Sound off


Take care of your pets

Isn’t it against the law to leave your dog outside in the cold and go away for a few days and especially where there are puppies involved. One of the dogs was limping. If you have animals, you shouldn’t treat them cruely.

Go after GM

Yes! Yes! Thank you Mr. President for going after GM. The same people with the Chevy dealership (in a nearby town) that lied and didn’t give a war veteran that’s disabled that did things beyond the call of duty his veteran’s appreciation check for buying a new Chevy GMC truck. I guess some of us don’t care about the disabled veteran.

Reading more into it

Have you noticed how they’re going after “Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer” saying he was bullied. And the Me Too are going after “Baby It’s Cold Outside” saying someone put something in her drink. Next thing you know they’re going to go after “Fred and Barney” because they’re “having a gay old time.”

Money or the wall

You see the Democrats don’t want to vote to build the wall. Why don’t they stop giving money to the countries letting people come over here?

Legal if they try

I know everybody knows about the man who was in sanctuary at the church in Durham, but he had plenty of time to make it legal. If they try, they can become legal, if they don’t try ,then they won’t be legal. I wish they would deport more because they come over here and don’t do what’s right, but do what they want to do!

A response to Thad Adams

I would like to tell Thad Adams that most of the correctional institutions are corrupt. Most of them that work in there should be locked up. They shouldn’t mix the good people with those in gangs in there.

Diseases at the border

There’s all these children at the border with diseases. Our children have to be vaccinated as they’re young. I would rather give these illegal children vaccinations than let them come over here spreading diseases. Why not just send them to Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi’s houses, and expose their grandchildren to diseases.

Fine the employers

All of these illegals are coming over and working illegally. Why don’t we fine the employers of the illegals. There are plenty of legal American citizens who could be working instead.

Be fair

Ain’t it something how all these news stations want to preach Mr. Bush into heaven, but when he was alive and they could talk to him it was all about what he did wrong while he was president. The news media only wants to criticize.

Get back in the classroom

All of these students in Chapel Hill are protesting Silent Sam, but shouldn’t they be in the classroom learning? If they were in the classroom they might actually learn something.

Stop protesting

I’m tired of hearing all about these people protesting Confederate monuments. We have our side too. It’s not about skin color, it’s about doing something you shouldn’t: which is tearing down federal monuments.


Angier bypass

A hard NO on this project when a simple intersection turn lane and stop light coordination could be a simple fix. If you drive in Cary or Raleigh you can see the stop lights are intuitively timed. I see no thought is put into this easy solution. Obviously someone outside the area is set to make big profits at the expense of the long time area residents..

Concerning the sheriff

If he wants to do a good job then he will invite SBI to come in and investigate the murder and drug crimes that’s being covered up and for the one saying he’s never heard anything bad about Wayne Coats maybe he needs to get out and talk to the real people of Harnett County.

Back him, not block him

Let’s step back and let him do his job. We never know what he is working on and if there’s no change, he is out next time, but we have to back him and not block him.


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