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The pictures, especially the color ones, in the Anything and Everything Christmas in the paper were a highlight this season. Very enjoyable after reading the murder and robbery articles. Thank you for including them in The Daily Record.


Christmas photos were a highlight

Voters wanted ID law

Voters had a chance to approve or disapprove the Voter ID law and the voters wanted it. There was so much talk out of Raleigh, and now we got it. I don’t understand how anyone can say that it stops anyone from voting. You put forth an effort and you’ll be able to vote.

Democrats won’t help

Ninety percent of immigrants who come over here illegally end up on government assistance. These Democrats would rather see taxpayers pay for it than see Trump build a wall. That’s how bad they hate Trump. Democrats won’t help him with anything.

Happy about ID law

I’m glad they got the voter ID law. You have to show your ID everywhere, but not to vote, what’s wrong with that system. Imagine if you didn’t show the police officer or medical officials your ID.

Affordable housing talk

You always hear the news talk about affordable housing. What they’re really talking about is government paid housing. Affordable housing is what you can afford to pay, not what the government can afford to pay for.
Vote for something nice

It would be so nice if for once the Democrats would vote for something nice for our country instead of spending their time hating Trump and the other Republicans. They would rather people come over with disease and drugs and let taxpayers keep up with them. It costs taxpayers more to hold these illegals than it would be to build our wall.

Not a Democrat

The more I learn about the Democrats, the more I’m thankful I’m not a Democrat.

Won’t turn themselves in

The pope said that priests who abuse children should turn themselves in. That’s like asking a murderer to turn themselves in for killing someone. You know they aren’t going to do that.

Not paying for his wall

You Trump supporters, don’t you dumb dumbs know who is going to pay for this wall if he gets his way? Not Mexico, but us poor U.S. taxpayers! I didn’t vote for Trump, so I don’t plan to pay for his stupid wall. Anyone knows you can climb over or under a wall. It’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard of, and you idiots are falling for it.

Why not a wall?

My question is this: Why not have a border wall? We defend other people’s countries, but we can’t have a border to keep out people we don’t want. They say we want them, but no we don’t! They’re freeloaders. They get more from the government than they’re worth. The taxpayers are paying too much for these illegals. They need to use common sense and come in the right way.

Why pay them?

You hear about the partial government shutdown: if we don’t need them, then why are we paying them?

That’s nonsense

These judges are saying the people who cross the border aren’t committing crimes, that’s nonsense. If you aren’t enforcing some laws why enforce others? You’re better off if you aren’t a citizen because you can get more from the government.


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