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Ready for I-95 expansion

Why are we having to wait so long for the project to expand I-95 to get started. We need those extra lanes now. We need all the extra help. It’s a mess that we need to fix now.

Local cemetery needs work

I am not sure who is in charge of [a local cemetery] but it badly needs attention. There are huge pot holes in the driveways, the mausoleums are coming apart in places, the cement around the mausoleum is cracked and flowers and wreath stands have been removed from graves and thrown on the grounds. The owners need to be more responsible and take care of the cemetery.

Why do we owe them?

About the people at the border, cause we won’t let them come over and are wanting $50,000 in reparations, what about the people over here working who are lucky to get $600 a month. Why do we owe them? If a U.S. citizen threw a child over the fence we would be put in jail, but if they do it then nothing happens and we fly them back where they came from.

It’s not the coyotes

Why aren’t we doing anything about them sending illegal kids by themselves. If we let our kids walk a few miles alone they would lock us up. You know someone is feeding and sheltering them to come over. You know it ain’t the d*** coyotes doing it.

It wasn’t voter ID

This morning on channel 5 news a man was trying to explain how Apple didn’t choose North Carolina. He was talking about the constitution and voter ID, but excuse me! Texas has had voter ID for a long time!

Turn your lights on

I want to say to the people who drive up and down the road when it’s pouring rain, it’s not cute when you drive with your lights off! When it’s dark you’re supposed to turn on your lights, especially if it’s raining. How are you going to feel if you take someone’s life because of your ignorance of not putting on your headlights.

Don’t trust pollsters

I don’t trust the polls they have on TV. It says 52 percent for this, and 48 percent for that one. Look how wrong they were during the election. I don’t trust them. I hang up on the people who ask if I’m for this one or that one.

Voter fraud is there

Voter fraud is hard to prove, but nonetheless it’s there and isn’t suppressing anyone’s vote. I love to vote, but I make an effort to do it.

Let him pay for it

I understand that Scott Mason is making trips to towns in North Carolina giving talks. I also understand that it is being funded by the N.C. Humanities Council. Therefore if it is the taxpayer that is funding Mr. Mason’s trips, then as a taxpayer he can just stay at home or pay for it himself. ... Just another example of nonessential spending of taxpayer money.

You can’t correct a child anymore

Ain’t it convenient how these people with cellphones will take pictures of someone misbehaving, and convenient how the news media will edit it to show the bad part. They won’t show what the person did before the cops arrested them, just show the cop take down. Why aren’t they applying to what’s being taught in school. Now a days you can’t correct a child, or it’s considered bullying.

Hayes law firm is the best

The law office of Hayes, Williams, Turner & Daughtry is the No. 1 law firm in Harnett County as far as I’m concerned.

Paying the big wheels

I want everyone that’s giving to these charities to know that they take your money and use it for themselves. If you give $10 there might be 50 cents that goes for the cause, but we still send it every day. ... There are big wheels that sit there and does nothing but run the place, they need to be paid.

If you can’t afford them, don’t have them

Have you seen where the news has things such as “Coats for Children.” People can’t provide for their children, but the coats are the only thing given. If you can’t feed your young’uns, don’t have them! I’m tired of all of my money going to help them, but when I need help I can’t get it!

Wasting their money

People are blind, deaf and stupid, they are saying on the news that the children need 35,000 coats. How do they know they need that many coats? Is it based on how much money you make? Why can’t the parents buy coats, is it because they’re too busy having tattoos, drinking, and getting earrings and hair-dos. If you look at some of them with children and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Tired of hearing about Silent Sam

I’m tired of hearing about Silent Sam. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s a part of history. ...


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