To the editor,


You Need To Have A Will

The death of a loved one is hard for any and everyone affected by it but what’s even harder is dying and not knowing who or where your possessions will go to. It is important to have a will during the time of death so that your last will and testament will be honored. In society today, it very important that minorities have a will made out before they die to protect their families and whoever their estates go to.

Minorities have little resources and access to certain things within society today that leaves them in a disadvantage to the rest of the world. Making out a will before you die will ensure that you know who where your leftover possessions will go to.

The importance of having a will could protect your children and family financially, reduce inheritance taxes and protect your estates. A will is your last gift to your family and loved ones and it also makes the management of your assets clear and make the lives of everyone involved easier. Not having a will in place when you die will not guarantee your wishes and your properties and possessions will go in the hands of the government and they can do whatever they want with them.

Some of the most prominent African-Americans did not have a will proceeding their death and their families weren’t able to inherent off of their estates and they could have made a better living for themselves if they did.

In the end families will be good and set financially if there is a will left for them even if you don’t have much but something counts for everything.

Kadeijah Smith



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