Sound off


Find the litterers

This is in response to the article in Friday [Feb. 22]’s paper, about the trash on Three Bridge Road between Dunn and Coats [“Residents complain about trash on area road”]. If someone went out there and went through the trash, with gloves of course, and maybe find an address or a name, then the police could cite them and make them clean it up.

This caller is offended

I saw on TV the police and people in Chapel Hill were upset about the stolen plaque. Well, why weren’t they this upset about the woman who mixed her blood with paint and defaced the Silent Sam statue? And the woman who took down the statue? It’s been there so long and it offends certain people and they think they can do this. Well, they offend me.

Turning into socialists

I just wanted to tell people that the Democrats are getting terrible. They’re turning toward socialism like Germany and Hitler. But they’re going toward socialism and socialism won’t work. Also, I’m middle class and I got more taxes back than last year. Look over how much they’re withholding from your check. I would rather have Donald Trump than 15 Hillary Clintons. We really would’ve been in a mess if she got it.

Leave doors unlocked

To all you Democrats and Nancy Pelosi fans out there: The wall is a great deal, we need this wall. But, for all you Nancy Pelosi and Schumer lovers: Tonight when you go to bed, leave your doors unlocked. Good day.

Pelosi won’t give 90 percent

Bernie Sanders wants people to give 90 percent of their income. What are they supposed to feed their families off of? Does that 90 percent go to all these illegals that come over here. I saw on TV that Nancy Pelosi is worth $40 million, is she going to give 90 percent of that $40 million to support these illegals? Nope! She’s going to exempt herself. That’s not right!

For term limits

There should be term limits where people like Nancy Pelosi aren’t rooted to the seat where they have to get them out with a bulldozer when they die. They’re in there and get what they want. They only care about making a bill to make them look good.

What’s going on

I saw in California all of these people exempted themselves from jury duty because they’re not legal citizens. But they could vote! You tell me what’s going on in California that this can happen.

Biased media

Donald Trump calls ABC, NBC, CBS “fake news” but they’re actually biased news. If it doesn’t meet their agenda then it doesn’t go on there. They were so vocal about Silent Sam, and the Confederate statues people tagged, but they won’t even spend a minute to talk about the General Lee statue that people defaced.

Look who is cheating

For years the Republicans have told us that there was cheating and voter fraud in North Carolina by the Democrats. They even said that the Democrats were getting IDs from people in the cemetery. Now the Republicans are cheating. They wanted voter ID because they were mailing votes in. But everybody else had to use voter ID. Now we know why the Republicans have the majority in Raleigh. We should have them redone and cleanly done. The Republicans are all crooks, racists, and cheaters; just like your President Trump.


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