To the editor:


Atlantic Coast Pipeline ... Thinking About Our Safety?

A few people call us protesters and wonder why. We are not protesters, we are protectors and here are a few reasons why.

In our state (N.C.), all but 1.31 miles of the proposed pipeline is designated class 1 and 2. Mostly class 1. Steel used to construct the pipeline is thinner, the shut-off valves are allowed to be further apart and leakage surveys are only required every 15 months.

Pipeline Class 1 — Thickness 0.375 inch, daily weld test, 10 percent of welds must be tested and leakage surveys every 15 months, but once per calendar year.

Class 2 — Thickness 0.45 inch, daily weld test, 15 percent of welds must be tested and leakage survey same as class 1.

Class 3 — Thickness 0.54 inch, daily weld test, in class 3 and 4 butt welds must be tested at major navigable waters crossings, railroad or highway rights-of-way, 100 percent less impractical; then 90 percent.

(Source: Federal Regulatory Commission “Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Supply Header Project” Final Environmental Impact Statement, Volume 1, Page 4-580 and 4-581.)

So after these few facts this is our response to why we protest this pipeline.

We do this to protect our families, our homes and our sense of well being. We can only hope that everyone would do the same because after all ... there are some things in this life more important than money and that, my friend, is called family.

Tom Clark



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