Sound off


Worry more about saving souls

Some of y’all preachers need to take lessons from Jerome Pope. Some of the churches need to look at when King White was in church, church was in Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, and they were full of people. What happened is the churches are worried about saving on the light bill, you need to be worried about saving souls.

Thanks for animal articles

Well, I would like to say thank you to The Daily Record for all of the positive animal stories you put in the newspaper. I hope you will continue to do so.

Thanks to ICE agents

I know a Spanish couple that wanted to be legal in the U.S. They went to Mexico for a month, then came back and were legal. Thank you for the ICE for kicking some out. Those illegals don’t pay taxes like us. The couple I know were right by wanting to be legal. Thank the Lord for ICE agents!

Some are benefiting from new tax system

Well, here we go again bashing Trump again about paying more taxes and tax refunds being smaller in The Daily Record Sound Off from Feb. 15. My wife and I are what the caller referred to as “lower/middle class.” We actually got more this year. And by the way, my head has been examined and is in the right place where God put it.

Money donors are remembered

I went to a church and asked them to call me, said they didn’t have my phone number. I bet if I left a message saying I was going to leave a big money donation then she would’ve found my number quick.

Leading us into war

Can’t some of you out there see what Donald Trump is doing to our country? He is leading us into a civil war. This war will be between the haves and the have nots. Donald Trump would lead the haves with a gold sword in his hand. He is destroying our country from within. This is what the Russians want. Putin has made a puppet out of Donald Trump. Get him out before it’s too late.

Giving it a bad name

Here in North Carolina the Republicans talked about voter fraud. But now we know it was the Republicans doing voter fraud, not the Democrats. Look what happened in District 9, if you don’t know what happened then ask your Democratic representative. North Carolina is a good state, and the Republicans are giving it a bad name.

Weather man doesn’t create the weather

You hear the news channels saying, “Thank you for a wonderful day,” to the weather man, well the weather man doesn’t have a d*** thing to do with the weather. He just says what he has been told on the weather alert. If he made the weather then we would get him for climate change.

Constant lying

I am so tired of hearing about the hatred for Trump. People hate his constant lying. He now wants you to believe the wall is being built right now and we will have it up soon. His supporters are gullible and will believe anything this guy says. One of his supporters has started a GoFundMe page to raise money for his stinking wall. Every supporter need to pledge $80. Please do so. Shutting the government down as one Republican representative said, “It does absolutely nothing but cause hardship even for his supporters.”


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