Food Lion Distribution Center is hiring at higher wages


With so many businesses laying off workers or just simply letting them go due to the economic impact of the cornoavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there’s still a few places needing workers.

One of those places is the Food Lion Distribution Center in Dunn. The food and grocery warehouse, which supplies Food Lion stores across the region, is looking for able-bodied workers to fill orders in the warehouse and get them ready to ship, according to Tiffany Trala, Associate Engagement Coordinator for ADUSA Distribution LLC which runs the warehouse.

Trala said the company has not only opened the hiring window, they’ve increased the pay for new hires and added incentive bonuses for new employees.

Starting pay for new hires has risen from $12.50 an hour to $15 an hour.

“We realize there’s a lot of people without a job right now,” Trala said. “So we wanted to bring them in and we realize some people are probably making more than $12.50, so we don’t want them to come here and have to work for weeks at $12.50; we went ahead and bumped that up. When they’re out of their training period, we’re allowing them to go up to $17.32 an hour when they meet their production.”

Trala said the company is offering incentives to new employees for simply showing up for work and doing their jobs. She said an additional $100 is up for grabs.

“We’re offering incentive pay for associates that are just coming in and working their normal schedules,” she said. “If they come in on time and leave on time, we’re offering $100 extra for their incentive pay, just for coming in and working.”

She said the company created the bonus because of all of the difficulties currently surrounding the workforce.

“We realize how hard this can be for people,” she said. “So that’s some of the positive things we’re doing right now.”

Trala said temporary employment agencies are also currently involved in the process, but the company is willing to hire directly from the rolls of prospective employees, regardless of their past experience.

“You honestly don’t have to have experience,” she said. “We’ll bring people in without any, that’s why we have training and associates that will work with them. It’s just an entry level job, if they don’t have any experience we’re OK with that.”

The company is looking to bring in as many as 20 new employees per week, with training classes of no more than 10 to meet the social distancing guidelines which dominate congregations.

In addition, she said, the jobs will still be there for the workers hired when the current crisis is over and things get back to normal.

“This is nothing to us,” she said. “Every week we have a class with anywhere from 12 to 16 people. It’s been that way for a while now.”

The facility is currently looking for workers to staff three positions: palletizing frozen foods, groceries and perishables. All three work different shifts with different start times.

The employees are hired as selectors for either of the three and are put through training in various aspects including workplace safety, proper handling of equipment and proper placement of items on the pallets which are later loaded on trucks for distribution.

However, the job does come with one caveat — there’s a lot of heavy lifting involved, according to Trala. She says employees must be physically able to lift and stack the product correctly.

“It’s a very demanding job,” she said. “If somebody isn’t used to that at first, then their body will be sore. So we try to let them know when they walk in the door, it’s going to be a demanding job.”

In addition to being able to do the work, applicants must pass a drug screen and background check and be at least 18 years of age.

To apply visit retailbusinessservices.com and select the careers portal. Then click on the ADUSA Distribution, LLC link and fill out the application completely, including which of the three positions they are applying for.

“It’s all online and they need to make sure they fill out the application 100%,” she said.

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