To the editor:


The Case Of The Missing Senator(s)

We are in a slow, steady decline of American democracy. Sen. Thom Tillis makes no time to hear constituents’ concerns in North Carolina — unless you’re buying a ticket or writing a check! Tillis’ Raleigh office refuses to discuss policy issues with constituents or even receive letters for the senator, and constituents have been blocked for more than year from even entering the federal building to visit our senator’s office. In addition, our missing N.C. senator has refused repeatedly to face constituents at a town hall.

After dropping my oldest off for his first day of school, I drove 40 minutes one-way with my two youngest children to meet face-to-face with a staffer for Sen. Tillis. The event was advertised in The Daily Record, and I called ahead to the municipal office to confirm the public forum was still happening. But Sen. Tillis’ staffer, Austen Nowell, canceled the forum just before it was scheduled to start! I have important issues to discuss with my elected representation, like my objections to confirming a SCOTUS nomination for a president under criminal investigation and demanding that Tillis drop the charade with the weak bill he introduced to “fix” pre-existing condition coverage (which won’t actually cover treatment for pre-existing conditions).

[Aug. 28] was an extremely rare opportunity for North Carolina voters to get access to their senator. Canceling such a forum with no notice, no explanation and no chance to be heard is unacceptable and more evidence of the decay of American democracy.

Given his inexcusable failure to engage with constituents, Tillis does not deserve to receive another term as senator.

Stacie Borello



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