What’s so bad about being old-school anyway?


So many times in my life I have been criticized for being old-school. There’s a real shock ... probably the biggest dinosaur in the state getting called old-school.

While many might take offense to such an accusation, I revel in it myself. To put it simply, being old-school is like being the old oracle.

When you sit back and think about what old-school really is, at least in my case, it’s not only something to enjoy, it’s something to be proud of, regardless of what old-school you come from or belong with.

For me it’s an all-around old-school thing. I would much rather rely on what is most comfortable for me as compared to going out on a limb and doing something or speaking of something about which I have no clue. Usually, if you do this — and I’ve done it more than once — you will probably end up either looking foolish or just plain out of your mind.

When people are trying so hard to “keep up with the times” they often lose sight of what is most important, being true to yourself.

If my ways of doing things are considered odd now, consider how it was when you were young and the people around you were old-school. You can now put yourself in their place and realize they weren’t so bad, they were just being true to themselves.

Many times, when you aren’t up with the latest crowd, you seem to the crowd to be something they choose to mock or at least get a few laughs from at the subject’s expense.

Let me tell you this, the old saying “what goes around comes around” applies here. Let me give you an example. When it comes to music, my tastes are very narrow and I mean very narrow.

There are few tunes outside the traditional or classic country music genre which even come close to making my play list — yes, even dinosaurs have a play list.

I would much rather put on my Beats Studio 3 headphones and crank up Hank Williams Sr., Charlie Pride or Moe Bandy than to listen to the watered-down rock ’n’ roll coming our way these days.

Irregardless of my specific tastes, when I was younger my taste in music drew criticism after criticism. My classmates at Vincennes Lincoln High School would find out my tastes and immediately tell me how wrong I was and how I should enjoy the type of music they liked.

Well, the times changed, and now, a lot of those people who were critical of my musical tastes find themselves turning the radio to the latest country station.

It always makes me feel like I’ve stood the test of time, being a dinosaur. When people who at one time were into heavy rock suddenly are seen enjoying themselves at a country show, there is nothing but “I told you so” written on my brow.

Well, I’ve rambled on enough about being the dinosaur in the room. So, I will close with this — don’t make fun of someone or something you don’t understand, you might be that person the next time.

Rick Curl is a reporter with The Daily Record. He can be reached at 910-230-2037 or rcurl@mydailyrecord.com.


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