Sound off


Agrees with term limits

Thank you, George Holding, for proposing a Constitutional amendment that will limit lawmakers for no more than 12 years in Washington. For a long time I said it would be the only way to clean house. Not 34 years like Mitch McConnell or 31 years like Nancy Pelosi. This has gone to her head.

Not a terrorist

President Trump is not a terrorist. He wants to protect our country from such people.

Bad spending of tax money

I just read in the Jan. 24 Daily Record about the City of Dunn accepting applications for nonprofit organizations that wish to request funding as part of the city budget. As a City of Dunn taxpayer, it really makes me want to pay my taxes for them to pick winners and losers going to nonprofits as part of my tax money. This is an example of bad spending. Nonprofits shouldn’t be getting city money. If they can’t raise their own funds then let them rot on the vine! There’s enough essential spending that needs to be done with taxpayer money. Or let taxpayers keep their money instead of it going to the coppers.

Why is The Daily Record putting this on page 6? It should be on the front page so the taxpayers can see what’s going on when they open the paper.

Where are phone books?

Does anybody know when the phone books come out? We used to get them in the middle of December, but that has changed. But the last few years it hasn’t been that early. I pray that the print is larger. Print should be larger with how many people have cellphones and don’t have phones in their homes.

Needed to be spanked

It’s funny how that little boy in front of the Native American guy on TV sure looked totally different when he was being interviewed — red-faced, like a little 12-year-old innocent boy, but yet he stood in front of that man being videotaped like a little smart [aleck]. Somebody should have spanked him to start off with. That was disrespectful on all grounds. ... Standing there right up in that man’s face with that little grin, that was intimidating and it’s kinda harassment for an elderly person. He shouldn’t have done that, but that’s what this country’s coming to.

Not a civil service employee

I read in Friday’s paper in the Sound Off, “Will feel it eventually.” The person who wrote this was referring to my Sound Off the week before about civil service jobs and not feeling their impact in Harnett County. I am not a civil service employee. And [the caller said] that if I want a wall I should go to China. Well, that is the last place I want to go to is a Communist country. Their purpose is not to keep people out, but to keep them in. Our wall is to keep people out. If I went anywhere it would be to Texas where freedom still holds. America first!

People need answers

I’d just like to speak about flu-cured tobacco and claims that have been made. Last year, The Daily Record ran an ad about claims and farmers, but we are continuing to be delayed, put off, and nobody will actually give us any information about anything and it’s hard to get up with folks. And I really would appreciate the help, that the farmers come forth to say that these people need this money and they deserve this money. ... People need some answers and we cannot get anywhere.

Doesn’t want statue

Please do not bring the statue of Silent Sam to Harnett County. I do not understand why [they] would want to bring that controversy to our county. We have many other things we need to deal with in the county rather than bring this kind of controversy and its problems. ... Please don’t bring it to Harnett County.

Unite, not divide

We do not want Silent Sam in Harnett County. It represents an attempt to destroy the United States of America. We pledge, “one nation, indivisible...” We need to work to unite our nation, not promote that which divides us.

They’re just mad

So, if we are going to lay blame on the government shutdown, let’s lay that blame on the Democrats. They are just mad because they have the first president that is doing what he said he was going to do. All they wanted was the first African-American president and the first woman president but what they got was the first president to do what he said. And what their job is, is to work with the president no matter who that may be. They should look at it this way, he’ll be the first president to build a wall and when they get the next Democrat in office he can be the first one to tear it down.

There’s something wrong

For all you people who think Trump is doing great job and everybody is interfering with him, if you don’t have enough sense to know by now and can’t read and understand all the lies he is telling and problems he is causing and the mess with Russia, then there is something wrong with you and with him.

Cure not wanted

I saw on the news where they found a cure for cancer in Israel. That won’t go over well in America, because the hospitals, doctors and drug companies will lose all their money. They don’t want a cure for cancer. As many doctors and hospitals there are, they don’t want a cure.


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