Sound off


Need it badly

I am so glad and thankful this Thanksgiving that they are doing the I-95 extension in Harnett, Johnston and Cumberland counties. We need this very bad. It would be very nice if they could get started immediately on it.

Cut pine trees

Its a shame and disgrace that the power company trucks will go all around the country to help, but when it comes to helping your own they won’t. The power was out twice at my neighbor’s house. My neighbor asked them to trim the limbs off of hanging on the line which is pulling the box of their house, but they refused to do it.

Where is the outrage?

Where is the outrage for the American who got killed in India by tribal members? I haven’t heard reporters say anything about it except one. They don’t care unless it’s a newsperson like the one in Saudi Arabia.

Called the Ice Age

You hear so many people talk about all this climate change. Well, we had climate change before — it was called the Ice Age. But you never hear them talk about it.

Political prisoner

My name is Thad Adams. I am incarcerated at Tabor Correctional Institution. This place is so crooked and corrupt. No one will take a stand against the injustice that the staff places over the inmates. Well, I am here today to take the stand. This must stop. We are still human. Something must be done about this place.

One sided

You hear so much about the reporter killed in Saudi Arabia because it’s one of the TV news’ reporters. Each of these TV news channels are one sided, they won’t show both sides. FBI and CIA are one sided, too.

Illegals with a plan

If I was one of them illegals I would make sure I had a plan and knew where Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and all of the Democrats and the Republicans Houses were. That is what Donald Trump is trying to get them to do, come in the right way, not the wrong way.


New government building

So they can build new government buildings but can’t build new schools that are beyond desperately needed?

Bomb threat

It’s getting to the point where school is no longer safe.

Mr. Barfield

He will be missed so, so, so much! But his kind spirit will live on in the good deals of others. Thank you, Mr. Barfield, for your kindness and patience. I will think of you everytime I pass by that little Santa house in Dunn.


Some people just don’t need to drive period. If you are going to drive on railroad tracks because your GPS told you to do so you don’t need to leave home without someone to watch out for you because you are not able to make rational decisions by yourself.

Concerning hemp

This is NOT weed this is oil WITHOUT THC that’s in weed that makes people high. There are different qualities of CBD oil and not all of them are of a good quality. My son who has severe epilepsy uses high grade CBD oil along with his 15 seizure pills to control his seizures.

Concerning hemp

I don’t want to make this about race but it is what it is. They are white and have the support to do what they want, but let someone else of ethnicity try and cultivate it, then the “white” community will say that they are making it to sell illegally and wouldn’t even allow it. Two sides to every story and I believe their tone of color has everything to do with it, but I’m pro CBD and THC, so in all in all my opinion doesn’t matter, but I will speak how I feel!


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