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A warning to parents

This is about the sex charges in Wednesday’s paper. I say to parents: watch out who you’re letting stay in your house. Pay attention to your daughters when they’re talking to you. More things can happen if you don’t pay attention. Young girls please let your parents know.

Do Not Call List

I thought when you paid for your number to be unlisted from telemarketers they take it off. They must get it from somewhere because they’re calling my cell phone and wasting my minutes. I might have to call the FCC or whatever. I hope they prosecute them. The Do Not Call List doesn’t work, because they still call you!

All about Michelle

When will the Obama supporters leave President Trump and his wife alone. His wife seems like a pleasant and dignified woman. But she gets no credit for nothing, it’s all about Michelle Obama and I’m sick of it.

Problem with mail

I would like to know why we have a postmaster in Dunn that won’t talk to you and will not get our mail out to Plain View on our route.

I can’t understand what his problem is. We need a new one. I hate being ugly, but that’s it.

Young people can pick fruit

I hear all of the people on TV about the illegals, “Who is going to pick our fruit?” Well, what ever happened to the young people getting out there and doing it? If they gave them responsibilities they wouldn’t feel entitled to everything.

U.S. citizens not trying to get to Mexico

I hear on the news about how bad the U.S. is, but you don’t see U.S. citizens trying to get into Mexico. How much money are we spending on illegals, when people are actually trying to come over legally?

Remember Ellis Island

Does anybody remember Ellis Island, how did those people get in the U.S.? Those European immigrants were kept there to be treated of diseases before brought into the U.S. If they put up a fence, why can’t they stop to check these people like that so they’re not bringing polio and diseases over here.

Not on their agenda

This is a fair question: Why is the news media going on about that reporter who got killed in Iraq, but you never hear them talking about people who get killed daily in Raleigh and Durham, it’s not on their agenda.

Clearer words

Why is it that the news will say undocumented and underprivileged instead of saying poor and illegal?

Comments from Facebook

Roundabout bad idea

The roundabout in Benson is a bad idea. Wait until a semitruck has to do a roundabout, they’ll drive all over the curb.


A roundabout? More like a wreckabout.

Concerning DOT meeting in Benson

What is the purpose of allowing residents to comment when you already have this planned out and a timeline in place? You are doing it. Seems like any objections or comments would be pointless.

A positive response to the roundabout

They put in a roundabout here in Dunn by the bike trail. People were getting in accidents at this intersection before the roundabout. It has helped with traffic and there haven’t been any accidents since.

Turn body cameras on

Body cameras? Turn the cameras back on in the new jail we taxpayers [paid] lots of money for [them]. And make sure they all are working. ... Than if you really have nothing to hide there shouldn’t be a problem or issue. ...


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