Sound off


Coats-Erwin School carpool line needs an officer

When is someone from Harnett County Sheriff’s Department going to do something about the carpool line at Coats-Erwin School in the afternoon. If they don’t do something then there will be a wreck or possible fatality. Because someone has to direct traffic at this carpool line. Please help us parents.

Lane Road needs repairs

Lane Road outside Dunn is a muddy mess when it rains. Ruts are created in the road. DOT needs to build up the road with rocks and stone. This way it would be more solid and your vehicle wouldn’t get all muddy.


Is the hospital double billing? The hospital was harassing me to pay my bills from my wife. I have Tricare as a retired Marine and the hospital didn’t want to wait for their money. So I started paying them and then they sent me money orders back, saying I have a zero balance.

Going up

According to Thursday’s The Daily Record, the city council is back with a similar story as usual after their vacation to the beach we have given them. The sewer accound in the red over $500,000. Need to go up 25 percent on your water bills. Pretty expensive vacation for us taxpayers. Guess they could not work those brains until the beach air hit. Would hate for them to handle my personal account anymore than they already do.

Churches should reach out

Some churches, when you got a problem at church they know you, but they won’t contact you until you go back to church. They won’t call to see how you’re doing. It’s just sad. And family members hate you, but they’re done as much wrong as you have.

Detecting tip

My neighbor and I were talking about the vandals who set the General Lee statue on fire. We had a big laugh, because we know the police for sure this time shouldn’t have to look for black boys or black men. No black boys or black men are going to use gas to set a fire to a statue. They are going to put that gas in their car. So, the police should be looking for white boys who smell like gas. Laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh.

Fancy Nancy

Watching the news in the afternoon is like watching the cartoons with Fancy Nancy. When Fancy Nancy comes out with her little parade of chihuahuas following close in hot pursuit. Chuck the Duck being her favorite, and Lord Chihuahua waiting to be patted on the head for doing tricks like sitting up and rolling over. Now she’s added the brave one: Tillis from North Carolina. Way to go Fancy Nancy!

Not racist

I am an American Christian Republican. I am neither a crook or stolen anything from anybody. I’m not a racist, or a cheat. I’ve never cheated on anything. Thank you very much. And I’m thankful for President Trump. Surely am!

Finds it offensive

I would like to comment on Friday, March 1. Under the Sound Off, “Look who is cheating,” I find it offensive you would put this in the paper. The last part says “The Republicans are all crooks, racists and cheaters like your president Trump.” I can’t believe as a newspaper you would actually publish this. I find it very offensive and somebody needs to look into this. This is unbelievable. You have a nice day.

They’re for abortion

I don’t know how anybody out there that might read this would claim to be a Christian and be a Democrat at the same time. Our republican party has its problems and they’re not perfect, but we’re not baby killers. Look at what the Democrats are voting for — abortion.

Comment on visitation books

I just have a question: What makes people sign the “In memory” books at the funeral home, if they have a title on their name such as “Mr.,” “Mrs,” “Doctor,” “Bishop.” Why do put the title of their name, but they just put the name of their spouse. Why can’t they say “brother,” or “sister” or whatever with their name? What makes you so important that you can’t put a handle to their name as well?

He is a liar

I would like to know why the Senate and House keep asking for Donald Trump’s tax returns. It’s none of their business. It belongs to Trump and won’t tell them what kind of president he is. And about Michael Cohen: he is a liar! If he is a lawyer, then why didn’t he advise the president better. I always say he is a snake hiding in the grass.

No one’s business

You ever notice how many gay people will jump up and scream, “I’m gay! I’m gay!” Hell, I’m heterosexual but I don’t say anything about it because it’s nobody’s business. And it’s no one’s business if they’re gay or lesbian.


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