres, tract 2, Upper Little River Township, $280,000.

Francisco Rios to Rimo Properties LLC, lot, North Dunn Street, Black River Township, $0.

Dianne Ellington to Gregory Garretson II, 5 acres of tract 2 and two easements, Upper Little River Township, $348,000.

Dunnhaven Development LLC to Dunnhaven Subdivision Homeowners Association Inc., lots 29-35, Averasboro, $0.

Devin W. Hofner to Cody J. Harrison, phase 1C, lot 100, Trotters Ridge, $350,000.

Samuel Scott Byrd to Paul Franklin Bass, 0.93 acre and 1.4 acre tract and easement, Averasboro Township, $75,000.

The Triumph Capital Group LLC to Michael Anthony Bryner, Tracts 1 and 2, Upper Little River Township, $185,000.

Shari K. Maleck to Joshua Fleischmann, section 2, part 1, lot 111, Richmond Park at Northridge Plantation, $240,000.

Michael J. Adams to Samuel Velazquez Garcia, 2.87 acres, tract 1, Black River Township, $69,000.

Hannah C. Tart to Avila’s Construction LLC, section 2, lot 229, Duke Township, $110,000.

Ted D. Brown to Patric Lepene, 97.2 acres, parcel 1, tract 5, phase 4, Yorkshire Plantation, $120,000.

Clarissa Hiromi Torres to SFR JV-2 Property LLC, lot 92, Whetstone, $330,500.

Peggy Norris Tyson to Lakeisha Sonovia McKoy, parcels 1 and 2, lots 36-39, Duncan C. Wilson property, 202 S. Watauga Ave., Dunn, $135,000.

Randolph Eugene Snedeker to Randolph Eugene Snedeker (trustee), tracts 1 and 2; 100, 191 and 220 Plyant Tree Lane, $0.

Kyle Latsha to David Liu, phases 1, 2A and 3A; lot 78, Tingen Pointe, $251,000.

Donna Allen Coble to Jessica Lee-Ann Daw, 3.38-acre tract, Johnsonville Township, $0.

Gregory Anthony Hall Jr. to Chandler C. Patterson, four tracts, Barbecue Township, $145,000.

Xcessive Risk Development Inc. to Carroll Construction Homes Inc., lot 64, Haven, Barbecue Township, $0.

Steve Cline Cameron to Dave Braxton Cameron, 3 acres, Upper Little River Township, $0.

KMB Building LLC to Kenia Cherry, 0.59 acre, lot 4, $250,000.

D.R. Horton Inc. to Conrad Calvo, lot 69, Morgan North, $347,000.

OP SPE TPA1 LLC to Aaron J. Betz, phase 1, lot 2, Rosemont, $245,000.

Roger Phillips to Devin W. Hofner, 30 acres, tract 1, Barbecue Township, $175,000.

George E. Williams to Ryan Patrick Smith, section 1, lot 81, Stoney Creek Manor, Barbecue Township, $203,000.

William David Stephens to Luis E. Dominguez Morales, 1 acre, Lillington Township, $250,000.

Benjamin Stout Real Estate Services Inc. to Brian E. Smith, section 6, phase 3A, lot 30, Forest Ridge, Anderson Creek Township, $300,000.

Solomon Home Builders LLC to Kiera Mason, lot 28, Dunhaven, $245,000.

Penny Road Developers LLC to NVR Inc., phase 6, lots 135-138, Quail Glen, Black River Township, $290,000.

Johnnie C. Stewart to Justin Lee Stewart, 13.71-acre tract, lot 2, Averasboro, $0.

LAMCO Custom Builders LLC to Mark Graves, phase 2A, lot 25, Blackberry Manor, $226,000.

John Aranda to BAF 3 LLC, phase 2, lot 3, Knottingham Farms, $245,000.

Dunkin Deals LLC to Martha McDonald, lot 1, $125,000.

Edward C. Garcia to Michael E. Johnson, phase 2, lot 61, block G, Carolina Lakes, $265,000.

Charles O. Depiero to Lawrence Thompson III, 17.75 acres, tract B, Anderson Creek Township, $509,000.

Starlight Homes North Carolina LLC to Austin Quinones, phase 8, section 3, lot 164, Anderson Creek Club, $326,000.

Ralph W. Cornelius to Jason Kimble, section D, lot 24, Lakeside Village, Averasboro Township, $0.

Rebecca Hopper to David M. Miller, phase 3B, lot 99, Coopers Creek, Anderson Creek Township, $325,000.

Richard R. Duryea to Elisabeth K. Sams, section 5, lot 33, Rolling Springs, $125,000.

Paul F. Goon to Paul F. Goon, lot 1R, Taylor Heights, $0.

