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attack,Good candidate for mayor

I read in The Daily Record about Buddy Maness being the sole voice looking out for taxpayers by voting against the budget that was laden with spending. I think that I would like to see Maness run for mayor. He may be the only hope for Dunn taxpayers. The rest of the council is all about spending our taxes, especially since Mr. [Billy] Barfield [passed away].

Work together on cleanup

Perhaps the good citizens of Erwin and Shawtown, instead of expecting the government to clean their messes, could organize their churches, organizations and community groups to help clean up the messes themselves.

Attack is a lie

The lady accusing Trump of attacking her in a dressing room, there is always people in and out of dressing rooms at department stores. I don’t know why, but she is lying. She should let her lies fall on her own head.

Don’t want to pay

This is about the landfill problem. Before the fences were put up at the landfill people could put all kinds of trash, but now they can’t. That’s why there is trash on our highways. And they charge by the pound, but people don’t want to pay that since they already pay taxes. Something needs to be done.

Illegal is illegal

It is good to know that the Harnett County sheriff is working with ICE agency regarding immigrants staying in the U.S. illegally. Whether it is a traffic violation, robbery or murder, illegal is illegal and it should be treated that way.


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