Again with the college stuff

Posted 8/5/22

After last week’s column, [“Woke U.”] about the rise of wokeism on American college campuses, I had hoped to leave the subject for a while.

The not-so-hidden mission of …

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Again with the college stuff


After last week’s column, [“Woke U.”] about the rise of wokeism on American college campuses, I had hoped to leave the subject for a while.

The not-so-hidden mission of professors to indoctrinate our young people to reject their parents’ values has long been a recurring subject in this column. I share these items in hopes that parents won’t blindly trust just any school — especially the largest and most prestigious schools — to shape the minds of their sons and daughters.

But examples of abuses are so frequent that it’s hard to leave the subject for long.

And this week I learned that my alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has once again made it clear that only one opinion about a controversial topic will be tolerated.

The school’s student government president, Taliajah Vann, issued an order cutting off funding “to any individual, business, or organization” that advocates pro-life causes.

“This is blatant viewpoint discrimination and a clear violation of fundamental First Amendment rights,” Zachary Greenberg, a lawyer for the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, wrote in a press statement. “A student government should represent the entire student body, not abuse its power by seeking to censor classmates with opposing views.”

“While UNC, its student government, and individual student leaders may advocate for their own viewpoints on contested political issues,” Mr. Greenberg added, “they may not condition campus group funding on adherence to those viewpoints.”

And in a letter to Ms. Vann, he wrote, “It has long been settled law the decisions and actions of a public university and its student government — including funding of student organizations — must comply with the First Amendment, which forbids USG [Undergraduate Student Government] from imposing content- or viewpoint-based restrictions.”

We’ll see what happens. So far, I’ve seen no response from the university.

The school’s longsuffering Students for Life chapter responded with a letter saying USG’s actions “fail to recognize the diversity of thought at UNC-Chapel Hill and alienate a significant portion of the student body and faculty members.”

(Here, I’ll make a concession. With more than 4,000 faculty members, UNC-CH is bound to have a few conservative professors. But here’s the deal: They know — especially if they don’t have tenure — that they’d best keep their mouths shut and their heads down.)

It’s also discouraging that no mainstream media outlets have reported on this; only conservative sites like the Washington Examiner have mentioned it.

If the shoe had been on the other foot, if it was a liberal group being discriminated against (which would never happen), WRAL-TV and the Raleigh News & Observer would give it wall-to-wall coverage.

We’ll see how long I can now leave the subject of wokeism on college campuses. It likely won’t be long.


Nancy Pelosi, who hopefully will soon be the former speaker of the House, offers few opportunities to praise her.

But she earned an attagirl this week by visiting Taiwan (the Republic of China) in the face of great diplomatic pressure from that country’s powerful bully neighbor, the People’s Republic of China.

Communist China is obsessed with the much smaller — non-communist — island that is Taiwan. The bigger country insists that Taiwan is not an independent country, but a part of the “one China.”

But our country’s Taiwan Relations Act, passed in the late 1970s, requires us “to provide Taiwan with arms of a defensive character” and “to maintain the capacity of the United States to resist any resort to force or other forms of coercion that would jeopardize the security, or the social or economic system, of the people on Taiwan.”

If it came down to it, would America really go to war with China to defend Taiwan? Probably not.

But we must give the smaller and democratic China as much support as we can. That includes moral support. Mrs. Pelosi provided that in spades this week, becoming the first House speaker to visit Taiwan since 1997.

Good for her!

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