Realty Transactions: Dec, 27-31, 2021


The following realty transactions were filed from Dec. 27-31 in the office of Harnett County Register of Deeds Matthew S. Willis in Lillington.

Damien G. Butler to Julian Sichel, part 1, phase A, lot 23, The Colony at Lexington, $315,000.

Gregory Todd Baker to Thomas Michael Burke, phase 1, lot 129, Anderson Creek Club, $499,000.

Richard Kraig Jamerson to Santa Flora Salvador, 50-foot easement, lot 8C, Upper Little River Township, $20,000.

Capitol City Homes LLC to Larry Lee Frakes, phase 1, lot 70, Kathryns Retreat, $335,000.

Ronald D. Olive to 1960 Properties LLC, lot 2, Barbecue Township, $500,000.

Joan E. Pearce to Syed Mohsin Reza Zaidi, 17.36 acres, tract A, $258,000.

Bennie L. Aragon to Apogee Group Management LLC, lot 1, Windemere, $43,500.

David W. Ball to Ball Rentals LLC, lot A, $675,000.

Joyce Stephenson Draughon to James Dalton Pope Jr., lots 77-82, Jones and Guy, Averasboro Township, $210,000.

Brandon G. Smith to Harry Stampler, lot 8, The Vistas, Neills Creek Township, $271,000.

James D. Robertson to Raymond Lee Holder, 1.59 acres of tract 1, 1.59 acres of tract 2, lots 3-4 and 12, James Robertson, Barbecue Township, $75,000.

Robert M. Dalton to Robert M. Dalton, phase 3B-2, lot 531, Anderson Creek Club, $0.

Junius B. Barbour Jr. to Junius B. Barbour Jr., 0.547 acre, Grove Township, $99,000.

Joshua James Campbell to Edwin Jack Thomas, 3.66 acres and 50-foot easement, lot 5, Hudson tract, $375,000.

Equity Trust Company to Equity Trust Company, lot 4, Corene H. Rogers heirs, $0.

Gary Wayne Altman to Lee Bonollo, phase 1, lot 16, Planters Glen, Black River Township, $323,000.

Naeema A. Holmes to Naeema A. Holmes, 0.75 acre, block 21, $0.

Donald B. West Sr. (executor) to Robert Lewis Griffis, estate file No. 21, lot 7, Averasboro Township, $0.

Donald B. West Sr. (executor) to Robert Lewis Griffis, estate file No. 21, portion of lot 7, Averasboro Township, $87,500.

Steve M. Pressler II to Joseph C. Giguere, phase 6, lot 236, block P, Carolina Lakes, $300,000.

MFT DH 1 LLC to Davidson Homes LLC, phase 1, lots 1 and 16, Prince Place, $130,000.

Penny Road Developers LLC to NVR Inc., phase 6, lots 139-141, Quail Glen, Black River Township, $290,000.

Frank Holder (trustee) to Ricky Betts, 1.12 acres, tract 2B, 10168 N.C. Highway 42 W., Holly Springs, Buck Township, $60,500.

OP SPE TPA1 LLC to Justyn Joseph Vaillancourt, parcel ID No. 07069016330008, corner of Jackson and Lincoln streets, Coats, $163,000.

Mary Thomas LLC to OB Thomas LLC, 40 acres, $0.

True Homes LLC to Geoffrey Leslie Hegedus, lot 4, Arlie Meadows, $420,000.

D.R. Horton Inc. to Raphael J. Chamberlain Sr., lot 31, Morgan North, $345,500.

David John Upchurch to David John Upchurch, section 1, lot 17, Kinnis Creek, $0.

Kenneth R. Kirchgessner II to Kenneth R. Kirchgessner II, phase 2, lot 25, Cherokee Ridge, $5,000.

Rachel Christi Carrillo to Rachel Christi Carrillo, 1.36 acres, lot 2, $0.

LAMCO Custom Builders LLC to Vincent D. Herzog, phase 2A, lot 28, Blackberry Manor, $244,000.

D.R. Horton Inc. to Ronald Cerecedes Jr., lot 51, Morgan North, $337,000.

Northwood Temple Church to Megan Lynn Kappel, phase 2, lot 54, block F, Carolina Lakes, Barbecue Township, $40,000.

Eastern NC Rentals LLC to Andrea Donaldson Carver, phase 1, lot 3, Carolina Hills, Barbecue Township, $90,000.

NEI Global Relocation Company to Lawrence Scott Karp, phase 2, lot 5, Wyndham Place, Black River Township, $425,000.

Donald W. Betts to Duncan Hill LLC, six parcels, Buck Township, $0.

Joel Layton Winston to GFC River Holdings LLC, 586.316 acres between U.S. Highway 421 and the Cape Fear River, including Fox Island, $6,105,000.

Joel Layton Winston to Lillington AA Acquisitions LLC, 233.934 acres between U.S. Highway 421 and the Cape Fear River, including Fox Island, $5,795,500.

