Welcome to our world Emily, you have no idea


You might not have noticed unless you’ve been sleeping or on an extended vacation, we’ve got a new person sitting in the managing editor’s seat.

Her name is Emily Weaver and to paraphrase Mr. T as B.A. Baracus in the classic TV show “The A-Team,” “I pity the lady.” Yes, I’m reverting into one of those modes, you know where I offer some witty, yet totally unasked or most likely unwanted bits of wisdom and jabber, which only a true person of patience and likely related to the great and patient Job would even understand.

First let me say this, for those of you who have not yet met Emily, she’s truly a very laid back person. She seems to never raise her blood pressure above those limits prescribed by the American Medical Association and she certainly maintains a calm demeanor amongst us, the few, the proud, the (fill in our own adjective here).

We are a small but committed group of loonies, with only one thing truly in our minds, making sure we don’t get caught and, if we do, denying all complicity.

It’s not to say we don’t take our jobs seriously, which we all unequivocally do. There also comes a moment, usually when we least expect it, when we are thrust into the role of something we didn’t sign up for. In Emily’s case it is likely babysitting, overseeing and generally just making sure we don’t come apart at the seams.

Putting together a newspaper on a daily basis can be at the very least, challenging. Throw in the mixture of age and experience which dots our newsroom, combine it with almost no egos and very little desire to be recognized as more than what we really are, some of the finest community journalists in the state, country and possibly the world. I know, don’t get carried away.

Each day, Emily comes into the newsroom with a smile on her face and a warm greeting to all of us. I think it’s probably just her way of admitting she’s the new zookeeper at the crazy house.

In my years in journalism I’ve come to realize one thing, never underestimate the calm beneath the surface. I fear one day she will find herself slowly slipping into our twisted and warped reality. She will someday soon find herself stopping at Sherry’s Bakery before coming to the office in a sad attempt to get the needed sugar rush to shake off the morning cobwebs and face the challenges of the day head-on.

Yes, much like two cars careening down a mountain in opposite directions as they unknowingly become a violent, twisted scrap-heap of metal and machine forever melded together in the countryside, I fear Emily will soon find herself looking at the headlights which are quickly approaching and thinking “What have I gotten myself into with this bunch of crazies?”

Well, Emily, you have found yourself among the best in the community journalism biz. We are all colorful and unique as we ramble, stumble and tumble our way through the journalistic chasm we cross and fill with words, photos and care and concern each day.

Emily is at the helm of a ship which has no set course only a set direction each day. And each day we try to find the best course to reach our destination — you the readers.

Good luck, and may the force be with you.

Rick Curl is a reporter with The Daily Record. He can be reached at 910-230-2037 or rcurl@mydailyrecord.com.


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