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Vacation on taxpayers

Seems the city council members are determined to have a vacation at the taxpayers’ expense since Billy Barfield is gone. According to The Daily Record at a price of $20,000 including travel, accommodations, at the Marriott resort, Myrtle Beach, S.C., at the Grande Dunes, to discuss of all topics, “The Budget.” When do we get our streets repaved? Not repaired again? The city reported a $1.1 million decrease in debt. Should we be happy? Our vacation will take place Feb. 8 and 9. Maybe we will not forget this at election time.

Not depending on services

I just read the Record Forum from the Jan. 14 paper [“End the government shutdown”] and I noticed Ms. [Darline S.] Simmons, who indicates she’s a federal employee, writes that Americans are relying on the services that are not being given while the government is shutdown. I disagree with that. I’m not depending on any services or relying on any of these nonessential services that are not being given while the federal government is shutdown. In fact, if those federal workers affected by those nonessential services find it that those jobs are not there they have the best economy in my lifetime to find a job in the private sector.

Stay out of it

Whether it’s the Democrats or the Republicans, when they get in office as a president they ought to be able to put who they want in what they want and the Democrats and the Republicans stay out of it. And the Congress and the Senate, got to have a hearing on it ... . No, they need to have a hearing on the senators and congressmen everyday and get rid of them after two terms.

Why not the statues?

I heard on TV recently that the Historical Society in Wake County were moving and restoring some historical black homes. I don’t understand why they can’t save the statues that are being torn down by outside instigators, uneducated and misinformed college students in North Carolina. Everyone in North Carolina seems to be scared of these students. In my opinion they should be locked up for destroying property, then suspended from school and then let their parents deal with them.

Going to her head

Nancy Pelosi thinks she has power now. It’s going to her head. Most of the Democrats don’t even agree with her. There are Democrats who want a border wall. And it will cost the taxpayers more money to keep up these illegal immigrants than it would to build a border wall. They had walls in the Bible around the cities. They’ve got a wall around the White House.

Quit providing aid

The way to stop these people from coming in over her is quit giving them aid. They don’t care about us. If they did, they wouldn’t be coming like they are. They would stay back there. And Mexico, cut out the money to them, too. And you look at the people there. It’s women and little children and then these young men. You don’t see families like they’re talking about.

Will feel it eventually

This is for the person who called in about the Civil Service jobs, how he wasn’t impacted by it at all. ... Makes me kinda wonder if maybe he wasn’t one of those people who worked for the Civil Service. But eventually, whether he’s impacted by it or not, he will be eventually. And maybe if he could listen or maybe if he could read ... he might could understand why there is no need for a wall. If he wants a wall and agrees with it, why don’t he move to China where he could sit there and look at the Great Wall of China?

Who’s the real terrorist?

People are so scared that a MS13 gang member is going to come across the border and take American citizens hostage, but they’re not realizing that they have a U.S. president that’s already holding 800,000 federal workers hostage because that’s what he wants to do. Who’s the real terrorist?

Deserve solitary confinement

I was watching on TV and they were talking about youth solitary confinement and that they shouldn’t be put here and they shouldn’t be done that to. Well, you know, a lot of the juvenile defendants are the ones who are committing the crimes, they’re killing people, and they should be in solitary confinement. They’re talking about the stress on them. What about the families that they leave behind of the loved one they kill? And all these gangs and all they do?

Foolish words and ways

Nobody likes Nancy Pelosi. She’s not speaking for all the Democrats. And if that’s the best they can do, she’s only going to pull the Democrats down by her foolish words and her foolish ways.


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