To the editor,


Not Your Enemy

In response to the Boston Globe’s call for a unified “expression of disdain” (Aug. 16, 2018). An individual reply to the administration’s “war on the press.”

The free press is not the enemy of our citizens. Protected by the Constitution, the free press may be more rightly said to be the enemy of darkness. It protects us by shining a light upon and exposing dark deeds hidden behind many guises.

Our democracy has entered a period wherein its citizens are being pulled into a dangerous chorus of — “The only time the press is true is when it supports the view of the party in charge.” Such a view is not only frightening, it screams for the attention of investigation.

To deny scrutiny or our leaders provides them a shield of darkness, and thus a cover for a litany of dangerous self-serving deeds.

Gary. F. Wood



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