Sound off


Kudos to new store

I would like to thank Tropicana grocery store in the Roses shopping center for coming to Dunn. They are the most courteous, and the store is so clean. They have very good groceries. Thank you a lot.

Causing outrage

There wasn’t any outrage about what the governor said about children being born, but paint your face black and there’s the most outrage you’ve ever seen! That shows you the world what our society is. If you wore a sombrero, they would be after you then. You can’t do anything right.

Under the rug

I saw on TV they went after a mom for leaving her child unattended in a cold car, but you never hear them going after the illegal aliens putting their children on trains to come over here. They just sweep that under the rug. Seems these aliens have all the rights and U.S. citizens don’t have anything.

Take back money

I can tell President Trump how to build the wall real quick! Take back the money from foreign aid that goes to Venezuela and all of those countries that send us people illegally. They don’t need our money.

Give up guards

If Nancy Pelosi and her people don’t want security of border walls then give up her security guards. Let her walk down the road as a natural citizen.

Let her sit in hot water

I seen the article in The Daily Record, [Feb. 7] “Mother arrested after baby is severely burned,” about the woman who [allegedly] let her 1-year-old child get severely burned in the tub at the motel. ... I think it would be a good thing to let her sit in the hot water for about an hour and maybe she will enjoy it.

It’s history

I was calling about the person who called in Sound Offs about how people need to pull up their panties. Yes they do! They need to get over it. This is our history, and people don’t need to throw the history books out of the door. We can’t forget about it. It’s like they don’t want our kids to know what happened a hundred years ago.

It’s murder

It’s the Democrats that are pushing expanded abortions. Planned Parenthood just wants to be butchers. They want to sell off the body parts. It’s murder when you have an abortion in the third trimester.

Against abortions

I am so thankful I’m not a Democrat. They get worse all the time. These abortions are murder. The Bible says “do not kill,” and they’ll have to stand before God. If they were Christians they would vote against these abortions!

America first

If I had it my way, no one would be allowed in the U.S. from another country until we had this almost $20 trillion paid off. That will cost us a ... depression that would make 1929 look like a joke. That’s any country, including England and Canada. Again, America first!

Too many investigations

Donald Trump got 76 percent approval of his State of the Union address. And them Democrats are pushing for abortion at birth, and they can’t stand it so now they’re going to start investigating more stuff. I thought they put Robert Mueller in there to do the investigating.

Paying more taxes

How many of you out there have filed 2018 taxes? I bet it didn’t take you long to come to a rude awakening that your refund is smaller this year. That great tax reform that Trump gave us, it helped the rich and the big corporations. The middle class and lower class got screwed. If you’re still supporting Trump after the shutdown and this tax fiasco, then you need your head examined.

Wake up

Just about everyone in Trump’s cabinet is a crook. Trump is the king crook. When it all comes out, we’re going to find out how much he loves America. How much of America did he give to Putin and that idiot in North Korea? People you need to wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late.

Put up the wall

I was wondering when our president was going to quit playing footsies with Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats. He needs to declare a national emergency and put up the wall. Every day illegal aliens come in our country. In a few weeks they’ll have enough aliens to vote him out of office in 2020. He needs to get up and do his job.


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