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Stop complaining about the sheriff

I wish y’all would stop complaining about [Harnett County Sheriff] Wayne Coats, you may not agree with everything he does. Since you’re so well aware of all of the drug deals and murders being covered up in Harnett County, maybe you should offer your services to the sheriff and the SBI!

Watch your mouth

Please address this issue as soon as possible: Unless you and your entire family has always lived a perfect life, you have absolutely no room to criticize or gossip about someone else’s past. You should look in the mirror before opening your mouth! Merry Christmas and watch your mouth!

Worse things

I saw on the news where [House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin] Nunes covered up things, and they’re taking away his severence. What about Hillary Clinton, she had four boys killed in Benghazi.

Don’t give to Clintons

All these people stupid enough to give to the Clinton Foundation are just as stupid as the Clintons. The only ones who get paid from that are Hillary, Bill and their daughter. They need to make their own living and stop living off the government.

Shut up

These leaders who want to say that illegals have rights and can vote need to shut up. A lot of people in prison shouldn’t be allowed to vote. If you’re a convicted felon, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

They’re illegals

If people don’t believe in aliens then go to the border, they’re called illegals!

You earn the wealth

The news won’t say poor people, they say underprivilege. It isn’t a privilege to be rich, you earn it.

Facebook responding to ‘Deputy on administrative leave following confrontation’

Paid leave?

Excuse me, PAID leave?!? This guy gets a paid vacation while being under investigation? They should just not pay him, and then if he’s found innocent reimburse what he would have made. Why is this officer not wearing a body cam?

Do what they say

I don’t guess the drugs or the gun under the seat had anything to do with this. If people would do as the officers ask this would not have to happen. I say thanks for the job our sheriff’s department do. Some folks need to get their head out of the sand.

Great job

Really, he found a gun and marijuana on one of them. I say great job and always trust your gut instinct. Hope this LEO gets back to protecting us asap.

Too much force

I can say from many, many years in Harnett County, their sheriff’s dept. is and has been way out of control. At the same time we don’t see the whole story here. But what I see appears to be a bit too much force.

Wait for investigation

Hopefully an investigation will show what truly happened in this incident and punishment will be given as deserved.

Good call

Ole Wayne Coats just earned a little bit of my respect. Great call. Set them officers down until we find out what the real deal is.


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