Sound off


Closed on weekend

I would like to inform the veterans in Harnett County that the veterans offices and hospital are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Even the emergency room. The gates are locked. If a veteran gets sick on the weekend, he has to go to a regular emergency room. It happened to us. We didn’t know, but they have been closed on the weekend for a long time. But we haven’t seen any notice in the paper or any signs. Figured we would save someone a trip.

Cut the nonsense

In response to the Sound Off article March 1, 2019, “Leave doors unlocked.” Look, cut the nonsense. Trump failed on his campaign promise. He had a Republican Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court early on. He said Mexico will pay for the wall. Oh no! When the tide turned, Congress said no. He plays his trump card by shutting down the government. Results, absolutely nothing but hardship. He’s hoping the courts and his supporters will bail him out. So, hint, just donate your tax refund and plus $80 to the GoFundMe “We Build The Wall.” And then, get some sleep.

Not the truth

I am very offended by Friday, March 1’s editorial cartoon. It is one thing for a newspaper to be slanted, but another thing entirely is to outright lie. That is not the truth about the Democrats. Thank you.

Impeach him now

We do have a national emergency! The national emergency is having a president that doesn’t know what he is doing. He brings budget deficits with his tax cuts. He fights trade wars with tariffs and protection not knowing what the effects will be. The only effects are causing his pocketbook to increase, not ours. Time to do something about this fool. Time to get him out of office. Impeach him now!

Still a great man?

I wonder if the auto plant workers in Ohio still think Trump is a great man now that their plant closed. Trump said he would bring jobs back, not lose them. Those immigrants for our borders didn’t have anything to do with the plant closing. You dummies will believe anything he says. ... He is getting richer by being in the White House, and his friends are getting richer while he is in there. ...

Take care of business

It is a shame and disgrace that our councilmen here in Dunn take a vacation to Myrtle Beach on taxpayer money, but then the taxpayers have their taxes go up because of the water. It’s a shame and disgrace. They should pay their own way. They should go into the conference room, turn off their phones and take care of business.

Veterans mistreated

Why is it that there are certain people who still mistreat and harass veterans at the VA Hospital in Fayetteville, North Carolina. When is it going to stop? Veterans give their lives for America and that is what we get. Wake up America before more veterans die and turn in these certain people.


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