Brian K. Fain to SFR3-050 LLC, lot 12, block C, Harnett Lakes, $85,000.

Paul Robert Magill to Allison Aleene Sprouse, 1 acre tract, 30-foot easement, 38 Magill Drive, Broadway, $75,000.

William E. Lasater II to BLW Holdings LLC, tracts 1 and 2, section 1, lots 31A and 32A, Anderson Estates, $55,000.

Randy C. Kapacziewski to Julia Bovee, building 310, phase 1, Fairway Pointe at Anderson Creek Club, unit 301, $195,000.

Ashok Biyyala to Balaji 1 1 1 Commercial LLC, 1.476 acres and 0.23 acre right of way, 6.27 acres and 0.551 right of way, lots 1 and 2, Black River Township, $0.

Clarence M. Ferguson to Lettie Walker Jones, 3.53-acre tract, Stewarts Creek Township, $12,000.

Deysi Sanchez Vargas and Hector Olivarez Alvarez to Manuel Olivarez Perez, 1216 W. Divine St., Dunn, $80,000.

Aya Nouaim and Joseph Banegas Garcia to Djidade Baraka Muhaivi and Raphael Corbet Winley, 3508 Old Buies Creek Road, .52 acres, $250,000.

T and T Properties of Harnett County LLC to Joseph D. Langdon and Tiffany Lynn Langdon, Lot 5, Elvis Faircloth Subdivision, $150,000.

Jorval Properties Inc. to Karianna Brown and Christopher Cahoon-Bunn, 703 E. Pearsall St., Dunn, $200,000.

Dennis Michael Pipkin Sr. to Tortoise and Hare LLC, 3 tracts, $86,500.

Gavin Ventures LLC to ABJ Investments LLC, 228.43 acres, tracts 1-20, Anderson Creek Township, $1,502,500.

Arlene Thornton Strickland, Billie S. Sears and Richard G. Sears, Henry Louis Strickland Jr. and David Lee Strickland and to Dexter Pittman, .581 acres, Averasboro Township, $105,000.

Ralphielle Crosby to Lauren Shearer, lot 3, Vandercroft Farms, phase one, $238,000.

Mary Ellen Johnson Lauder and Edward W. Lauder Jr. to Delfino Flores-Lopez, 1.63 acres and 1.36 acres Grove Township, lots 2 and 3, $93,000.

2020 Holdings LLC to Weaver Homes Inc., Barbecue Township, lots 4 and 5, $130,000.

Julian Christe and Sarah Christe to Jonathan Harvey Sprowl and Ashley Proffitt Sprowl, Lot 11, Block S, Carolina Lakes, phase 7, $280,500.

Jeremiah Dew, Tessa H. Jandris (Tessa Dew) and Thomas Christopher Jandris Jr. to Christopher Denno and Jamie Denno, lot 42, Lexington Plantation, $350,000.

Clyde L. Patterson and Moss Oak Investments LLC to Oscar Ivan Ramirez Mendez, 2 acre tract 1 and .41 acre tract 2, Anderson Creek Township, $30,000.

Yan Ren and Yuzhou Zhang to Y & Y Triangle Real Estate LLC, lot 33, Quail Glen, Phase 4A, $0.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Justin Tyree Headen, lot 12, Anderson Creek Homes, $110,000.

Ryan J. Fallon and Lindsay G. Fallon to Alida Rodrigez, Barbecue Township, lot 15, Stonecliff, $213,000.

Ladislav Michalka and Alzbeta Michalka to Douglas C. Harte and Trang Khanh Thi Le, Black River Township, Lot 3, 1.425 acres, $300,000.

Kilarnold Corp. to Francisco Hernandez, phase 7, section 1, Lillington Township, lot G-5, Heritage Village, $0.

Lance W. Harris and Samantha M. Harris to Jennifer Saludario and Jaesuk Yu, Lot 37, Ballard Woods Subdivision, phase two, $385,000.

Chelsea M. Vieira to Chelsea M. Vieira and Michael J. Sullivan, .302 acres, lot 15, Lake Angier Estates, $0.

True Homes LLC to Anthony Sexton, lot 14, Walker Grove, $442,000.

Karen K. Andrews and Richard J. Andrews to SFR JV-2 Property LLC, lot 26, Cambridge, $291,500.

Sheila West Abbas-Zouj and Reza Abbas-Zouj, Debra West Williams and Tommy Sherrill West, to Tommy S. West and Jean M. West, parcels 1 and 3, Anderson Creek Township, $0.

Tommy S. West and Jean M. West to Sheila West Abbas-Zouj and Debra West Williams, parcels 2 and 4, Anderson Creek Township, $0.



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