Thank you, NC Sen. Jim Burgin


To the editor:

Recently, I was invited to sit in at a meeting of concerned parents in Harnett County. The meeting was hosted by Brandy Brown, executive director of 1 Voice Inc., and was attended by various parents and psychologists.

What I heard about is the change the parents were livid about the Harnett County School System had instituted a character education program without consulting the parents which is contrary to NCGS-115-81.

The Positivity Project sounded harmless enough at face value. But then parents started to see and hear their children developing behaviors that highly concerned them. It was like the children were becoming mindless zombies that would not do anything to stand up for themselves.

The children said they had been instructed to accept everything other people did to them without question because this is for the good of the group. A very dangerous mindset especially for girls. They also found out that the program itself was not evidence based and was being administered by people who are not trained specialists in the field of child psychology.

It was like they were being indoctrinated into a cult of some kind.

After months of frustration with the school system, the decision was made that night to reach out to State Sen. Jim Burgin. As soon as he found out about the concerns, he acted quickly and effectively to protect the children of Harnett County. The program was pulled immediately.

Thank you Mr. Burgin.

Elizabeth Crudup



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