Sound off


How did a cobra get here?

I saw on the news that this grandmother killed a king cobra snake in her garden in Pennsylvania. How are they getting these snakes over here? Where are they coming from? You aren’t supposed to take endangered species... These snakes aren’t native to the US. They’re dangerous and aggressive. Can’t we stop people from bringing things over here?! If they check shampoos for bombs can’t we check for illegal snakes too?

Acceptance taken for granted

I saw on TV the LGBT people on [the] news said they want to be accepted, but what about the heterosexuals? Don’t they want to be accepted too? They just take it for granted being accepted I guess. I don’t care whether you’re gay or heterosexual, don’t go around flaunting it. Most people don’t care, but you keep bringing it up.

‘Deep in the red’

Governor Cooper wants to spend too much money. If he has his way, we’ll be deep in the red again.

What is going on?

I’m calling about the man who walks his dog near Anna Margaret’s Restaurant on Pope Road. He has motivated the cops not to come on his property when people call about his actions, and now because his dogs get upset the tow people can’t get on his property to read meters. Now they’ve put a meter on the street near his property so they can’t get on his yard. What is going on when a man tells the town and cops what to do, that someone has a problem besides him?

Kids on the border

I hear so much about children on the border, but you don’t hear about the kids whose parents are in prison. Who would [they] let their children come across the border at three or four years old alone? If we let our kids walk five miles by ourselves they’d get us. But we give too many rights to those who aren’t even citizens.

Handicap spots now for online shoppers

I’m so disappointed in the Erwin IGA for taking away two prime handicap parking spots so now people can order groceries online and have them put in their car. Now the handicap has to walk further to carry their groceries to their car. This is a shame to the Erwin citizens from the IGA.

Fair share?

I’ve never seemed to understand how we can spend all this money on illegal children coming over here, but we can’t spend a single penny on the old people or homeless. That’s because the left-wingers doesn’t want to do anything for our people. They say they need to pay [their] fair share, but no one says what fair share is.

Leaving out God by mistake?

It’s hard to believe that the words “Under God” were left out of the pledge at the ball game by mistake. I sure don’t believe it was a mistake myself.

‘Embarrassing’ Democratic debate

After watching the Democratic debate, I’m very disappointed. The candidates can’t even follow directions. They are so rude to each other and the moderators. Yet they have the nerve to say Trump is rude. It’s despicable and embarrassing. One of these people on that stage might be our leader. God help us if that happens.


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