Veterans Experience Action Center — Well Done!


The City of Dunn should be patting itself on the back after the success of the Veterans Experience Action Center.

Last week, the city hosted one of the most important events it has been involved with in recent years, making sure those who served our country faithfully got what they deserved.

The Veterans Administration in cooperation with the American Legion Post 59, Dunn Area Tourism, the City of Dunn, Harnett County government and many other organizations gave those veterans with questions and difficulties a chance to sit down, without the constraints of bureaucracy, and discuss what they were facing.

Many were frustrated and discouraged when they entered, fearing they would still be left with questions once their long wait ended.

While it’s to be expected every veteran on hand wasn’t completely satisfied with what they were told, there were more veterans who walked out of the Dunn Community Building with answers and resolutions than not.

It was the first time every person there seeking assistance was guaranteed they would be heard and would be given the opportunity to finally see their hard work and devotion to the country rewarded with the simplest of replies.

One group of veterans traveled from the nation’s capital area to seek help. Wali Mutazammil of Baltimore said nothing like the VEAC existed in Maryland, Virginia or the District of Columbia.

“It’s not just one department, but every citizen is feeling like they have to show up and be compassionate and caring,” Mr. Mutazammil said. “We don’t experience that up in the Washington, D.C., area.”

He was full of hope and anticipation as he sat waiting his turn to be heard.

Prior to getting his moment in the spotlight with the VA, Mr. Mutazammil was profoundly affected by the kindness, respect and courtesy he received from the people of Dunn. Not just those who were there to help him at the VEAC; instead, he was impressed with the compassion as a whole of the City of Dunn.

“The whole City of Dunn is here to give us this kind of user-friendly compassion. I was amazed. I was quite felled,” he said. “So I said to myself being in leadership, who is the leader that created this environment where every citizen is out here to show and demonstrate compassion and communication, it just touched my heart.”

No where else in the state or the country did the spotlight shine so brightly and so intensely on one town than it did for three days in July on Dunn, North Carolina.

The place where veterans finally got the chance to get something back for what they gave. Many had given their health, their eyesight, their hearing or their minds for a country that finally gave them something in return, even if it was just listening to what they had to say.

Dunn should be proud and stand tall for its part in paying back to those who gave some and the families of those who gave all.


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