The greatest gift


I have to tell you Jerry and I have enjoyed our newfound fame as Erwin Avengers. Some friends have suggested we have T-shirts made, while one friend suggested we get capes.

While we are hardly worthy of capes, we do take the job of solving all the world’s problems very seriously, even if it looks like we are just stuffing our face with breakfast biscuits. Every day we talk about another level of insanity in America and every day the preservation of freedom for our children looks more and more like the greatest gift we could leave to them.

Without a doubt, my wife and children are the greatest gifts in life I have ever received, followed closely by the few but truly great friends I have been lucky enough to keep for a lifetime.

Another great gift I received was the gift of being born an American citizen. Freedom is certainly something you cannot put a price tag on, and while it may be too late for the old Avengers I call my friends I certainly hope our children never live in tyranny even if it means leaving a nation they were once proud to call home.

While it’s difficult to wrap your mind around, I believe one day the push to normalize insanity in America is going to push freedom-loving people to escape in droves searching for freedom wherever they find it. With the promise of government dependency will come the reality of government control of every aspect of your life.

Despite what the youth of America is being promised, the only thing the American politician has ever given your ancestors is massive federal debt and decades of empty promises. We may not have much to leave to leave our children, but I hope we can at least leave you the desire to choose freedom over oppression.

Leaving a legacy for our children is very important to the Avengers I call my friends. We are old, tired and sometimes broken down, but we never stop thinking about our children.

As for me, my children know what I plan to leave behind, and they know the shiny ones will at the very least buy them some chickens in Venezuela. Admittedly for years I collected the collectibles I collect for the sheer joy it gave to me, but with each passing day I collect for them in the hopes that one day I may be able to offer them the gift of freedom should it become necessary.

I hope I am wrong about the future of America. I would certainly hate to see an Avenger collectible traded for a chicken at the IGA, but that’s why we do what we do. The future of this country is in your hands kids, and I hope you never need to flee to seek freedom, but if you do, we will understand, because we know the gift of freedom is priceless.

Jimmy Parker lives in Erwin. Contact him at


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