David Lloyd to NEI Global Relocation Company, phase 2, lot 5, Wyndham Place, Black River Township, $425,000.

Dominique M. Butts to Kasey W. Goeken, phase 4, lot 254, Forest Oaks, Anderson Creek Township, $252,500.

SDH Raleigh LLC to Whitney Evans, lot 15, Cane Mill Estates, Grove Township, $267,000.

Bradley S. Bush to Shakeim D. Tucker, phase 1, lot 139, Anderson Creek Club, $305,000.

Benjamin Stout Real Estate Services Inc. to Leidy Moreno Lopez, phase 3, lot 151, Forest Oaks, Anderson Creek Township, $263,000.

Warren Realty LLC to City of Dunn, 9.11 acres, Averasboro Township, $325,000.

Justin D. Barton to John Schwemmer, phase 4, lot 435, block R, Carolina Lakes, Barbecue Township, $265,000.

J. C. Ashworth to David Craig Stewart, lot 8, Sherman Pines, $550,000.

James Macalinao to Devvon Tapia, part 2, lot 77, Lexington Plantation, $260,000.

William Ray Bates to Guwana H. Gaddy, phases 1 and 2, lot 49, Forest Oaks, Anderson Creek Township, $226,500.

Fannie Sue Langdon Johnson to Troy Britton Johnson, 6.2 acres, tract 1, Grove Township, $0.

Estate of Fernando Lee Garcia Jr. to Charles A. Bowman, lot 33, Cross Link Place, Black River Township, $270,000.

Kelly Johnson (trustee) to Johnny Carroll Contracting Inc., parcel 1, Neills Creek Township, $200,000.

Jean Nipper to Jose Torres, phase 1, lot A6, block A, Heritage Village, Lillington Township, $128,000.

Ralph D. Babb to CDKS LLC, lot 2, 27 E. Broad St., Angier, $0.

D.R. Horton Inc. to Melissa Kay Jones, lot 33, Morgan North, $352,000.

Dan Ryan Builders-North Carolina LLC to Amanda Kathleen Wortham, lot 24, Olde Mill Village, Hector’s Creek Township, $359,500.

Chase DRM LLC to Cristian Jason Saldana, phase 1, lot 162, Vandercroft Farms, $281,000.

Shawn M. Levis to Eric Barrett, lot 2, The Highlands at Sherwood Forest, Johnsonville Township, $130,000.

Dan Ryan Builders-North Carolina LLC to Francesca Maria Pino, lot 60, Olde Mill Village, Hector’s Creek Township, $408,000.

Martin Kovacs to Kevin Melvin, lot 25, Lexington Plantation, the Gate at Lexington, $317,500.

Carol M. Miller-Diaz to Joshua Gaither, section 2, phase 2B, lot 409, Anderson Creek Club, $310,000.

Frank Willard Montague to Frank W. Montague, three parcels, lot 1, Buck Township, $0.

Mohler Investments LLC to JSJ Builders Inc., phase 2, lots 27-54, Whetstone, Black River Township, $2,520,000.

JARCO Ventures LLC to Auto Bath of Angier Inc., 0.608 acre tract and easement, 645 N. Raleigh St., Angier, $800,000.

Paul Barry Bailey to Travis B. Bailey, 3 acres, Black River Township, $0.

Paul Barry Bailey to Travis B. Bailey, 3 acres, Black River Township, $4,500.

Teresa Ridenhour Moss to Taylor Capps Properties LLC, 11.01 acres, tract 1, Barbecue Township, $90,000.

Patricia Gale Pendagast to Richard J. Meli, 1.99 acres, lot 1, $317,000.

Tammy Stone Herring to Velton Lee Stone, 3.04 acres, lot 3B, Grove Township, $4,000.

James Simmons to Kathleen Senzell, phase 2, lot 6, Green Tree Acres, $215,000.

Andrale Jean-Louis to Veronica Elaine Boone, part 2B-1, lot 629, The Manor at Lexington Plantation, Anderson Creek Township, $350,000.

Robert E. Norris to Franki Lynn Pate, 0.3 acre and tract 2, $124,000.

Nathan Romanoff to Melinda Alvarado, 0.11 acre, 0.33 acre, 0.36 acre, lots 1-3, Stewarts Creek Township, $138,000.

Lyndell O. Stanley to William Christopher Smith, 15.763 acres, lot 2, Upper Little River Township, $0.

Jeffrey T. Brown to Bohua Wen, phase 2, section 1, lot 40, Carolina Seasons, $385,000.

Jeannie Bullock Pope to Willie Jerry Pounds, lot 9, Cottlestone Estates, $255,000.

Robert Scott Tompkins to Devon Kylor, phase 3, lot 66, Ballard Woods, $416,000.

Dunkin Deals LLC to Carlos Peralta Vargas, 704 E. Pearsall St., Dunn, $183,500.

