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Melania Trump doesn’t get credit

Have you noticed Mrs. Trump can’t do anything right, everything she does is wrong: from her shoes to her clothes she wears, it’s all wrong. I don’t care, next to Jackie Kennedy, she’s the best and prettiest lady we’ve had up there. She does what she likes and well. She speaks five languages, and no one compliments her. We’ve had some that can’t even speak English.

Wall is a waste

Two things about the wall: First he said Mexico to pay, now taxpayers will pay: wrong Mr. Trump. Second: Great Wall of China didn’t keep Mongols from invading, what makes Trump think his wall will keep others out of our country? Problem is, we have people overstaying their Visa when they visit. Mr. Trump, don’t build the wall, don’t waste our money.

Parents responsibility

I hope if President Trump doesn’t get his money for the border wall, then we close the entire border. For the children who died when they crossed the border in our custody, that was the parents’ fault for dragging them over sick. They should’ve stopped in Mexico where they were more welcome.

Needs cleaning

I would like to say (a local grocery store) is so nasty. I don’t know who the inspector is, but he is not doing his job. Everytime I go in people are complaining about the temperature. The main problem is it’s nasty: the deli is nasty, the floors are nasty. It needs to be brought to someone’s attention.

Double standard

You know the show, “God Friended Me,” well if it was about “Buddha Friended Me” or “Allah Friended Me,” then it would’ve been taken off the air and never on. Apparently it’s OK to make fun of Christians, but not anyone else.

Biased minds made up

The news media tries to play humane society. They say, “Bring your pets in tonight, it’s going to get cold.” Well you never hear them say to bring in the deer or foxes or birds because it’s cold, have they already got their biased minds made up.

Let the shutdown go on

It’s been over a week since the federal shutdown. It hasn’t affected me at all. Other than seeing it on the news in the evenings, I don’t think about it. As far as I’m concerned, let the shutdown continue. It’s good not to have federal government in my business with their wants and needs. Let the shut down continue until we get the wall that’s needed to keep the aliens out! They just want free handouts and to saturate our schools and businesses.

Getting something bad on Trump

You hear all about those illegal children that died at the border? Well, it’s all a way to get something on Donald Trump and make him look bad.

From Facebook

Thanks for the New Year’s Day luncheon

Thank you for keeping this tradition alive for Dunn folk Shriners and Jay Smith. I’ve yet to go, but it’s on my bucket list.

About the cemetery

They definitely need repairs and need to be more respectful of new graves when driving over and leaving tire ruts and mud - need to sod graves instead of leaving a muddy mess for families to walk through. Had to complain multiple times to have my father’s grave repaired to halfway decent state and was told they would only seed for the following year.

Roads need work

It’s a beautiful cemetery, but when I go out there, the roads are so full of holes and I don’t like that. I try to dodge every one of them.


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