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Get money back

I saw in The Daily Record about the DSS employee embezzling [“Former DSS employee charged in fraud scheme,” June 10]. Are they going to get the money back from her? They should! This has happened with her, then she left jobs. It isn’t fair to people sitting, waiting for help but can’t get it.

Can’t get their way

The Electoral College was created to ensure that large populous would not determine presidential winners at the expense of smaller states. But the democrats want to get rid of the Electoral College because they can’t get their way.

Questions for pro-lifers

All you pro-life voters out there demonstrating, I have two questions: 1) Are you going to adopt these little babies; 2) Are you going to vote for the mothers to get more food stamps instead of voting against food stamps? Are you going to do these things? Then maybe we have something to talk about. If not, then don’t talk to me about pro-life.

Gone to the bad

The democrats are leaning strongly toward Socialism. Socialism means we don’t own homes, or cars, everything is furnished from the government — we’re not our own. The Democratic Party used to be a good party, but I’m sad to say they have gone to the bad.

What a shame

A senator introduced a Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. This says that if a baby survives an abortion attempt then the doctor would be required to save its life. Not a single democrat voted for it. Is that a shame or what?

Doesn’t make sense

This is about the demolition for the old Erwin school. If they don’t have all the funding in place, why is [Harnett County School Board member] Bill Morris pushing for it to be closed? Maybe he is pushing for the commissioners or county board to start building. But what about all the money recently spent to repair the roof and the overhang in the back? Why is it that Harnett County wasted the money to repair when they were planning to tear down the school. It would make sense to make it a historical site for Harnett County. Putting huts at Gentry definitely doesn’t make sense.


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