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Appreciates local officers

I didn’t know yesterday [Jan. 9] was [National Law Enforcement] Appreciation Day, but I’d like to lift up the police here in Dunn ... the police all over the county ... our sheriff and our police chief. I think we have some good ones. And I would just like to voice that I honor them.

Melania fan

I agree with the caller from last week’s Sound Off about Melania Trump. I think she is a beautiful person. But these Democrats hate Donald Trump and will go after anyone close to him.

Might cost more than the wall

Will it cost more to build a wall or keep up with the migrants? They don’t pay taxes, go after Medicaid, and know about our programs before they get here.

Have mercy on them

It’s amazing how many people are experts on walls. Ask Nancy Pelosi if her wall works. She can be protective but not to average citizens. The Democrats have so much hate, I hope God has mercy on them.

Why can’t we build our own wall

Why can we build walls/fences in other countries, and send money to other countries, but we can’t build walls in our country?

Agrees with columnists

Just finished reading the article “The worst enemy of black people.” [Walter Williams, The Daily Record, Jan. 2] Such insight and such good thinking, excellent article.

Also “Trump using American capitalism to help poor,” also excellent. [Star Parker, The Daily Record, Jan. 3]

Why don’t the major papers carry such thoughtful articles, instead of all the bashing and name calling. These articles are so well written and thought out. Thank you for printing such good articles.

Should not jump ship

I don’t believe that the Republican senators should jump ship off of Trump’s issue on the border wall. I think if they do, they should not be re-elected. I also do think your central power and water should not be able to be cut off during the time that you can’t help if it is a government shutdown and you’re a federal worker. I think they should have to work with those people. And I think he should stick to his guns.

No rioting after shooting

I haven’t heard of a one of them people out there rioting on account of a police officer getting shot, but it’s all right for them to riot when a police officer shoots a civilian.

Where’s first lady from?

I keep reading in the paper about people coming across the wall and being here that are not supposed to be here. Where is Mrs. Trump from?

Best presidents ever

The best presidents that we’ve ever had were Dwight David Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan. They’re the best presidents we’ve ever had and we’ll never have anymore that good.

Handicap accessible shelters

I would love to know, where do the handicapped people go when you have a storm? They never show that on TV when they say this has opened up. You know when they’re in a wheelchair, where do they go?

Statues part of history

All this controversy over the Confederate statues, I mean, it’s not right. This is our history. What are people trying to do? Forget about it? Why don’t they just go ahead and erase it and go ahead and do away with the history book? Because it’s like people don’t want to know, they want to forget it. Nobody’s getting in trouble for tearing down these statues. It’s not right. This is our history.

Keep city retreat at home

I am very much opposed to the Dunn City Council wanting to go to Myrtle Beach to take care of Dunn business and spend taxpayers’ money. I wish Billy Barfield was still here to hold them intact. I don’t agree with them. Stay home. If you want to go to Myrtle Beach, pay your own way.

Pence rejects tantrum

All those who heard [Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer say [Donald Trump threw a] temper tantrum chose not to hear Vice President Mike Pence say [Trump] didn’t have a temper tantrum, he just walked out. Or they chose not to hear that or they chose to ignore it.

No money for Trump

Obama wanted a border wall down there and so did Clinton. And the Democrats don’t want to give Donald Trump the money to build a wall down there because he’s a Republican and they don’t want a Republican to get credit for it.

Send them to Mexico

Seeing that Nancy and Chuck the Duck are going steady, I think we ought to send them down to Mexico on a honeymoon and build a wall while they’re down there and then they can’t get back. Because Chuck had got a promotion when she got Speaker of the House, he got to be her party boy. Over and out.

Poor excuse for leaders

If Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer don’t want to put up a wall to protect the United States of America why should the taxpayers have to pay for protection for these two clowns? And they call their self leaders for the Senate and the House. Give me a break, they are a poor excuse for leaders of anything.

Global warming a hoax

I hear so much about climate change and the news media says scientists said that we’re warming up. Hey, they can’t even predict hurricanes and where they’re going to go ... no certainty. ... Global warming is a hoax, it may happen, but it’s not gonna happen in mine or your lifetime.

Move in with Nancy Pelosi

All you illegal immigrants out there, you should go to Nancy Pelosi’s house because I think she would welcome everybody in, that’s what she feels like we should do at the border. So, you know, maybe you should write a letter or something to her and tell her you’re ready to move into her house.


The following comments were posted to The Daily Record Facebook page regarding the story “[Bobby] Hallman resigns as Angier chief of police” [Jan. 14].

He did a great job! Definitely will be missed!

I liked Bobby, always thought he was a good man.

Chief Hallman will be missed. He did a great job for the Town of Angier.

The following comment as posted to The Daily Record Facebook page regarding the story “Restaurant scene changing in Dunn” [Jan. 11].

We need more places like The Cellar and Broad Street Deli.


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