This is why there are ‘too many killings’


To the editor:

I would like to respond to ‘Too Many Killings’ published in the Aug. 2 edition of The Daily Record. The caller asked why there are so many rampant killings nowadays. That is an excellent question, and I believe it deserves an honest answer.

The simple answer is that America, by far and large, has opted for a Godless society. It is no longer necessary to go to some far-away place to find people acting like heathens — we have plenty of them right here in America. More specifically, Paul wrote about what happens to a nation who has known God, and subsequently rejected him in Romans 1:21-32.

Space will not allow for me to type that entire passage, but to put it in a few simple words, Paul, here, warns of the dire consequences of forgetting to retain God in one’s knowledge. It eventually leads to a sector of society becoming reprobate and having no conscience.

America has opted for a Godless society, and now we are seeing what a Godless society looks like.

God help us to see our need for him and return to the Judea-Christian principles of our founding fathers!

Rev. M.C. Burney



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