Who is pipeline really for?


To the editor:

As an impacted landowner from the Atlantic Coast Pipeline I have just a few questions for Duke Energy.

You say that your pipeline will bring industrial development to parts of our state that desperately need an economic boost. How can this be if most of the gas is already spoken for, used by your present and future gas-operated power plants that are owned by Duke Energy.

The cost of the pipeline has increased from around $4 billion to $7.5 billion. The question here is ... will your rate payers end up paying for much of the proposed pipeline’s construction cost through future rate hikes? We all know that Duke Energy often ask ... and receives those rate hike increases.

The builder of the proposed pipeline correctly point out that natural gas is one of the cleanest fossil fuels. What they forget to talk about is that natural gas, methane, has an enormous impact on the atmosphere when it’s released unburned into the atmosphere. These leaks happen at the pumping sites and from leaks along the pipeline itself and we all know that these leaks will happen. So, my question here is ... Is this pipeline for the consumer or for duke’s bottom line?

Tom Clark



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