Sound off


Extra time not needed

If Harnett County Schools added 10 minutes to each day for inclement weather, but made up all of the Hurricane Florence days and did not have snow days, why are students still in school unlike surrounding counties? It seems they have fulfilled their number of days and hours. And they’re going longer than other counties. Are the teachers working double and not getting paid? Why not take the 10 minutes away because they were not used by Harnett County students or schools this year?

Helped get him in office

Just calling to say for all those people wanting to put Trump down: Thanks to the Democrats for helping us get him in office. If it wasn’t for those Democrats he wouldn’t be there.

Dismiss it now?

President Trump obstructed justice. Read the Mueller report. He did it 10 times. He is in need of impeachment. Are you Republicans going to dismiss it now?

Climate change? No worry

A climate change? Oh, I know the one who is in control of all of that, so I don’t worry about such things as climate change.

Think about taxpayers

I want to applaud the citizen who wrote the Sound Off “A Shot in the Foot” on May 31. As he pointed out, the $1 to $2 million fee for the service [for a firm to re-evaluate property values] will be paid by an increase in taxes. Who pays for that? Harnett County taxpayers. I figured since we don’t have Chairman [Tim] McNeill on the commissioners board of Harnett County that we would have a more conservative board. But things like this and taxpayers’ money going to nonprofits, I think the board has left the center. What happened to commissioners looking out for taxpayers?

Guns not guilty

They’re talking gun control again. But a gun can lay there and do nothing. It’s not the guns doing it, it’s the people. They’ll do it with knives if they don’t have a gun. So why take away all the guns?

Too much pressure

Some dealerships/salesmen are like wolves in sheep’s clothing. The way they bait you and catch you and your money. This should be another thing that lawyers go after — people who were forced in debt and financial injury by their bad tactics, pressure, pressure and more pressure.

Left stranded

I just want to thank the VA Hospital in Fayetteville for leaving me stranded at the hospital after a spinal operation. ... I hope the people who mistreat veterans this way would at one time get stranded without a ride so they know what it is like. Then maybe they would change and help the disabled veteran and senior citizen. I hope they know they’ll be senior citizens one day, too.

No worse than others

I’m getting so tired of all of these Democrats talking about how bad Donald Trump is. He’s no worse than Barack Obama or Bill Clinton. The only thing Barack did was try to give our stuff away. And Mrs. Obama took away all of our good drinks. Now we get less drink for the same price thanks to her.

Just want the guns

Any time there is a tragedy with guns they want to take guns away. But you don’t see them taking cars away when people get in wrecks with cars. They just want to take away guns.


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