Dominic Antolin Alvarado to Natalia Womack, 404 Old Post Road, Erwin, $270,000.

Clyde L. Patterson to Duncan’s Creek Developers LLC, 214.8 acres, Woltz property, Upper Little River Township, $1,200,000.

Paul Anthony Fowler to Paul E. Fowler, 1.14 acres tract, Stewarts Creek Township, $0.

Blaylock Grading Company LLP to Harold G. Blaylock, 1.84 acres, tract 4, Neills Creek Township, $0.

Cindy King Blaylock to Harold G. Blaylock, lots 1-5, Neills Creek Township, $0.

Cindy King Blaylock to Harold G. Blaylock, lots 1-3, Peggy H. Stewart land, Neills Creek Township, $0.

Blaylock Grading Company LLP to Cindy K. Blaylock, tracts 1 and 2, lots 2 and 3, Neills Creek Township, $0.

B & B Farms Partnership to Cindy K. Blaylock, 42.7 acres, tract 5, Neills Creek Township, $0.

Cindy K. Blaylock to Cindy K. Blaylock, 0.5 acre, Neills Creek Township, $0.

Grappler Investments LLC to Albino Villanueva, lot 14, Ridge at Sherwood Forest, $195,000.

Ernest Jarvis Alphin to Dunn Investment Group LLC, 5 parcels, $0.

Ernest Jarvis Alphin to Dunn Investment Group LLC, 9.769 acres of parcel 1 and 93 acres of parcel 2, $0.

Anderson Creek Partners to Starlight Homes North Carolina LLC, phase 8, section 3, lots 189 and 190, Anderson Creek Club, $99,000.

Daniel B. Wright to Tina R. Richmond, section 2, lot 110, Sunset Ridge, Barbecue Township, $0.

True Homes LLC to SFR JV-HD Property LLC, lot 51, Arlie Meadows, $370,000.

Claude W. Hyrne Jr. to Claude W. Hyrne Jr., phase 3C-1, lot 615, Anderson Creek Club, $500.

Jeanne V. Barber to Felicia Michelle Goins, section 3, lot 8, Harnett Lakes, Anderson Creek Township, $125,000.

Custom Property Solutions NC LLC to David Allen Davis, lot 7, Hickory Homes, Black River Township, $195,000.

Benjamin Vallejo Vazquez to Brandon M. Avery, lot 60, Highland Forest, $250,000.

Dunkin Deals LLC to JKEKB LLC, North Layton Avenue, Dunn, $80,000.

Bruce Jackson Howard to Gary Wayne Altman, section 2, lot 159, Keith Hills, Neills Creek Township, $450,000.

Francisco T. Serrano to Francisco T. Serrano, lot 9, Hadden Pointe II, $0.

Little Cross LLC to Avery Pond Homeowners Association Inc., 6 tracts, Hectors Creek Township, $0.

Mariel Weddel to Juan D. Hernandez Jr., lot 80, Pattons Point, Barbecue Township, $242,000.

James D. Hart to Preston Fisher Barrett, phase 3B, lot 78, Starwood at Overhills, $237,500.

Paloma Ranch to Paloma Ranch, 0.942 acre, Black River Township, $0.

Cumberland Homes Inc. to Jennifer Manning, phases 2 and 3, lot 53, South Creek, Neills Creek Township, $375,000.

Dan Ryan Builders-North Carolina LLC to Zachary Allen Frye, lot 58, Olde Mill Village, Hectors Creek Township, $422,000.

Christopher Michael Coffman to Jared Paul Ristuccia, 6.06 acres, $160,000.

Dan Ryan Builders-North Carolina LLC to Tara Elizabeth Glassman, lot 54, Olde Mill Village, Hectors Creek Township, $411,000.

Leon McGilbra II to Edward Jelen, lot 5, Olde Mill Village, $372,000.

True Homes LLC to Nicole Lee Walker, lot 55, Arlie Meadows, $379,500.

Shiva Prasad Geereddy to Shiva Prasad Geereddy, phase 1A, lot 2, Coble Farms, Middle Creek Township, $0.

True Homes LLC to Johanna B. Hug, lot 5, Arlie Meadows, $385,000.

NVT Homes LLC to Sabrina N. Brooks, part 3, lot 447, The Manors at Lexington Plantation, $325,000.

Charley R. Faniel to Edzer Tessier, phase 3, lot 112, Crestview Estates, $263,000.

McLaughlin Properties LLC to NRI Real Estate LLC, 0.85 acre tract, $805,000.

Judy W. Butts to Pablo Tellez Pacheco, lots 124-125, W. H. Lucas property, $68,000.

David M. Buck to Carlos Sanchez Zuniga, 3.26 acres and 30-foot easement, lot 2, John Bennett Blackman property, Duke Township, $160,000.

NPS Associates Partnership to Danny Norris, 1 acre, tract 4, Barbecue Township, $12,000.


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