The lull will come, but don’t worry, it won’t last long


If there’s one thing for certain this time of year, there is going to be something to do. Whether it’s going to a parade or tree lighting, heading to the store for the gifts you have yet to buy or just waiting anxiously for the day when Santa Claus comes to visit, you won’t be bored. Well, most of the time.

This is a conversation about what to do when all of the pre-Christmas sales, pre-holiday events and all that jazz has taken place. This is about when you’ve bought the last present, went to the last parade and find yourself sitting around watching the same holiday movie for the fifth time of the fourth different TV network.

This lull, for lack of a better term, will come sometime in the week leading up to Christmas. There will be a couple of days when you realize you have nothing left to do or get, you have nothing left to find or track down, all you have to do is wait. Yes, wait for Christmas morning when the flurry of activity would cripple most people. You the rested and tested will be prepared and ready to stand your ground and open those gifts, put together those bikes or electric trucks that kids always seem to get. Yes, you will be fully rested before you spend the bulk of Christmas Eve trying to read the directions on how to assemble the doll house you got suckered into putting together by your spouse who told you how beautiful it will look under the tree. You know, the one she forgets to tell you is bigger than the tree, but will look good under it — don’t ask me.

While you’re sitting there contemplating what lies ahead just be thankful for the break you get before the massive storm hits again. Yes, you’ve already weathered the long lines for the hottest gifts, the lines of other poor fools who think they’re going to be there in time to get what their kid wants, what every kid wants, whatever it is this year.

It’s a chance for you to clear your mind as you sit in your chair letting your mind finally heal from all the stress you’ve been subjected to as you try to find the gift that won’t make your spouse mad. You think back to the day you bought her those beautiful earrings and pendants and whatever else. You know in your mind you’ll get a much better reaction this year than last year when you bought her the electronic gizmo that tells her all the recipes. Recipes she not only has never made, but never intends to do so. You pat yourself on the back thinking about how she told you, “You really don’t have to get me anything” and realize it was just a rouse in order to catch you off guard.

As you take those 30 minutes I’ve been talking about just before you break out the screwdriver on Dec. 24 and begin your journey into Christmas joy, just remember it too shall pass.

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