We’re in this together - even when we’re apart


Alexandre Dumas once wrote, “Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes…”

We’re in a storm — a storm our generation has never had to weather before — but how we handle this storm determines everything.

Right now, the storm has closed schools, crippled businesses and driven people into isolation. It’s left hundreds sick in our state, thousands sick in our nation and hundreds of thousands sick in our world. Many have died. Many more have survived.

We haven’t always had it easy, but our country wasn’t founded on giving up.

Where would we be if our founding fathers didn’t decide to band together and fight for independence?

We’re survivors. We’re fighters. Our bloodline was forged in the sacrifice of other generations who spoke up when they heard something wrong, stood up when they saw something wrong and who banded together and marched out to stop evil in its path when it came knocking.

But this is a new nemesis — and we’re told that banding together isn’t good. Stopping it requires staying in, not marching out.

Maybe we should have seen it coming. It was all around us before it reached our shores.

Maybe we would have seen it coming and did more to prepare if we weren’t distracted. Our modern lives are full of distractions.

But maybe instead of focusing on the problem, now, we should focus on the solution. We’re survivors and there are generational examples of American ingenuity that have gotten us out of jams before.

We’re seeing some new examples of that today. When restaurant managers were told they couldn’t serve dine-in customers, they turned waiters into delivery drivers. When churches were advised not to congregate, pastors offered drive-in services and prepackaged communion. When teachers learned they couldn’t teach their students in class, they offered lessons online and packed hundreds of meals to deliver to the kids they knew wouldn’t be able to eat without school. And here at The Daily Record, our reporters are still telling great stories, but we’re doing as much as we can over the phone, through emails and video chats for safety’s sake.

We know there is more ingenuity out there, more outside-of-the-box thinking that is keeping us going and we want to hear it.

How are you surviving? How are you weathering this storm? What projects have you tackled now that you’re stuck at home that you had been putting off? How are you keeping your employees employed through this hard time?

We know that even with all of the bad news we have to report, there is good news out there, too, and we want to share that. Please send us your photos and descriptions of how you’re surviving. We’ll put them in the newspaper and share them online. We will continue to report what we know as we learn it at mydailyrecord.com and through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and we ask that you join us in this effort. Send us your news via email at news@mydailyrecord.com, give us a call at 910-230-2028 or share it on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

After all, we’re in this together — even when we’re apart.


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