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Miracles do happen

Happy New Year to the people at The Daily Record. I appreciate you a lot. I keep seeing miracles where people lose rings and find them. I’m waiting on my miracle. My camera went gone five years ago, I’m hoping someone turns up with it soon. I hope you print this, because you never know, miracles do happen!

Rolling in his grave

I just read The Daily Record about the Dunn City Council wanting their retreat in Myrtle Beach for $20,000 of Dunn taxpayers money. I bet Billy Barfield is rolling in his grave thinking about how much we could do with $20,000 for the City of Dunn. I would like to see if [Council member David] Bradham has the guts to oppose this and have the retreat at Campbell like Mr. Barfield did in the past, so not to waste taxpayers’ money.

Hasn’t affected this reader

I heard on TV that the federal government shutdown is the second longest in history. Unless I see on TV, I don’t know much about it, and it hasn’t impacted me. Concerning these civil service workers out of work, let them find a real job in private enterprise. Let’s keep it shut down so we’re not doing non-essential spending.

Fences are elsewhere

Why is it the Democrats say we don’t need a border, but there is a fence around the White House, the Capital, and their houses. They want it around their house, but not our country.

Agrees on bad roads

Thank you so much for the comments about the bad roads at Devotional Gardens. My feelings to the owner are this: if you can’t keep it in good condition, sell it to someone who can!

Boundaries are necessary

There is so much controversy over the idea of the president’s wall. I am all for it, as are people I know. If you don’t believe in boundaries, then why do you lock your doors at night? Just let people come and go. I’m sure the Democrats lock their doors.

Tempter tantrum

All you people who think Trump shouldn’t be impeached, well he should! Or committed first. All those who aren’t getting paychecks, I guess they should open homeless shelters. This is all because of his temper tantrum.

Not about color

It shouldn’t be about skin color to get in college, it should be about how smart you are. You can get a bypass over others if you’re black or brown. ...

Let Trump help pay

If Trump wants to build the wall, and taxpayers to build it, then why not put his salary toward it. Put the people who aren’t being paid, back on the payroll.

They hate Trump

The reason the Democrats won’t work with Trump is because they hate him so much. In fact I don’t remember them ever voting for anything that’s good for our country.


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