To the editor,


The Dangers Of
Drinking And Driving

I stopped by a bar just to have one drink, then I was going to drive home while I could clearly think, but as I got up to head for the door, a friend said sit down and relax and have a few more.

After drinking that few more, I got the feel to go somewhere in my automobile. I was driving down the road singing along with the music and having a good time and didn’t even see that big stop sign.

All of a sudden I saw a flash. I knew than I was involved in a crash. The police came and gave me the Breathalyzer test I failed and was placed under arrest.

I was charged with manslaughter and DWI because of me three people had to die. I was handcuffed, taken to jail, located up and given no bail. As I sit in my cell crying while staring at the wall, I kept saying: why did I have to drive after drinking alcohol?

Now this story is false, it’s not true, but if you drink and drive I wrote this story just for you. If you plan to drink, please don’t plan to drive because you, the bottle and the steering wheel is a loaded gun just waiting to kill.

Tommy L. McLean



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