Summit Will Put Trump In History Books


Since I began once again writing this column more than a year ago I have made a point to stay out of politics. Those who know me know I have strong political opinions but my intent in this space is to entertain and edify and not use it as my public podium. However, the historic summit in Singapore this week has encouraged me to briefly cross that line.

The enemies of President Donald J. Trump, and there are many, will be vocal this week trying to draw attention from what he is doing in meetings with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Some in what the president calls the “fake” media will continue to shift their focus to the special prosecutor’s investigation of the White House instead of his international efforts to maintain peace.

They won’t admit the significance of these meetings. When the history books on President Trump are closed, this week may well be the highlight, though he is showing significant progress on many other fronts.

My friend and former Daily Record columnist, John Prince, posted on Facebook this weekend that everyone in the world should hope there is success in Singapore.

John correctly stated that there will be no winners if the talks fail and there is a nuclear war. The United States would ultimately “win” such a war, but the victory would come with horrific consequences.

If you believe the North Koreans, and it is foolish to assume their claims are not true, they are capable of hitting targets in the United States with nuclear weapons. One would think targets on our west coast would be the most vulnerable, only because of geographic reality. That doesn’t mean those of us on the east coast are not in danger.

It is a fact that the nuclear football that President Trump brags about carrying would make North Korea little more than a decimated crater of destruction.

In either case, thousands and probably tens of thousands of people on both sides would die. The infrastructure of countries hit by nuclear weapons would be destroyed.

The only mark of the winning nation would be that our government would be intact in some form as we began the process of rebuilding.

There is no way of knowing exactly what the two leaders are talking about this week. Hopefully, President Trump will come away with a deal to denuclearize the Korean peninsula.

The humanitarian in all of us should hope some kind of deal is reached to bring relief to the North Korean people. It is difficult for people in this country to comprehend what the majority of the North Korean population deals with on a regular basis.

Relief of sanctions allowing more essentials of life to flow to the people would change the lives of millions. Those people have suffered for decades under the dictatorships of the current leader and his family.

I, like many, will watch coverage of the Singapore forum with interest. Like the rest of the world, I will never know all of what goes on there and what the two leaders talked about. I hope I will one day tell my grandchildren I lived during one of the most historic moments in the last several decades. Only time will tell.

Tom Woerner is a reporter with The Daily Record. Reach him at 910-230-2038 or


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