The fearmongering of politics


I have to tell you last week I had a busy week and for that I am grateful because it made ignoring the insanity of American politics even easier than normal. Now, having said that, I did come across a comment by a freshman representative from New York state that I did find fascinating.

The representative I am referring to is media darling of the far-left Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. According to Rep. Cortez man-made climate change is our newest World War III and the world that we all love and enjoy will end in 12 short years.

As you can imagine this dreadful news was devastating to me. I have always looked forward to retirement and getting that Social Security that I have paid into my entire life, but it looks like I will fall just a bit short.

I wonder since Ms. Cortez has the psychic ability to see into the future and predict the year of our doom, if she would be willing to take a DNA test to prove or disprove any relation to the famous French seer Nostradamus. I’m sure the American taxpayer would not mind covering the cost the test to prove your psychic roots.

Another question I would like to ask Ms. Cortez. If this is indeed our next World War III, will we be able to use nuclear weapons to defend ourselves? I’m guessing you will say no, because despite your psychic ability you are far too naïve to understand the only two things that keeps the American flag flying over the post office and allows you the freedom to brainwash Americans into supporting you are the American soldier and a very large nuclear arsenal.

In all seriousness, before anyone else fills my inbox with hate mail or scientific data on climate change, let me state for the record I’m not qualified to say whether the earth is warming or not. The point of my latest rant is fearmongering.

The American politician has used fearmongering for decades as a very effective tool to scare the wits out of the average American citizen and I for one have grown sick of it.

When I was a young boy in elementary school, I remember being warned of the next coming ice age that would cause me to freeze to death. Once I reached college, I was warned by a professor that soon I would be able to sit inside his classroom with concrete walls and get a suntan.

I have admitted I’m not qualified to discuss science with you, but can you kindly tell me what to expect? Am I going to freeze to death or die from heat-stroke?

With all due respect Ms. Cortez, despite your great psychic ability, you are just another despicable American politician willing to say or do anything to achieve wealth and power. I may doubt your psychic ability, but sadly I have no doubt you are a rising star in American politics.

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