Tar Heel Editors Speak Out


... Law officers and EMS personnel ... can’t unsee nor undo the tragedy when a family is told that their loved one has died. They can’t unsee nor undo the unthinkable, such as when a child is left to die in a hot car or young people are found in the squalor of a drug den or a house of prostitution or human trafficking.

In addition, the pay isn’t great, burn-out rates are off the charts, and thank you’s are few and far between. But these are only minor challenges when compared to violence that can escalate in the blink of an eye, and the threat of death, long-term illnesses or a lifetime of nightmares.

All these reasons are why we owe law officers and EMTs a debt of gratitude and remember those who have given their lives in the line of duty.

How often we take them for granted.

Charles Krauthammer, 68, a renowned Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and “intellectual provocateur,” says The Washington Post obituary, died Thursday, June 21. ...

“When his admirers say he was learned, they mean that Krauthammer had deep respect for the importance of knowledge and facts,” says The Wall Street Journal. Any Krauthammer commentary was grounded in facts — whether the lessons of history, as in the Middle East, or the dynamic facts of a legislative struggle on Capitol Hill. A typical Krauthammer column or TV appearance was a reflection or judgment on fact-based reality. Which is to Krauthammer was old school.

“... He refused to be any politician’s cheerleader. He was his own man. … Good and honorable journalism has lost one of its great practitioners.” ...

At the risk of seeming rude, please take this as more plea than curse: Stop being so nasty to each other. Your enmity is eating us from the inside. If vengeance does belong to the Lord, then prepare for thunder and lightning. Vengeance is becoming your national pastime.

The latest — and most outrageous — example occurred this past weekend, when Sarah Huckabee Sanders, spokesperson for President Trump, was asked to leave a restaurant in Lexington, Va. The place is called The Red Hen, but Sanders’ requested departure had nothing to do with the fact that she didn’t help bake the bread.

No, her sin is helping to cook up the logic, ill or otherwise, behind every deed and word from the president’s lips and fingers. That’s a daunting job, and Sanders certainly performs, no matter any absence of veracity. But that’s not sufficient to demand someone leave a restaurant.

Neither should we condone the heckling of Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen and senior adviser Stephen Miller, two principals in the heated madness of immigration debate, while they dined at Mexican restaurants, no matter how tone deaf that culinary choice. ...

Once before we screamed ourselves into rigid corners, where we divided and came out killing each other. Let’s not shout ourselves into another Civil War.


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